Managing Ownership Forms to Accommodation Services


Hospitality management is crucial for any hotel business in which the internal business is highly impacted due to the latest trends in the hospitality management. On the other hand, it may be stated that hospitality management is responsible for the better management of the hotel in the international context. The rooms and cleaning environment will be impacted by the proper hospitality processes. However, this report will focus on the aspects of the accommodation in the hospitality industry as well as the availability of the accommodation in the Tower Hotel of the UK or the Guoman Hotel. This report will highlight the factors that are responsible for the efficient management of the online review systems and the impact of the grading system on the customers’ decision making.

LO1: Explain the types of accommodation services available within the hospitality industry

Identification of the scale and size of the accommodation services in the hospitality industry

The rooms or accommodations that are available in the hospitality industry may vary from different in size ratio the difference in budgets. The budgets may affect the room size and the service quality in the hotel. Most of the international hotels arrange the rooms in such a way that it fits the budget of the visitor potentially. However, it may be stated that the size of the room may vary due to the choice of the people or the customers who are going to stay in the hotels as well as the budgets of the customers in the long run ( 2019).

On the other hand, it may be critically stated that hospitality industry is critically complex due to the presence of large number of accommodations and rooms in the hotels with good quality while the prices of the rooms or the accommodation may vary significantly. However, it may be argued that the scale of the accommodation may range from high end to low end in the hospitality market of the UK. it may be significantly stated that around 45,000 hotels are currently operated in the UK while 64% of the hotels are of luxury hotels and are considered to be of international stature.  Most of the rooms in the industry start with a 3 star while few of them are considered to be a 5 star in terms of service and prestige in the luxury hotel industry.

Explanation of various forms of ownership available to accommodation services

The ownership of the hotel accommodation may depend on the complexities of the ownership structure in the hospitality industry. However, it may be stated that ownership of the hotel rooms may be classified as complex in nature which often determines the level of service one customer will be getting in the hotel. On the other hand, it may be stated that ownership of the accommodation may be classified as the managed, franchise model, privately owned and operated and leased. The management of the accommodation i n the hospitality industry is critical to the process of the improvement of the existing services of the hotels in order to increase the ratings in the online review systems (Kandampully et al., 2015).

It may be argued that in the case of managed and franchised accommodation, the quality of the services may be expected to be of high standard. The leased and privately owned hotels or accommodations may not be suitable for international guests as they are not well organised potentially. However, it may be argued that franchise accommodation and the manager’s hotels are well organised and well managed while the staff of the hotel follow certain well stated guidelines in order to ensure proper customer service to the international as well as national guests. In case of leased ownership the quality of the services may vary from place to place and the mentality of the owners in the hotels who are responsible for the management of the accommodation according to the expectation of the customers (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2017).

Discussion of the role of the online review sites, grading, classification systems

The roles of online review sites may be stated as critically important in the customer decision making as it may help in the process of the booking of accommodation or rooms in the international hotels. The grading system is considered to be highly impacting the room booking system of the hospitality industry and the accommodation system will be dependent on the critical operations of the hotel industry (Pirani and Arafat, 2016). However, it may be stated that room booking procedures is motivated by the online review system in the modern world in which the previous customers are engaged in the sharing of the experience to the world so that the potential customers are able to find a detailed guide in the search for good quality hotels. However,  bit may be argued that hotels in the world and the UK are rated under the classification systems which classify hotels on the basis of various grades as well as service standards which may provide the international customer or visitors a guide for selection of the best hotel for their journey.


On the other hand, it may be stated critically that booking accommodation may be dependent on the online review system and the reviews of the customers in the online sites and websites which share various information regarding the hotels in the UK market of hospitality. The quality of the service of a hotel is critically reflected in the customers’ reviews in the online review sites and the websites which are having the potential to influence the viewers’ opinions. On the other hand, it may be stated critically that potential guests are highly impacted by the introduction of the various online reviews in the grading system of the hotels (Jones et al., 2016). The hotels which have provided high quality services to the clients or visitors or guests in the past are rated as high in the grading systems as well as the hotels are stated as preferable in the online review sites.

Evaluation of variety of accommodation services along with the implications of the ownership grading in the guests decision making

The ownership of the accommodation in the hotels are critically organised in the form of leased, managed, privately owned and franchise chains. The franchise chains are critical to the process of the accommodation which has critically impacted the working of the accommodation in the international hotel chains. The international hotel chains have created the reputation in the online review system which has significantly identified the issues of the international accommodation in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is largely motivated by the online grading and review system and the classification of the hotels in the global arena in order to attract potential customers in the hotel market. However, it may be argued that guest decision making are largely impacted by the ratings in the grading systems and the online review systems as the customer is aware of the various websites and online portals that are responsible for the uploading critical reviews about the hotels (Kim et al., 2015). The customers share their experiences in the form of feedback in the various potential websites which are significantly affecting the decision making of other hotel chains and the accommodation in the international hotels such as Tower Hotel or Guoman Hotel.

LO2: Discuss the role of the Front Office department within accommodation services

Explanation of the front office functions with a variety of accommodation services

The front office functions with various accommodation services may be affecting the operations of the hotels in the international arena in order to attract the customers who are attracted on the global platform. The customers are visiting the hotels in the form of various business trips or educational trips in the country which may have impacted the front office functions. The front office function needs to include the various forms of etiquette and manners such as greeting the guest while helping them with luggage and taking them to their rooms. The level of assistance needs to be increased to the internal standards in order to achieve the international standards of customer service which may increase the level of customer satisfaction (Ionel, 2016).

