Is it possible to speak of ethnic groups in America in terms other than stereotypes?

Stereotypes Set by Culture and Society

Stereotypes Set by Culture and Society

In the diverse cultural view of America, it could be stated that there are distinct conventional views that automatically emerge when handling people with different cultural backgrounds (Marger, 2014). This could be argued as a sign of the stereotype, which is spread far and wide since the US is a cosmopolitan region. In spite of differences in ethical consideration, it is skillful to state that ethical groups could be thought of in different terms other than stereotypes (Thorson, 2013).

Although stereotyping could be termed as an integration of other terms that could be used in enhancing rapid response to distinct situations, and due to the fact that people may have encountered similar status in the past (Kendall, 2014); there could be other approaches of dealing with ethical groups. The main idea that enhance integration of ethical groups in terms of stereotype is that it generally brings together spectacular groups of people with common features and goals (Marger, 2014).

Stereotypes Set by Culture and Society
Stereotypes Set by Culture and Society

However, in America, respective social groups have exaggerated ideologies that they share among themselves (Thorson, 2013). This implies that the adopting of stereotyping facilitates stratification amongst the groups. It makes it an overall integration of other factors within ethical groupings (Marger, 2014). However, this does not  mean that people could not adopt other communication facets within ethical groups. This would involve proper control of stereotypes, which could be effected through suppression of human behavior, especially in regard to social structures to eradicate ethnocentrism (Marger, 2014).

An ideal way of referencing to ethical group other than stereotyping could be related to control of ideas; this is derived from spectacular conditions related to, or pertaining contract theory (Kendall, 2014). The theory could be related to social structure; organizations could take it upon themselves to eradicate stereotypes through enhancing tough legal implications within groups (Thorson, 2013). In America, either or both individual and groups could motivate strategies that suppress stereotyping; this could be effective when a person embraces the differences that coincide with efforts ad ability to abolish ideals of stereotype (Kendall, 2014).


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