Architecture Essay Writing

Essay Writings are a diverse kind of writings whose structure and composition is unique and differs from all other forms of writing. How much more when it is Architecture Essay Writing! If you are pursuing an academic career, you cannot run away from essay writing; particularly if you are an Architect or a student of Architecture. As a student of Architecture, you need to learn how to write Architecture essays so as to boost your academic career. Apart from having the theoretical and practical knowledge of Architecture, there is a need also to develop the art of expertly putting this theoretical and practical knowledge on paper in the form of essays. The essays prove your expertise in a particular area among the several focuses of Architecture. To a large extent, your professors are going to be testing your knowledge of Architecture not just based on practical application of such knowledge alone, but would also test you based on how well you are able to organize and present these ideas on paper. A part of these is through essay writing, assignment writing, thesis and dissertation writing. For all these, Peachy Essay is readily available to contributing to your success as an Architect.   

What Is Architecture?

Often times, people often assume that “Architecture” is simply about designing and constructing buildings. Architecture is much more than that. Architecture is the design and construction of not just buildings alone, but of all structures that we design and which fills up an otherwise empty space. Architecture as a discipline and as a practice has some specific fields and philosophies of which depending on the philosophy of the Architect, it is reflected in the works of such an Architect. These could include the philosophy and/or field of Ancient Architecture, Modern Architecture, Renaissance Art and Architecture, Architectural Technology, Principles of Modern Architecture, Architecture Management, Arts and Science Architectural Design, Architectural Foundations, Architectural Photography, and many more. Whatever field and whatever philosophy fuels your Architectural essay writing; Peachy Essay has experts in each of these fields.

Architecture Essay Writing


Narrow Your Topic: Remember we said earlier that Architecture is a broad discipline and we listed some aspects? Good. If you have to write an Architectural essay and the topic isn’t defined or specific, ensure you narrow it down. You can do this by discussing Architecture in terms of style, geographic location or time/period. You’ll discover that all these is contained in our areas of specialization. The narrowing down of topic is so that it would contain more focus and intensity.

Research Thoroughly: You need to carry out an extensive research before you even begin writing at all. The research materials available also to a large extent, determine your essay topic. This is because some topics could look interesting and promising but very few research materials are available on them. Choose a topic that has quite enough materials which would be useful in your Architectural essay writing. You can use sources such as books, the internet, magazines, library sources, encyclopedia, etc.

Plan the Structure: Before you begin writing, you have to plan the structure of your essay. This is because you need your work to look organized and cohesive. Generally, Architectural essays employ the analytic style of writing which allows the presentation of facts. However, you could also employ the persuasive technique in arguing your personal opinions in relation to preferences.

Have an Introduction: Your work must contain a catchy, concise and attention sustaining introduction. The aim of your introduction is to prick the appetite of your readers such that having captured their attention via your introduction, they will patiently devour the rest of the essay and find it a good read. The best format is to present a very interesting point or question and leave it hanging. Let them have to read the rest of the essay to discover the answer or the rest of the issue.

Develop Good Points (Body): After your introduction, the next crucial thing is to have a paragraphed body of the essay that explains, analyze, describes or answers the issues and questions you raised in the introduction. Ensure you speak to the material, i.e. give your thoughts about the materials you have researched on, imbue it with your original thoughts. It isn’t a Robot that is writing, you are human – capable of reasoning adequately. Showcase this reasoning capacity in your work. You can critique previous works which you researched on. Remember, the best method for Architectural essay writings is to use the analytic method.

Have a Conclusion: The conclusion to your essay is so crucial. Many Architectural essay writings are marked low either due to absence of or unimpressive conclusions. This is because in your conclusion, you are expected to summarize your strongest points as analyzed in the body. Also, presentation of your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the discourse is expected here. These are what earns you the highest possible marks.

On a final note, writing a brilliant Architectural essay is easier said than done. That is why at Peachy Essaywe have the best arraignment of experts from which you can select from to help compose a high mark fetching essay.