Best Definition Essay Topics Guide for An A+ Grade

Definition Essay Topics

Writing a definition essay is difficult for many students, especially if they don’t choose the best topic. The issue becomes more complicated if you have a lousy topic because it will be hard to find details that prove your point. The truth is, you do need to learn these definition essay topics if you want to get a top grade. They set apart definition essay topics from other essay types because they cannot be resolved and settled with personal opinion but must rely on facts provided in the textbook or course syllabus. They are also heavily dependent on critical thinking because you need to ensure that your evidence is appropriate and supportive of your claim. To get an A for this kind of essay, you will need to read this article and find the best definition essay topics.

What’s a Definition Essay?

An essay is a short piece of writing about a particular topic. The definition essay is a typical assignment given by teachers to students in many academic subjects. Sometimes, it is referred to as a formal definition or descriptive definition essay. Regardless of the name, it is a powerful way to write about something uniquely. This type of writing can be used on any subject and help you develop a deeper understanding of the topic under focus. A definition essay attempts to explain what a term means instead of how it is used in context. Therefore, a good definition essay should identify what the word means and its relevance within the context of the issue at hand.

How to Write a Definition Essay?

Essays often present arguments and ideas, supported and developed with evidence and examples. An essay may be an opinion piece, an analysis of a topic, or a review of someone else’s work or research. However, the defining characteristics of an essay are that it presents a series of ideas to discuss a subject or explain something and that it is written in prose (as opposed to verse). While writing your definition essay, consider using some of the following key elements:

  1. Introduction – Your introduction should provide some background on the topic so that your readers have a context for your discussion.
  2. Body – Your body paragraphs should contain information that explains each element of your definition.
  3. Conclusion – In your conclusion, you should restate your definition and then tie up any loose ends in your discussion using examples.

How Do You Choose Definition Essay Topics?

There are several ways to choose a topic for an essay. You can find your topic by first picking a subject, then narrowing the topic down. Here are some tips on choosing definition essay topics.

     ● Brainstorming

Brainstorming is essential for writing any type of academic paper. It helps writers choose the most appropriate ideas for their essays and develop them further. This step also helps writers come up with a title for their essays. The best way to brainstorm is by writing down all your ideas on a piece of paper and then arranging them in an order which makes sense. Some writers use mind mapping software, while others prefer more traditional sticky notes or post-it notes.

     ● Picking a Subject

Choosing a subject is the first step in writing a definition essay. Picking a topic, you know something about can help you write a better essay. A good idea is to choose something that interests you, so you’ll be more motivated to research it. Do you like cars? Then pick an automobile company to write about. If you love animals, then choose an animal and write about it! Also, make sure your subject is not too broad or too narrow. It has to be just right. For example, if you decide to write about horses, how many horses can there be? You’ll soon run out of things to say. On the other hand, if you choose “horses” as your subject, what specific type of horse will interest your reader?

     ● Know Your Audience

When choosing definition essay topics, the first thing you have to do is know your audience and what they expect from your paper. You can easily find out by asking them or researching them. Of course, audience expectations vary from one class to another. For example, if you are an ESL student, you want to focus more on vocabulary and grammar than rhetorical style. However, if you are writing a paper for a literature class, you are expected to develop an argument based on the main points raised in the book or story you are analyzing.

     ● Make a List of Possible Themes

The next step is to make a list of all possible themes you could cover in your essay. If you don’t make a list, it will be difficult to choose between them later. In addition, this step helps ensure that you don’t forget any ideas in the future as well.

10 Eye-Catching Definition Extended Essay Topics

What is the most eye-catching definition essay topic? The one catches the reader’s attention and holds it until the end. Your topic needs to be surprising, exciting, and engaging. Trying to find an eye-catching definition essay topic could be a nightmare.

  1. The Definition of Love
  2. The Definition of Beauty
  3. Definition of Success
  4. The Definition of Art
  5. The Definition of Happiness
  6. The Definition of God
  7. The Definition of Time
  8. The Definition of Death
  9. The Definition of Money
  10. The Definition of Life

Definition Essay Topics for College Students

Are you trying to figure out how to write a definition essay? Then, check out these 20 great topics!

  1. What is morality?
  2. What is music?
  3. What is time?
  4. What is democracy?
  5. What is global warming?
  6. What is education?
  7. What is love?
  8. What is war?
  9. What is money?
  10. What are dreams?
  11. How do you know if you’re happy or not?
  12. What are emotions and feelings?
  13. What are best friends for?
  14. How can I be successful in life without doing what I want to do?
  15. How does power work in society today, and how does it affect me personally?
  16. Why should I go to college at all if I’m just going to have to pay back those loans anyway?
  17. The term urban legend. Are they true stories that have been passed around as truth?
  18. The term divine intervention. What does this mean? Does God get directly involved with the lives of people on earth to help them out of difficult situations?
  19. The term fossil fuels. What are fossil fuels, exactly? Are they any different from other types of fuel?
  20. The term loves at first sight. How do people feel about this idea? What does it mean? Do people fall in love at first sight? Or is it more likely that they develop feelings after time together?

