Does Turnitin Check Pictures, Font Size, PDF, or White Words?

When students turn in their papers, they hope to get good grades. However, some students are not sure if their papers are ready to submit because they are unsure if Turnitin will detect any plagiarism. This article will answer whether Turnitin checks pictures, font size, PDFs, or white words. So keep reading to find out!

Can Turnitin Check Pictures or Screenshots?

The answer is YES. Turnitin can compare an image you have uploaded to the student paper repository and the internet sources. Additionally, it can scan the student papers and look for images in them. If you have a picture, PDF, or screenshot that you want to submit as your own, then you must change the words to avoid plagiarism.

How Does it Work?

Turnitin compares the images submitted by students against the content available on the internet. If a student tries to copy an image from another source, Turnitin will detect it and flag a matching result. However, if a student submits their image, Turnitin will not detect it. As long as a student does not use someone else’s image and provides credit for borrowed images, they will be safe from plagiarism detection.

Does Turnitin Check the Font Size?

Turnitin cannot check the font size. However, if you have a copy of your paper in PDF format, you could submit it to SafeAssignment and use the “Compare Against Other Files” feature to see how much your paper matches other content on the internet. You can also compare it against the previous papers that you’ve submitted. If you submit your paper to Turnitin with smaller font size, will it affect your similarity score? The answer is no. Your similarity score from Turnitin will not change based on your font size. A font size of 11 is equivalent to 14 as far as Turnitin is concerned. Therefore, when submitting to Turnitin, you can use whichever font size you prefer, and it will not impact your similarity score.

Turnitin does check for the number of words in your paper, however. Changing your font size to make fewer words fit onto one page can affect your grade because your instructor may get suspicious that you are trying to trick them into thinking that you have written more than what you have.

Does Turnitin Detect White Words?

Turnitin cannot detect white words, such as boxes or lines. However, if you submit a blank page as your work and it matches the same content on the internet, Turnitin will flag your work. If you choose to draw boxes or lines for any reason (for example, to separate your work into different sections), you should still cite the source of the white words you use.

Turnitin does check for the font color you use. If you submit a word document and change the font color to black, your Turnitin result will differ from if you submitted the same paper with blue font color.

Does Turnitin Scan for Plagiarism or a Certain Keyword Density?

Turnitin cannot scan for a certain keyword density or plagiarism. Instead, it will compare your paper against content on the internet and provide a similarity score. If your paper matches other content on the internet, then Turnitin will provide a high number, and you would need to revise your work to avoid plagiarism.

Will Turnitin Detect my Images?

If you submit the same image, you have previously submitted, yes. However, if it is a new image, Turnitin does not check for images.

Can I Submit the Same Paper to Turnitin Multiple Times?

Yes. However, if you submit the same paper multiple times, Turnitin will flag a match on your previous submission and recommend revising your paper.

Does Turnitin Check if I use Too Many Pictures?

Yes. If you submit the same picture multiple times, Turnitin will flag it as a match. It is best to cite your sources properly and upload the correct versions of your images to avoid any issues with your Turnitin result.

How does Turnitin Compare PDFs?

Turnitin compares the text in a PDF against content available on the internet. If it finds any matching content, then your paper will have a high number, and you would need to revise your writing. Since Turnitin uses text-based comparisons, it cannot detect formatting such as bolding or italicizing.

Benefits of Using Turnitin for Both Students and Teachers

Student View

  1. Turnitin is a great resource for students to use for their thesis writing, essay writing, dissertation writing, etc. It helps them become better writers and learn what type of work they need to produce.
  2. This software allows students to work with a tutor, which helps them improve their skills by giving them suggestions on how they can make their writing better
  3. This software allows students to get feedback from their peers on how they can improve their writing before submitting it to their instructor
  4. The analysis and scoring give students an idea of how well they wrote their paper using percentages and colors.
  5. Students can see the originality report that compares their work with other resources online (websites, journals, etc.), which can help them understand what parts need more attention or changes made before turning it in for grading purposes
  6. Students can view rubrics that instructors set up so they know what is being graded on papers submitted through Blackboard; this allows them time to ensure everything meets expectations before submitting it for final grading purposes
  7. The peer-review process allows students to see how well others have done on similar assignments based on rubric requirements set up by instructors using Turnitin’s database system.

Teachers View

Access to the Turnitin database of knowledge

Every time a student submits an assignment, it is added to the database of Turnitin. If the next student wants to submit the same assignment, Turnitin checks for similarities in any paper already submitted. This helps teachers and students be sure about the originality of their assignments.

Checking unlimited amounts of words

The old-fashioned way of checking plagiarism was using online applications or software with limited word limits. With Turnitin, you can check unlimited words and get detailed reports with every submission.

Quickly and easily check your assignments

Turnitin is extremely easy to use, even for people who don’t know how to use technology very well. Students only need to send their assignments on the platform and wait for the result. They can check them again as many times as they want without paying additional fees because they can check their papers themselves through Turnitin Feedback Studio.


So, does Turnitin check pictures? The answer is yes. However, the level of detail that it checks for may surprise you. In addition to checking for plagiarism in text, Turnitin also looks at font size, PDFs, and even white words on a white background! This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for detecting cheating and ensuring academic integrity. If you’re looking to submit a paper for review or want to make sure your work is safe from being copied, Turnitin is the perfect solution.