Architecture Dissertation Writing

Finding a genuine architecture dissertation writing service is not easy. For every academic discipline, upon nearing the conclusion of such a degree or program, it is expected of the student to present a thoughtful, comprehensive dissertation that is a pointer to the knowledge garnered so far since the start either as a Freshman or at the Masters and PhD level. Such dissertation is expected to be your contribution to academic scholarship. How can you use the knowledge you have gained since the course of your study to impact the world and other scholars?

This is also much more applicable to Architecture as a Discipline. As a matter of fact, being a discipline with a practical practice, dissertations are needed to show new and improved trendy techniques in the practice of Architecture. It helps in updating fellow Architects and the world at large. Saddled with such an important academic and social function, you will agree with me that Architectural dissertation writing isn’t a thing to handle with levity.

Architecture Dissertation Format

Many students often fail woefully in the area of dissertation writing because they used the wrong format. Like the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. As an Architect intending to write an Architectural dissertation, you need to know and use the format specific to Architecture Dissertations. It is as follows:

  • Title Page: This first page should include the dissertation title, your name, the program/degree for which the dissertation is to be submitted and your university’s name, department’s name, month and then year.
  • Acknowledgement: This second page expresses your gratitude to due person and/or authorities who assisted in the writing of the dissertation and in your study so far.
  • Abstract: It is a synopsis of what you’ll be discussing in the dissertation. It includes issues like background of the study, aim of the study, methodology/method of research and results of the study in order of their sequence.
  • Table of Contents: Here, you mention all chapters, sections and sub-sections of the dissertation.
  • Introduction: It establishes the context of the research with further information about background to the study.
  • Literature Review: Here, you present a review of available or published works and writings on that same topic you are working on.
  • Methodology: Here, you state clearly the method(s) through which you gathered your data and carried out your research. Also, it is advised that you give reasons for choosing that specific method(s).
  • Results: It contains the results of the research you conducted presenting the necessary statistical data and findings.
  • Discussion: This is the section where you evaluate the results and findings presented.
  • Recommendations: This is where you give your personal opinion(s) and suggestion with regards to the prospect of the issue at hand.
  • Bibliography: In this last page, you reference the sources from which you collated your data. Ensure you use the proper citation/reference style.

How to Write Architecture Dissertations?

To the student, the most important goal of a dissertation is to charm the Dissertation Committee in order to earn a very high score. How then can you win the hearts of these experienced Academia? Here are a few tips to write a good Architecture dissertation:

  • Ensure your title wording is appropriate, simple and concise. Your topic shouldn’t be vague. If your topic is too broad, the probability is that you wouldn’t be able to cover every part, which in turn wouldn’t earn you good marks.
  • Plan, organize and structure your dissertation well.
  • Ensure it is of appropriate length. No one is ready to read and grade a dissertation that’s as big as the encyclopedia or telephone directory.
  • Cite your sources appropriately so as to avoid charges of plagiarism. And ensure that whatever material you’ll be using doesn’t have a copyright law that can cause complications for you.
  • Appropriate the advantages of using images, drawings, maps, surveys and timelines. These enhances and gives your dissertation a visual appeal and a sense of factual representation.
  • Use simple language, though of course, it must contain some necessary Architectural jargons.

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