Antibodies May Explain Clotting Risk of COVID-19

Antibodies May Explain Clotting Risk of COVID-19

Coronavirus is responsible for COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 is a global pandemic caused by the SARS virus, referred to as coronavirus. Although there has not been any potential cure or vaccine for the virus, much research has been conducted on the virus. In this article, the author is interested in finding out why some COVID-19 patients have exhibited blood clots (Park). According to the author, a substantial number of COVID-19 patients have exhibited blood clots that can be attributed to their stroke or even death. The formation of blood clots has been reported in the blood vessels in the lungs that cause the lungs’ failure.

Moreover, researchers have found that the blood clots are formed even in the young COVID-19 patients and those without a stroke history. Therefore, it is clear that there must be a unique factor in the body that causes blood clots’ formation. According to the article, the body produces autoantibodies that cause inflammation and clotting. For COVID-19 patients, the autoantibodies similar to those from autoimmune disease victims are formed. Instead of the autoantibodies fighting the pathogens, they start attacking the host cell (cells of the blood vessels).

In some cases, small blood vessels burst and release the sticky material that contributes to blood clotting. In this case, scientists have linked the blood clotting in COVID-19 victims to antiphospholipid syndrome. Such a condition is associated with the activation of neutrophils (immune cells) responsible for antimicrobial response in the body. Neutrophils explode and form the sticky substance that assists in clotting and preventing microbial attack (Zuo, Yu et al.). The author argues that coronavirus causes overstimulation of neutrophils that lead to blood clots forming within the small vessels in the lung. In such a case, respiratory system failure occurs, leading to death (Park).

Antibodies May Explain Some Of COVID-19 Clotting Risk. Alice Park.2020. Time, November 5, 2020.

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