Grammarly vs Turnitin: Which is the Best Plagiarism Checker?


The advancement of technology has introduced online tools that make it possible to publish or submit assignments with 100% originality. The most popular tools freelance writers, students, and academic instructors use are Grammarly and Turnitin.

Grammarly is a most-known online tool powered by Artificial Intelligence technology to assist in detecting grammatical and logical errors in a document, besides detailing out any plagiarized content. Conversely, Turnitin is software used mainly by academic institutions to test the originality of students’ work.

If you are a full-time writer/professor or high school student, which is the tool that most satisfies your needs when detecting plagiarism? Is it Grammarly or Turnitin? Let us find out below.

How Grammarly Plagiarism Checker fares Compared to Turnitin

Different online discussion forums and blogs bring out varying arguments concerning the contest between Grammarly and Turnitin. When you stroll around online posts, the different opinions will still be there.

Grammarly had its initial release in 2009. Since then, the software has generally improved the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). With the dynamic state of tech, the popular software employs algorithms that assess text and highlights errors and similar content found on the Internet.

The plagiarism-checker tool has two versions for its users; the free one and the premium plan. The free version scans grammar errors. But, it does not leave your document completely error-free. It limits correcting complex mistakes in your work. The Grammarly premium plan is the real deal.

It highlights every single error in your file. And also gives you the privilege to detect plagiarism – it runs the content against millions of publications online and produces a score for the plagiarism performance.

Turnitin, on the other hand, somehow beats Grammarly when it comes to checking plagiarism. The software rival, founded earlier in 1998, has a faster operation with maximum accuracy capability than Grammarly.

Even though Grammarly utilizes large sets of data when checking content similarity, it comes second after Turnitin.

Is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker as Good as Turnitin?

Grammarly plagiarism checker might not be as good as Turnitin. Grammarly and Turnitin are almost similar software with mere ideological differences. Millions of online users mainly use Grammarly to check on grammar, tone, and formality of word constructions. Yes, it does have a feature to test plagiarism. But it is not entirely reliable as Turnitin because it does not compare the content with the worldwide web.

For instance, passing the document content of a published work on both tools will undoubtedly get different results. Grammarly might give you a 5% plagiarism score. In comparison, Turnitin might give you a 100% plagiarism report.

It might be because Grammarly shallow scans the sentences. Unlike Turnitin, which looks intensively into the characters, symbols, and formulas even in a mathematics solution paper. Also, Turnitin is more powerful and strict when compared with other online sources – something missing in the Grammarly software.

The search algorithm present in Turnitin crawls around active and archived publications. To date, the software has indexed more than 91 billion web pages. Running your school assignment over Turnitin will shade the plagiarised sections and provide sources similar to that highlighted part. Even Grammarly ProQuest’s databases do not conquer the database in Turnitin.

Also, the high popularity of Turnitin in academic institutions tells it all. The platform is easy to manoeuvre around and highly secure to send confidential data. About 98% of universities in the UK have partnered with Turnitin to ensure their students’ work integrity.

Being in the market for multiple years, we can comfortably say that Turnitin is a giant in checking plagiarism than Grammarly.

Is Grammarly Better than Turnitin?

Grammarly is a valuable tool for checking sentence structure and grammar in your document. However, I am afraid that it might not be helpful when detecting content similarity, unlike the Turnitin platform.

Frankly, with the existence of Grammarly, millions of non-native English speakers have used it to produce an elegant pieces of work. You can access the platform via your favourite browser, either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Or, you can add it as an extension to the browser. Others might opt to utilize its mobile application or add it to Microsoft Word. Prominent corporations such as Gmail have embedded Grammarly in their product to guide their users while constructing emails.

Grammarly might be a poor choice when detecting plagiarism in academic papers – it would be best to pick Turnitin over it.

The ultimate objective of Turnitin is to check plagiarism. Its interface speaks out for itself. It has different sections; uploading and downloading the document, plus viewing and fetching the score reports. The plagiarism reports have distinct features, with extra highlighting and a list of the affected sources.

The thing that stands Grammarly out in the market is its high-tech feature that points out grammar errors. Turnitin does not check your grammar or word constructions.

Does Grammarly Check Turnitin

No, Grammarly cannot check Turnitin. The reason being the platform does not have permission to access the database repositories in Turnitin. It instead can access ProQuest’s database. Even though this database holds collections of dissertations and publications, it is less superior than Turnitin’s.

The thing holding back Grammarly from being the leader in checking plagiarism is its inaccuracy and unreliability when giving reports.

Does Grammarly Affect Turnitin?

Grammarly does not affect Turnitin. No one on the web can access its repositories for indexing. It applies the same for Turnitin – it cannot access content on other web pages.

After uploading your document on Grammarly, it remains in their repositories till eternity, and you can access it anytime unless the user deletes it. The good news is that no external party can access that remaining document.

Is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Safe?

Grammarly is a  good choice when checking plagiarism and grammar in your work. Grammarly ensures you pass all the clarity and content delivery requirements before submitting. You cannot download the edited work if it has plagiarized content.

