Dimensions of Religion in “Taboo After Death”

Dimensions of Religion in “Taboo After Death”
  1. Can one put the practice of building shrines/burial places in a different dimension other than the material dimension?

Individuals can put the practice of building shrines in a different dimension other than the material dimension because shrines help them to pay respect to the dead by putting them at peace. This practice represents the experimental and emotional dimension of religion in “Taboo After Death” people and their respect for supreme authority. Religious experiences vary just as forms of religious practices that people claim to have had. For example, divine illumination, experiences of scared awe, the assurance of salvation, and enlightenment are some of the various religious experiences that influence the experimental and emotional dimension.

  1. First, what are the various dimensions of ancestor appeasement and what are the consequences of noncompliance? 

Ancestral appeasement has various dimensions, such as offering sacrifices, worship, and praise, among others. The various religious dimensions are conducted in established shrines where believers go to worship or offer sacrifices as ways of appeasing their ancestors. For example, in the movie, individuals worshiped their ancestors. Hence, various individuals use to worship and sacrifices as a way of appeasing the ancestors to help them avoid misfortunes or gain favor. Noncompliance to the appeasement of ancestors is believed to bring misfortunes to individuals and the community, such as a lack of rains for a prolonged time, death, and unforeseen calamities.

Dimensions of Religion in “Taboo After Death”
Dimensions of Religion in “Taboo After Death”
  1. What was an example of an Experimental dimension? Much of the experience of the second burial was focused on the emotions and the reaction of the deceased, but I am struggling to find a specific instance of this.

The example of the experimental dimension of worship in the movie was the practice of worship in shrines and burial places. In the movie, the people could visit shrines to offer sacrifices and worship to their ancestors and paying respect to a supreme authority. Offering to the ancestors shows that the people knew about the enlightenment that comes with religion regarded to be significant by those experiencing them.

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