20 Definition Argument Essay Topics

The keyword here is “argument.” When you’re writing an argumentative essay, it should be evident that you’re trying to prove someone else wrong. In other words, you’re trying to win an argument. The following are 20 definition topics that you can use to write your essay:

  1. The concept of democracy
  2. The idea of equal rights
  3. The idea of equality
  4. What is fair play?
  5. Love and compassion
  6. What is a hero?
  7. Patriotism
  8. Compassion
  9. What is freedom?
  10. What is a role model?
  11. What does it mean to be human?
  12. Loyalty
  13. Ambition
  14. What does it mean to be alive?
  15. Living in harmony with nature
  16. The concept of peace
  17. Diversity
  18. Cooperation
  19. Tolerance
  20. Humility

20 Technology Topics For Definition Essays

There are a lot of ways to approach the technologies that surround us. In this article, we will explore twenty technology topics for definition essays to get you started. Whether you are writing a research paper, an essay, or just want to learn more about the topic, these topics are a great place to start.

  1. Computers
  2. Internet
  3. Mobile Computers
  4. Technology and Ethics
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Airplanes
  7. Internet of Things (IoT)
  8. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  9. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  10. Social Media and Technology Addiction (SMAT)
  11. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
  12. Computerized Medical Records (CMR)
  13. Mobile Devices for Seniors (MS4S)
  14. Technology in Education and Learning Styles
  15. Smartphones in Education and Learning Styles
  16. Online Counseling/Therapy/Support
  17. Explain DNA and how it works.
  18. Biotechnology
  19. The impact of technology on our childhood experiences
  20. The role of technology in school learning

17 Happiness Definition Paper Ideas

Happiness is a very subjective term. It means something different to everyone. We all have our perception of what happiness is and how to achieve it. Not only do we want to be happy, but we want others to be happy as well. Students should be encouraged to think about happiness from their perspective because it will help them better understand how happiness can affect their lives. The following are some examples of paper ideas for students who want to explore the concept of happiness:

  1. How Do We Define Happiness?
  2. Why Do People Pursue
  3. What Are the Different Aspects of Happiness?
  4. How Can We Achieve Happiness in Our Lives?
  5. How Does Religion Affect Happiness?
  6. How Is Happiness Measured?
  7. What Does it Mean to be Happy?
  8. Can we be happy if we Don’t Have What We Want?
  9. Happiness is Not Money—Is Wealth Important?
  10. What would you like to do when you are happy?
  11. What are the things in life which bring you true happiness?
  12. Why doesn’t marriage make everyone happy?
  13. Is there anything that could be considered as a significant cause of unhappiness?
  14. Good vs. Bad Happiness
  15. Are There Different Types Of Happiness? Are They All Equal?
  16. What Are The Sources Of Happiness? How Can We Find Them In Our Lives?
  17. What Is The Connection Between Money And Happiness?

Definition Essay Structures

When you use a definition essay structure, you define a new term or phrase and then explain what the word means. In your essay, you will represent a term, describe its importance, and provide an example of how to use it in a sentence. This kind of essay is straightforward to write. Here is an overview of the steps involved in writing a simple definition essay


The introduction should include all the following: 1) A hook that grabs the reader’s attention 2) A thesis statement that tells the reader what to expect in the body paragraphs 3) An explanation of why you are writing this essay.


Paragraphs Each body paragraph should contain these sections: 1) A topic sentence that includes the principle word or phrase being defined 2) The definition itself—what the word or phrase means in context 3) At least two examples of how the word or phrase is used in sentences—what it means when it’s being used correctly.


The conclusion should summarize everything said in the body paragraphs. The final sentence should repeat the thesis and then restate it as a question for the reader to consider.

3 Benefits of Writing Definition Essay Topics

Students often complain that they don’t like to write definition essays. Many of them consider it the most boring type of essay writing. However, this type of writing has its benefits. Let’s take a look at them below:

     1. Definition essay topics are easy to find

Indeed, you have noticed that students usually don’t find topics. The main reason is that they can be found everywhere: in everyday life, in newspapers and magazines, on TV and radio, and in social networks. Defining words is simple because it requires you to create something new or add your own opinion. While some people may say that definition essay topics are dull and uninteresting, others will argue that they are interesting because they ask students to collect information from various sources and provide definitions for different terms or words.

     2. Definition essays are easy to write

These essays don’t require you to dig deep into your imagination or think of something completely new, as with other types of assignments. All that you need to do is read the material carefully and provide definitions for different words or terms that are used in the examples you’ve given.

     3. It helps in developing your writing skills

There are many benefits of writing definition essay topics, and one such benefit is the development of your writing skills. To write a good definition essay, one should have excellent command of the language and even better vocabulary skills. You can develop your vocabulary skills by reading newspapers, novels, stories, etc. By doing this, you will learn how to use words correctly in sentences and make them strong enough to express your ideas clearly. You can develop your skills further by reading books on grammar or online tutorials available on the net.


When defining essay topics, the sky is not even close to the limit. There are thousands if not millions of topics you can choose from. The second thing to consider is your audience. This will dictate the depth and range of information you need to focus on in the definition essay. Once you have an idea of what you want to write about, think about your potential readers and what they would be looking for or expecting from your term paper.

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