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The nature of assignments is such that they are expected to be products of thoughtful thinking and a synthesis of knowledge arrived at after extensive research. Anything less than this, attracts disappointingly low marks. This implies that you need the theoretical framework, the necessary research materials at your disposal, the knowledge of how to synthesize the product of the various research, the proper articulation/writing of the research and the time sufficient to do all these have to be at your disposal. Remember, you still have to attend lectures, read up on one or two things, maintain social relations between friends, family and new acquaintances by attending parties, picnics, concerts, and paying visits coupled with having a life of your own in which you have to engage in your hobbies and pursue that which makes you happy. We recognize that the time, space and resources to do all these while attending to your assignments is limited. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to assemble professionals who are not just expert Architects in various fields but are also talented writing Architects to save you the labor of having to sweat it out writing an A – Class Architectural assignment.   

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Architectural assignments are not like the assignment from other fields. They have some specific features which all other fields lack. How then do you write a thoughtfully innovative Architectural assignment?  To the experts, it is easy, but for others, it is quite tasking. We shall however present a few tips that can make your Architectural assignments a good one.

Tips That Ensure Your Architecture Assignments Earn the Best of Marks

The first crucial step is to understand the question. If you do not understand the question or if you interpret it wrongly, your answer is bound to be wrong and you are certain to loose serious marks. Imagine for example that a question asks you to differentiate between Shallow and Deep Foundations and discuss factors that influence the suitability of each.  If you then proceed to discuss the various types of shallow foundations, you are sure to get very little marks, if any at all. So, ensure you understand the question first.

Ensure your answers are very well organized and well-structured. Your answer should cover every aspects of the question. This ensures you get your full marks.

Many Architectural assignments require pictures, images, and diagrams. The example of foundations we used earlier is relevant again. In talking about the various types of foundations, you could insert pictures or diagrams of examples of such foundations.

The goal of every lecturer that gives out “assignments” is to get you to research on that topic. If you skip this, it would be noticeable in your work and of course, you wouldn’t get good marks.

Architecture is about practical application of knowledge. In your work therefore, be practical in your approach. Use examples that are practical and realistic.

Our experts live for nothing else other than to attend to your Architectural assignment needs.