Grammarly might not be the tool to suit your plagiarism needs, but it comes in handy in producing flawless content. It is therefore not a safe plagiarism checker, especially for students and academic institutions.

If you are submitting your term paper, you can utilize Turnitin. It is even much more manageable when offering to your institution.

Grammarly Vs. Turnitin

Online content writers have come across both Grammarly and Turnitin while proofreading and checking plagiarism. Below is a detailed comparison between the popular tools.

  • User interface

Grammarly has a simple user interface that first-time users might easily understand. All its features lie on a sidebar and come out clear. For Turnitin, the components might be confusing for new users. However, its interface keeps on improving to bring the best experience. Grammarly has, however, the most straightforward user interface.

  • Translation feature

With the hundreds of languages present, sometimes, we need to translate text for simple understanding. It is essential for software to have this translation feature. However, Grammarly lacks this feature. Conversely, students using Turnitin enjoy this translator feature. It even goes the extra mile to provide translation to the plagiarized text.

  • Error handling

Grammarly is the tool for you when working on errors in your document. The premium plan does not miss-spelling or punctuation errors – it filters these mistakes which might have occurred due to illiteracy or general human error. Besides highlighting these errors, Grammarly provides correct suggestions for the mistakes committed.

On the other hand, Turnitin secondarily assists in pointing out the errors but does not clarify all the mistakes.

  • In-built dictionary

Did you know that Grammarly has a built-in dictionary as part of its feature? You only need to double-click on it, and you will get its meaning alongside a list of its related synonyms. The majority of its users approve of this exciting experience.

However, Turnitin does not support this feature.

  • Text construction

Grammarly provides its fans with a feature that helps them decide their document’s context and tone style. It lays out diverse suggestions to enhance customer satisfaction. It is also the same way when it comes to Turnitin. Students can follow up and pick suitable tips for their academic work.

  • Pricing

You can check spelling and grammar mistakes for free with the Grammarly standard plan. However, to get more solid tips and check for plagiarism, you will have to purchase the premium plan, which has monthly costs of $12 or annual fees of $150. There are also packages for education facilities and small businesses. Their costs depend on the number of users.

Some organizations might get the standard Turnitin package for free but not enjoy the plagiarism-checking privileges. Depending on the number of students a university or college has, Turnitin might cost annual fees from $5000.

Other Popular Plagiarism Checkers

Besides Grammarly and Turnitin, there are other plagiarism checkers that you might use to detect copied content. They include:


It is an online tool using cloud technologies to check for duplicated content. You can easily use CopyScape by giving the URL of the original work. It is a free tool that extensively scans across multiple website pages. Some of its remarkable features might be:

  • You can search through the collection.
  • It allows you to compare the content with a side-by-side view quickly.
  • You can index content while offline.
  • It is a user-friendly platform, and you can filter out results from known sources.


Quetext is another suitable plagiarism checker. It employs solid algorithms to look for duplicated content online. It is popularly used when dealing with thesis documents. Quetext assesses new information sources, citations, and online books. It is perfect for detecting exact matches. It includes the following features:

  • It generates thorough and well-explained plagiarism reports.
  • It has a simple interface – and is most suitable for teachers.
  • It has a single mouse operation when checking plagiarism.
  • It ensures data privacy.

Plagiarism Checker X

The checker is simple to operate. Most students use this online tool when handling research paper assignments. It has the below features:

  • With it, you can import different file formats, including html, Docx, pdf, etc.
  • It has multi-language support from English, French, to Spanish.
  • It has reliable online customer support; 24/7.
  • It maintains data privacy for its users.


The plagiarism checker ensures authentic results when checking for similar content online. It allows vast uploads and supports different file formats. Unicheck scans through educational repositories and library collections. Its features might include:

  • Customized searching functionality.
  • It gives real-time scores.
  • Support plagiarism checks on Google docs.
  • It sends alerts during suspicious activities.
  • You can use Chrome extensions to see the duplicated content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plagiarism checker?

It is an online application that scans your document to check for duplicate content. A plagiarism checkers assess the Internet for other copies of the paper.

How does Grammarly check for plagiarism?

The process of checking plagiarism with Grammarly is a walk in the park. You need to upload your document to the site. Then, click the plagiarism check feature at the bottom right corner, and the scanning will begin right away.

How does Turnitin check for plagiarism?

While on Turnitin, you can check plagiarism by going to the Add Assignment section. A form to fill in will display. Enter the required details and submit. You will see the plagiarism score on the dashboard.

Is it safe to check plagiarism online?

The majority of plagiarism checkers observe the privacy policies. They even ensure the staff get no hold of the posted information. You can also delete your content after checking the plagiarism.

Is plagiarism checker accurate?

Different plagiarism checkers have varying rates of accuracy. Some may produce accurate results, while others might be less effective, as in the case of Grammarly and Turnitin. The primary factors determining the success of a plagiarism checker are; the size of the database and the algorithm employed.