What is a Descriptive Essay? The best tips and 100 topic examples

What is Descriptive ssay

A descriptive essay is the easiest form of essay that you will find in your path towards academic development. That being said, you must write your essay with caution as it follows only one perspective: Yours!

What is exactly a descriptive essay?

The descriptive essay consists of a paper in which you, as a writer, describe how you experience and see a situation, person, picture, social or philosophical topic, or place in detail.

Different from other essays, the only thing that you need to do here is only to “describe” in detail and there is no need to highlight a problem or conflict, and much less a solution. Just your perception.

Since it still can be tricky, in this article we give you some great writing tips and the 100 descriptive essay examples tricks, and features of descriptive essay; so keep reading.

How to write a descriptive essay

Follow these steps while writing your descriptive essay examples and you will get the job done in no time.

Step 1: Choose a theme that focuses on a person, place, or event. All of them invite to the description.

Step 2: Start with a meaningful anecdote, rather than a statement of intent or a thesis.

In a descriptive essay, you don’t need to make an affirmative point, instead, everything in the essay leads the reader to see the idea or understand the feeling that you are highlighting.

Step 3: Develop the body of your essay, here you should include steps with action, dialogue, and images.

You don’t have to say everything, just discuss the most relevant features from your perspective.

Here things get a bit tricky because the subject of your descriptive writing changes what you can use as shown below.

Sample Descriptive essay about a person

  • Anecdotes
  • Events
  • Physical description
  • A favorite quote or something that brings to the text its personality
  • Defects of character
  • Admirable traits

Descriptive essay about a place

  • People and objects
  • Colors and smells

Descriptive essay sample of an event

  • Details of the event’s location
  • People involved
  • Objects involved
  • Sounds, smells, feelings
  • The course of action of the event
  • The time of the event

Step 4: One rule: “Show, don’t say” Use a lot of sensory impressions and describe the action with strong verbs.

Step 5: Close the essay with a final image and some thoughtful comments that work in a symbolic way.

The comments don’t need to explain your essay but they can.

In the end, your conclusion should highlight the relevance of your work, leaving an impression on the reader.

An extra tipThe details of an essay about a person, place or event are woven very well together and you don’t need to limit your description, omitting any detail.

Now you know how to get the work done, but here is a trick and descriptive essay example topics for you to get started.

What is a Descriptive Essay?
What is a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive Essay Topics

You can literally write about anything, but you should aim for each example of descriptive essays to be linked to your current class, but in general, you can try these topics:

  • Description of your work environment (Or your classroom environment, how are the groups divided, the communication among the members, and such details)
  • Description of punk culture (Or any other urban culture that you feel attracted to)
  • Description of your favorite music genre (The feeling that you get when listening or playing. Applies as well for any other activity that you can think about)
  • Description of avenger’s infinity war’s ending (Or any other movie, book, or story, you can describe how you felt during its development)
  • Description of a person that you find inspiring (It can be an artist, a person you know, a teacher, a professional in your target niche, or even a historical figure)
  • Description of a place you visited (Rome, Egypt, France, a farm outside the city, every experience you had is a possible descriptive topic)
  • Description About an event that you lived (Can be on first hand or just something so notorious that you were able to feel about it)

In the end, the possibilities are limitless. And regardless of the topic you choose, always remember to keep as much detail as possible in your description.

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