PayPal Moves to Block Essay Writing Firms – Cheating Essay Mills Banned

PayPal banning essay writing services

There has been increased pressure in recent years on big payment firms like PayPal to help stop firms that allow learners to get academic help online.

With a concern that big payment firms like PayPal help in the advertisement and approval of payments by students, stakeholders argue that the essay writing firms risk undermining the quality of the university system. Whether using essay writing firms are legal or not remains a question.

By blocking such firms, individuals like Damian Hinds argue that blocking payment systems can help reduce the level of academic cheating among university students.

Since one of the major concerns is plagiarism, students have been seen to hire these services to help them submit better papers that can help them earn good grades.

But is this move relevant? Is PayPal being charged with becoming an academic watchdog while at the same time being allowed to conduct to engage in other morally questionable and profitable businesses like the sale of marijuana and pornography?

In this article, we explore essay writing firms and why companies like PayPal, or Stripe should not be allowed to restrict or hold payments to such legitimate business ventures.


Why do Students Choose to use Essay Writing Firms? 

The current method of assessment and evaluation at the university seems unfair due to several reasons. For example, to do well at the university, you need to write many different essays, assignments and research papers.

Since universities admit students from all corners of the globe, they fail to take into consideration factors such as language barriers and the inability to write good essays. Students from many countries do not use English as their first language, which highly reduces their potential to write useful articles.

Since passing is highly dependent on your ability to write, learning and understanding the different concepts does not matter so long as you cannot compose an excellent academic paper. If the language that you use in your essay does not attract your target audience (the people that mark your work), it is highly likely that you will score lower grades no matter the effort you put into writing your papers.

Since essay writing companies provide essential and reliable services for students, they have been highly appreciated as a tool for doing well. Although the companies are associated with cheating, they majorly play the role of helping students to learn how to write better papers.

Universities do not teach how to write proper papers but still expect the students to do well in essay writing. They also fail to provide the tools and resources that can help students write better, which means that the students have to rely on online platforms and devices.

PayPal Censorship Over Academic Help
Paypal Censorship Over Academic Help

It is also highly demanding to write a good quality academic paper given the fact that students are busy individuals given all the different curricular and extra-curricular activities that they have to engage in during their educational journey.

In some instances, students do not have the time or ability to write good papers due to many factors. For example, an individual may fall sick when they are expected to write an essay. In other cases, students may have significant issues to attend to and lack time to write.

For students that ail from non-English speaking countries, it is even worse because they cannot write great essays unless they spend extra time and money paying for classes. This is extremely stressful on their side and can even lead to exhaustion and frustration. When they hire the professional services of an essay writing company, they can focus on their studies while still learning how to write flawless papers from such companies.

At the university level, professors are extremely busy due to the high number of students who require help. This means that they cannot focus all their attention on individuals and hence cannot offer any decent support when it comes to academic writing.

With all these factors combined, it is reasonable that students hire professional services since they all want to do well in school. Furthermore, education requires a hefty investment, and it would beat all logic to pay the enormous sums of money and fail to graduate.

Although many stakeholders in the education sector believe that essay writing companies promote cheating, this is not the case since these establishments do much more. For example, the company offer tutoring and act as motivational learning aids that help students succeed in their academics.

Essay writing companies do not help students cheat but instead act as a tool to promote their success. Since the 1998 Data Protection Act governs legitimate companies like Peachy Essay, they actually cannot threaten students or release any information regarding their business. The claim that companies threaten students with the aim of extorting money is untrue.

Although students attend the university to work for an outcome, what happens when it is too difficult to achieve the result because of the different challenges like heavy workload? Hiring an essay writing company is an excellent way to achieve that outcome, and it cannot be considered as cheating since it is getting help.

The companies work to educate students and help them learn how to write better papers by employing professionals to teach them the same. Universities do not offer sufficient support which forces the learners to struggle. The students do not have either the time or resources to get good essays written on time. As a bonus, here is a complete guide on how to hand a paper you have paid for and not get caught.


Is it right that PayPal is willing to deny services to essay writing companies and hold their money? 

Many businesses make use of PayPal, and it is very unfair that writing companies should be excluded from making use of this vital payment method. In an article published by the University of Southern California, it is accepted that many companies all over the globe make use of PayPal as an effective method to make payments and transfer money and getting banned would be a major blow.

The move by the company to ban essay writing companies and hold the money of respectable companies like Peachy Essay is straight out unlawful. The company is an online legal business, and this move is likely to cripple service delivery alongside other adverse effects.

The company policies indicate that any money transferred through them will be safe and will reach the hands of their clients in case it is a legitimate business. Essay writing services are not illegal, and it should therefore not hold the money of such a company.

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