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The UCL Academic Communication Center and QMUL writing website gets a lot of visits every single day. This is because it is impossible for students to graduate without the need to write. It doesn’t matter whether you are in High School, College or University, you will have to write. This is why UCL particularly engage in academic writing for ESL students and native speakers of English. Students often have to write assignments, essays, term papers, dissertation, coursework, reports, etc. Many seek refuge at Peachy Essay; the home of writing services.

Being a student has its ups and down. On the positive side, you get to meet and make new friends, you get to see your crush every day, attend parties, go on picnics and excursions, and so many other fun experiences. On the negative side however, is the need to write. To some students, learning is fun in as much as they wouldn’t have to write assignments, essays and dissertations.

The Importance of Education

  • The importance of Education cannot be over emphasized. According to Malcom X, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Education has been an instrumental tool in the development of the human species and society. Without education, man would never have left the stone age. It is through education and scholarship that humans keep evolving all facets of human existence.
  • Education paves the way for us to have a good career and earn better income. We have plenty of chances to work at any workplace we wish. It enhances the opportunities for a better and easier employment. The more educated one is the better his/her chances. Moreover, education polishes our mind, reinforces our thoughts, and strengthens our character and behaviors toward others. We often say that information is power.
  • Education also promote better communication among individuals. Breakdown in communication can lead to disagreement, disagreement to conflict, conflict to fight which may eventually escalate to become war. All wars start as breakdown in communication. Proper education ensures a good flowing communicative discourse.
  • Education also affords one the opportunity to be able to use technological products. Gadgets often come with manuals that are intended to guide the technology user on the operability of the device. Manuals are meant to give information on the optimum use of a gadget. If a person is not educated, how then would he/she appropriate this required knowledge? Without basic education, it would be difficult to write an email, letter or even use a smartphone.
Education Writing Help

Education Writing Help

Types of Education

There are basically three types of education. Namely; Formal, Non-formal and Informal.

  • Formal Education: This is the commonest type of educational system and it is that which we will focus on most here. Formal education is the carefully structured education given in an institution. Such institutions include all forms and types of schools such as High Schools, Colleges, Technical Colleges and Universities. Their sole purpose is to impart knowledge in its pupils/students. In most countries, there are often three levels of formal education. The formal system of education is specially designed to go hand in hand with the social, economic, political and cultural needs of a particular country.
  • Non-Formal Education: This is often an option to that of Formal Education in that it is a form of education that it is usually provided to out-of-school children, adolescents and as well as young adults who, for some reason, did not have an opportunity to attend the formal schooling institutions. Some may have dropped out before a sustainable literacy level was achieved. It includes much of professional and vocational education, adult literacy training, apprenticeship, etc.
  • Informal Education: This is definitely the oldest education system and we all pass through it. Informal education takes place outside schools and is imparted through people in the community. Much of the learning that goes in is almost unconscious. Here the child learns from his/her family, friends, accumulation of experience and environment. This type of education does not give out awards and certificates but it has a more lasting effect as whatever learnt is deeply entrenched in one’s sub-conscious memory. It occurs in its own course, at its own pace by its own means throughout each person’s life.

Education helps a person to be able to read and write. Most information in schools is communicated by writing. This is why teaching academic writing activities has become a paramount feature of both formal and non-formal education. There are several websites devoted to providing comprehensive writing toolkits which is aimed at helping students across all levels of education. Peachy Essay is one of such professional websites. We offer services such as Dissertation Writing, Essay Writing, Assignment Writing, Coursework, Research Papers, Report Writing, and so many more other writing related services.

Specifically, if you have an assignment, you can check our Education Assignment Writing Service. For those who require essay writing help, you can check out our Education Essay Writing Service for further details. You are probably about rounding up your degree program and since it is a requirement in all universities, you have to put together a well written dissertation. The solution to your problem is just a click away. We offer the best Education Dissertation Writing Service. You can simply click to access our education dissertation writing page for full details.

Main Reason Why Many Students Fail

Poor writing skills in students has been a recurrent reason for the failure of several students. Based on research, most students understand their courses and have intrinsic knowledge of their chosen profession. The problem however, exist in their writing skill. According to a research conducted by Pew Research Center, teachers’ statistics on writing skills of their students reveal that most teachers rate their students writing skills as “fair” rather than “excellent” or “very good” indicating that most view their high school students’ writing skills as needing improvement. Hence, many have seen it as compulsory in teaching writing to high school students.

Difficulty in putting down those brilliant ideas on paper in an articulate form is a major cause of failure among students. It is one thing to have the knowledge, it is another to prove that you know by writing it down on paper. The sad thing is that you will be assessed by these Wharton professors based on what you wrote down and not based on what you really know.

The implication of this is you may be exceptionally brilliant, but if your writing skill however is just average or below average, you will consequently get an average or below average grade as against that well-deserved “A”.

The Importance of Writing to All Students

Writing is undoubtedly one of the foremost skills without which it becomes impossible for a student thrive.  This is because every single day as a student, there will be several reasons to write. You will be given assignments, essays, term papers, group assignment, report writing, tests and examinations. They are totally unavoidable and your graduating in flying colors depends on how well you write these aforementioned papers.

The Indispensability of Peachy Essay

This is where Peachy Essay come in to solve these problems for you. The only writing you have to engage in yourself is tests and exams only. Every other forms of writing such as assignments, essays, dissertations, coursework, reports, etc. we handle it ALL. We exist to ensure that your writing difficulty or constraint does not constrain you from getting that “A” grade. We have a team of ex-professors and lecturers who were in the teaching system and know what exactly professors require of their students in every writing work they are given. You may therefore consult us for Education Assignment Services, Education Writing services and Education Dissertation Services by simply surfing through to their appropriate pages for further information.

Why do students struggle with writing?

The simple answer is in two ways; first is that most students are ignorant of the essence of professional writing skills. The second is that many students assume that their current writing skill level is sufficient to pass excellently. This is often not the case. You need to consciously develop your writing skill. The most preferable way is by seeking for courses on writing skill development.


Poor Writing Skills? What Should You Do?

This is the reason for the emergence of UCL writing lab.  It has become a norm for smart students to undertake professional writing skills courses such as report writing skill training. The interesting thing is there are many free report writing courses among others out there. Such a course offers you report writing learning and report writing skills PPT for personal, convenient learning. Some institutions that offer these writing course do it for free, others charge a token.

Whether you go for free writing course courses or paid versions, you will be required to devote serious time and effort before your writing skill can increase to an appreciable level. This means you will have to squeeze out a good chunk of time out of your already tight schedule to upgrade your writing skill. There is however a much smarter, easier and affordable option – seeking for professional writing help. Are you aware that there is assignment writing skill? Yeah, there is. The negligence of such seemingly trivial skill has caused quite a lot of students serious marks.

Peachy Essay, The Professional Education Writing Service Provider

Why patronize Peachy Essay for your education writing help? Like Aristotle, we understand that “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Writing is not an easy task, but scoring an “A” produces a good feeling.  The following are some of the reasons you would be right to choose us:

  • We understand the importance of education to the society at large.
  • We have a team of experienced Ex-Lecturers and Professors.
  • Our writings are 100% plagiarism free.
  • Timely delivery of every work
  • The most affordable in the UK
  • We provide value added services
  • A responsive 24/7 customer service help line
  • Our past record confirms our perfect suitability.

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