Top Fantastic Process Essay Topics for Students

Process Essay Topics

Process essays also known as the process analysis essay are common essays needed by students in high school, college, and university. Such essays need to be written in a professional format from the introduction through to the conclusion. Topics in various fields are written in this format. It is therefore important for students to learn about this essay.

So what is a process essay? How is it written? What are the features of topics in such essays? These are the main highlights of this article. Moreover, we will feature the common fantastic topics to consider in your process essay. This will help you find a perfect unique idea to submit to your teacher or lecturer. We hope the article helps you learn something new.

What is a Process Essay?

This is a type of writing that involves carefully noting down the step-by-step procedures to complete a given task. These steps need to be in the order of occurrence (first to the last). The paper should explain every step and the connection from one step to the other. The ultimate goal is to inform the reader.

Because of the significance of these essays students need to write great content. This will avoid misleading the audience. That is why students should be keen from the point of choosing the topic, the introduction, the main body to the conclusion.

Examples for Process Essay Topics for Students

Having a great topic is the recipe for writing a good paper/essay. There are many topics that students can choose for their essays. Moreover, there are many topic generators available for use, but how about having a list of topics to guide you select a topic. This is a better and effective way to get topics. From the list you can choose and customize a topic, this is better than starting from scratch. Here is a list of the categories for the topics:

  1. How-to Topics
  2. Industrial production topics
  3. Food Preparation essay topics
  4. Technical Essays Topics
  5. Science Process Essay Topics

How-to Essay Topics

In these topics, the goal is to answer the question of how something is done. This is using a simple procedure. When choosing a topic you can choose from your daily activities. Something that you know and can be important for others to learn. Here is a list of fun and interesting topics on How-to.

  1. How to work on a Freelancing project?
  2. Explain the steps for proofreading.
  3. How do you create a journal?
  4. How to draw on a canvas?
  5. Step-by-step procedures for creating a blog title.
  6. How to apply for a Scholarship?
  7. How to introduce a business proposal?
  8. How do you organize your remote workspace?
  9. How to avoid burnout?
  10. Describe the process to open a Joint bank account.
  11. Illustrate the process to clean your pet.
  12. What’s the easiest way to write a report?

Industrial Production Process Essay Topics

In this essay, you can give the steps to produce or manufacture something. This process will help people in similar industries achieve the same objective. For students undertaking Industrial Chemistry or an Engineering course, these topics are common. Most of these processes are complex, you need to be as detailed as possible to avoid giving half-baked procedures.

Remember to list precautions in such a process essay where there are any. Here are fantastic topics to choose from.

  1. How is milk processed?
  2. Steps to design a soccer ball.
  3. List the steps to manufacture a glass bottle.
  4. Describe how cardboards are designed.
  5. Give the procedures to manufacture paper.
  6. How are designer shirts made?
  7. Procedure to create perfumes.
  8. Describe how to assemble a car.

Process Essay Topics on Food Preparation

This process of essays are common but not limited to food science and hospitality students. Such essays need to be sequential from the first step to the last. Moreover, the quantitative aspect should be considered. For example, instead of adding water, it should add two cups of water. Food-related topics help your audience learn how to cook something, and here are topics to use.

  1. Explain how to make pancakes?
  2. Describe how to cook a bass fish.
  3. Provide the recipe for a chocolate cake.
  4. Show the process to bake a vanilla cake?
  5. Explain how the dough is made?
  6. Procedure to make a beef stew.
  7. How to cook roasted chicken?
  8. Explain a recipe to cook chips?
  9. How to prepare a packet of sausages?

Technical Process Topics

These essays describe a mechanism to achieve something. The outcome should be the exact item in size, dimension, texture, or any other. Therefore, you need to define every step fully. Such essays are common for medical students.

  1. Explain the bone transplant process?
  2. How to create an application clone?
  3. How to refine petroleum?
  4. The process to manufacture synthetic ropes.
  5. How to check for eye problems?
  6. How to run a DNA test?

Science Process Essay Topics

There are many fields in science. These are biology, physics, organic chemistry, etc. This field is taught from high school to the University level. Therefore, no doubt students are likely to write about different scientific processes. If you are a student in this field here are topical ideas for your essay.

