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Nothing in the world of academia sucks like having to spend numerous hours handling school assignments that you barely understand. What is even worse is not having enough time to get the assignments done and facing the actual probability of failing your course. Many students pursuing education as a major are faced with this struggle each day of their lives and in most cases, feel like giving up. Are you one of these stressed individuals and are you feeling as though completing your education-related assignments is wearing you out? DO not worry or stress yourself any further. We have a solution that may help you in your time of need.

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Professiona Education Assigment Help: Education is getting extremely popular among applicants and undergraduates who choose education as their minor. A lot of universities like UCL, Imperial or Glasgow offer various joint degrees, which give you the opportunity to study education together with law, business or public policy. If you still consider doing Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph. D. degree in Education but hesitate which school to choose, here is the list of top 5 universities in the UK to study or conduct research in education:

1. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow School of Education is considered the best school of education in the UK. The school can offer you 7 Master’s programs, 21 PhD programs and three joint programs in education. If you are an undergraduate student you can choose education as a minor or take part in the honors program.

Doing one of PhD programs at Glasgow, you will learn how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research in education, and other disciplines like psychology, educational management, pedagogy or public policy, which are deeply connected with education. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to become professor assistant and conduct your practical part of research on undergraduates.

The school of education can offer you a wealth of joint degrees with Glasgow graduate school of management, school of law, school of humanities and engineering school.

2. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge
offers 13 Master’s programs and several PhD programs in education. The master’s programs are focused on various aspects of education such as higher education, international education policy, arts and education and human development.

The faculty includes world-renowned scholars in bilingual education, economy and education, educational sociology, adult learning and educational policy. You are very likely to write your PhD dissertation in collaboration with a world-famous scholar.

3. Durham University

Durham University offers Master’s and PhD programs where you can focus on the following scientific problems: how policy can affect education, the impact of gender, race and social class on education.

Education is one of the most popular minors among undergraduate students at Durham. The university offers various programs and prepares students for careers in teaching, educational policy and management.

4. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one the best British universities to study education. If you consider doing research in speech and hearing, math and sciences teaching, then University of Manchester is the best place for you.

5. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is considered one of the best universities to conduct PhD in education. This is the best university to conduct research in cognitive learning, education and society and pedagogy. The department of education has a lot of world-renowned research centers. The department offers M. A. programs for future primary and secondary teachers. You will definitely benefit from various seminars, public lectures, which take part almost every week.

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