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YouTube Takes Down Dozens of Peachy Essay’s Videos

Tech giant YouTube has recently cracked down on respected tutoring site Peachy Essay, removing dozens of our videos for spurious reasons. Even worse, YouTube deletes videos from us without any warning or chance for appeal, representing a major blow to our services as well as our customers.

It’s bizarre that in a world where the Taliban is allowed to have a major media presence, YouTube is focusing its efforts on tutoring and essay writing websites. Peachy Essay video has been a significant part of our ability to help students pass their courses and go on to rewarding careers, and YouTube’s actions are a disturbing blow against this respected industry as well as free speech in general.

Peachy Essay Videos YouTube

For over a decade, Peachy Essay has helped countless students with their classwork, offering first-rate tutoring and essay writing services designed to help students sharpen their skills and ace their courses. In recent years, we’ve used YouTube in order to reach a new generation of college students, publishing videos offering free assistance with all aspects of the writing process.

There’s nothing harmful about education, yet YouTube chose to remove many of our videos under their “harmful and dangerous” policy. We have not been given any explanation as to what was “harmful or dangerous” about our content, nor have we been allowed any opportunity to appeal YouTube’s decision.

This censorship of our YouTube channel comes at a time when the media are whipping up a moral panic over sites such as ours. Everyone knows that college is a scam designed to enslave young people into lifetime debt through false promises. The average student in the U.S. is forced to take out tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans in the hope of earning a degree and finding a good career. Many find themselves saddled with this debt for decades, even if they don’t graduate.

Peachy Essay aims to ease the burden of college by aiding students in their classwork. Our services have helped numerous students graduate with high marks and go on to successful careers. The establishment and their toadies in the media don’t like this because they would rather entrap young people into an endless cycle of debt.

It’s noteworthy that this attack on our YouTube channel comes as we’ve seen unprecedented success. Peachy Essay recently received its 25,000th customer, with more and more students coming to us for expert help with their coursework. It’s clear our success is a threat to the scam that is college.

Additionally, YouTube’s disregard for freedom of speech is chilling. Peachy Essay’s videos were removed with no advance warning and YouTube has refused to tell us what, exactly, was so offensive about them. This opaque censorship process flies in the face of the values of liberty that our society is built on. Our videos did not run afoul of the YouTube Academic Policy in any way.

Peachy Essay will continue to offer its services to students, but we would caution people against using YouTube to promote their services, given their arbitrary and heavy-handed censorship.

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