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Do you think that writing a good narrative essay takes much time? Then you definitely need to read this article! 

A narrative essay is an obligatory part of any literature course at the majority of high schools and colleges. Narrative essay is the type of essay written in the first person.  It gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and personal experience.

Despite the fact that narrative essay can be written in any style, we highly recommend you to develop a good structure for your narrative essay. To write a good narrative essay, you can use common guidelines for writing any type of essay: descriptive essay, expository essay or reflective essay. However, we would like to share some specific guidelines on how to write a good narrative essay:

  1. Make your narrative essay appealing

Try to convert your personal experience into a good story. You need to be sincere and make use of various stylistic devices. Your story won’t sound appealing to readers if it does not come through your heart.

  1. Use a draft.

It is hardly possible to write a good narrative essay without making any drafts. Use as many drafts as needed until you will like what you read.  Some famous writers used even 100 and 200 drafts, and some used none. So it is up to you to decide how many drafts you need for your narrative essay.

  1. Include storyline elements.

Develop the most essential elements of your story: characters, plot, setting, and description. Please make sure that your essay follows the general rule of narrative  – the unity of time, setting and plot.

  1. Be precise and avoid ambiguity

Your readers should clearly understand the plot and your role in the narrative.

  1. Support your thesis statement with arguments

It is not enough just to express your point of view. Try to support your thesis statement with good arguments. Besides, you can prove the credibility of your arguments using any appropriate facts or references.

  1. Skip miscellaneous details in your narrative essay

Don’t overload your narrative essay with miscellaneous details, which can make it hard for your readers to understand what you are trying to tell in your narrative. Include only those details, which have a significant role in the plot.

  1. Place your events in the chronological order

Try to avoid any confusion in the chronological order of your events. Your readers need to follow your thoughts clearly.

  1. Don’t hesitate to read other narrative examples

Watch various videos and testimonials where people share their personal experience and thoughts. You will definitely find watching TEDx conferences helpful. This will help you to learn how to express your personal experience and thoughts appropriately.

  1. Make sure you meet specific requirements

Your lecturer always provides some specific details like wording, style, deadline, etc. Make sure your narrative essay follows specific details specified by your lecturer.

  1. Double-check your narrative essay.

Make sure your narrative essay is grammatically correct and plagiarism free. Use appropriate style and some percentage of academic words. Avoid using simple sentences and clichés. There are a lot of websites like Grammarly or Paper Rater, where you can check your narrative essay for style, grammar and spelling mistakes.

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