  1. Explain how to balance a chemical equation?
  2. Steps to create a magnet in a lab?
  3. State the procedure to test for the presence of water.
  4. Show how Newton’s Law works.
  5. Show how to avoid rusting?
  6. Explain the food test of sugar?
  7. How does acid rain occur?
  8. Demonstrate

How to Structure a Process essay

Structuring a process essay is simple like any other essay, the only difference comes in the content featuring and the tone. The essay should contain content to teach a process from the beginning to the end. The tone should be explanatory. Ensure you note that now let’s look at the structure.

The Main Title

The title gives the topic of the article. It is mostly written using terms like how to, show the, describe the, explain, etc. The title is also useful to urge the reader to continue reading. If you use a persuasive title the reader is 80% likely to read. Moreover, what you are teaching should be something they need to learn. A process they don’t know.

The Introduction

Here you give brief details of what the reader expects. This is your chance to convince them to read your work and introduce the topic. In case there are new terms in a topic, explain them here. Be optimistic that the audience will learn something new. These 4 items are also important in the introduction.

  • Give any prerequisites (knowledge) that the reader needs to have
  • Explain any precautions to adhere to in the process.
  • Explain the items needed. If it’s a food process essay, give the ingredients.

The Main Content (Process)

This is the part that makes it be called a process analysis essay. In the body, you State and explain fully the steps to achieve the goal. Ensure you explain using simple language that the reader will easily follow along and implement. If you are writing an industrial processing procedure or a food process, give accurate quantities e.g. use a handful of sugar.

Use the following transition phrases to move to the next step.

  1. Initially
  2. At last
  3. In the end or Finally
  4. Afterwards
  5. Meanwhile
  6. Later


The conclusion includes the summary of the process and the outcome after the process. Here give a summary of what the process outcome will be. Moreover, you can explain what next. For example, after preparing the food, explain what to take the food with. If it’s an industrial process explain where to use the product.

The Procedures of Creating a Process Analysis Essay

You have figured out the topic for your process essay. Now it’s time to craft the essay. If you have chosen a good topic this will be easier to write. There are many ways to proceed with this but some are more effective. For us, we will show you the most effective one so that you come up with an essay sooner.

The following steps will help you compile a better essay.

Step 1: Determine the Target

Take some time to analyze your audience. For a student, this could be in the question paper. If not you need to research the perfect audience that can benefit from the essay. This helps which language to use and what you need to address. Plus know whether your target is familiar with the topic.

Step 2: Choose a topic from our list

After knowing your audience, choose a topic that relates to them. The list above will help you choose the right topic. Don’t hesitate to customize the topic to suit your readers. Consider the following when choosing the topic.

  • The target’s education background. Can they understand the terms in the topic?
  • The expertise of the audience.
  • The language to use in the essay.

Step 3: List the tools to finish the process

A process analysis essay entails how something is done, and it is clear that there are tools that will be useful to achieve this. You need to list this material to guide the reader to finish the task. You can go ahead to explain to the team where to source the tools.

Step 4: Make a draft outline

You now have the audience, the topic, and the list of tools that are needed. It is now about time to outline the essay. In most cases, Process essays require you to undertake the process yourself. This will help you give the correct details. The outline should include the number of steps for the process. If you are not sure, confirm first before proceeding. The outline is mostly to help you write the best.

Step 5: Start Writing

You can now start writing the essay. Don’t forget the structure we discussed. Have the:

  1. The Topic Title
  2. An Introduction
  3. Main Content (the process)
  4. The Conclusion

Use the right transition words from one step to another. Plus get into details to avoid confusing the reader. The conclusion of the end product is to help the user know if they did it right.

The Best Feature to Make a Process Essay Better

As a student, you want to show your supervisor that you know what you are writing. Thus, some features should be in the process paper to show you understand the topic. The following features will make the paper look better.

  1. Use a Chronological order – Describing the order of assurance is key. That is why it’s a process one step after the other and not vice versa. Let step 1 be the first and not anything else.
  2. Detailed description – Explain everything in the process without leaving anything behind.
  3. Use a fixed order – Order is key in the paper.
  4. Ensure clarity – Use the right words, amount, correct sentence structure, etc.
  5. The use of transition words should be evident

Final Remarks

Process essay topics are common for students. That is why as a student you have to know how to write them. We have listed topics that you can choose for your essay. This will help you to write the essay after. Also, remember to flow the structure we have given you. Then finish the essay in the steps above. Finally, ensure that all features are present.

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