Discussion of key roles in the front office department of the organisation named Tower Hotel

The key roles involved in the front office functions includes the operations relating to the customer service such as assisting the customer or the guests with their luggage and the international documentation such as passport and visa. The front office function may include the major function of managing the daily administration and the room service also included in the front office services (Ionel, 2016). The level of front office operations may be considered to be complex as it will be helping in the process of customer satisfaction in the hotel operations. The hotel operations in the selected hotel of Tower Hotel may be considered as critically important in the process of customer satisfaction as it will be largely impacted by the factors of good behaviour from the hotel staff and level of personalised assistance to the guests.

Analysis of the operations of the front office department in order to meet business missions and objectives

The front office operations need to include the factors of business objectives as well as the mission which are needed to be achieved in the long run. The long run objectives of the company or the hotel named Tower Hotel may be considered as important for the efficient operations of the front office department of the hotel as it is one of the bases for the level of customer satisfaction. The front office functions are to be monitored accordingly while issuing a proper guide to the staff in relation to the code of conduct that are needed to be followed by each and every staff of the hotel (Ionel, 2016). The business objectives are to be aligned with the front office operations of the hotel named Tower Hotel in order to plan the hotel operations in the long run while achieving the long term objectives of the hotel. The front office functions of the Tower Hotel may be considered as well organised as it greets all the customers with warm welcome while helping and assisting the customers in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

LO3: Assessment of the contribution of the Housekeeping department tom providing effective accommodation services

Review of the key roles in the housekeeping department

The key roles of the housekeeping of the above mentioned hotel may be analysed in terms of the frequency and quality of the service that are provided by the housekeeping department in the hotel. The housekeeping department of Tower Hotel is critically organised in terms of the frequency and the quality of the service as the whole process of the housekeeping is largely controlled and monitored by the senior management personnel. The housekeeping department also has some of the major code of conduct which are needed to be followed accordingly on a daily basis. The housekeeping department of the hotel is concerned with the level of customer service which the management has determined to achieve and the staffs of the hotel are well trained as well ( 2019).

Assessment of the importance of the forecasting linen stock and other guest supplies in order to ensure adequate supply

According to the hotel industry reports, the adequate supplies in the international hospitality business are crucial factors which are having the potential to determine the level of customer satisfaction. The forecasting of adequate guest supplies in advance is critically significant in order to analyse the customer satisfaction while satisfying the customers in terms of adequate supplies. The quality of the guest supplies is also dependent on the adequacy of the guest supplies. The guest supplies in the hotel is well managed and the Tower Hotel maintain the daily stock of hotel supplies or guest supplies in order to facilitate the process of customer satisfaction with quantity and quality ( 2019).

Importance of interrelationships among the other departments and housekeeping to provide quality provisions and services

This section will focus to analyse the importance of maintaining an effective relationship among housekeeping and other departments. Housekeeping plays an important factor for any hospitality organisation as it has been observed that irrespective of modern or lavish facilities guests find it unsatisfied in unhygienic hotel environment. Forming a strong relationship between housekeeping and other departments plays a crucial role for promoting a sustainable business environment (Emiroğlu et al., 2015). For instance, it has been observed that front office of Tower Hotel provides crucial information, like guest arrival and departure times, to the housekeeping department. Based on that the employees of housekeeping department clean and prepare any room. This also helps to avoid any chaos or unpleasant situation in front of the guests as well. Similarly, a strong and efficient interrelationship is the most desirable with other departments (like maintenance, security, food and others) and department of housekeeping for maintaining a professional approach in its working process.

Evaluation of the relationship of housekeeping and other departments

Figure 1: Relationship between housekeeping and other departments

(Source: Created by self)

The above figure (figure 1) has highlighted the interrelationships of housekeeping and other departments of the Tower Hotel.

Through the observation it has been identified that the front office of the organisation maintains and provide check in and checkout time of the guests and communicate the same with the housekeeping department. This helps to maintain the hygiene of the rooms.

The maintenance department looks after the engineering facilities of the overall hotel facility and ensures the comfort level of the guests. In this process, the house keeping department of the hotel completely depends on the information provided by the former department.

Similarly the housekeeping staffs play an important role to maintain the safety standards of the hotel and for this purpose it also maintains a strong bond with the security department (Robinson et al., 2016).

Often it has been observed that the guests verify even order foods to the housekeeping employee. Thus, housekeeping and food department rely on each other’s extensively.

The organisation also highlights its hygienic and clean hotel environment in the advertisements. This only becomes possible through the active participation of housekeeping department.

Examination of the scheduling maintenance or repairing to minimise disruption to guests

Maintenance of the existing facilities and repairing of the issues of any facility must be one of the major priorities for any hotel or hospitality chain. This is because it helps to maintain the comfort level of the people and also provide a positive impact as well. In this respect, every organisation should undertake scheduling maintenance and repairing for the following reasons-

  • Through the implication of periodic or scheduled maintenance policies an organisation can eliminate sudden system breakdown.
  • This in turn helps to reduce or mitigate the extra costs related to the repairing of a broke down facility on an emergency basis (Longart, 2019).
  • This also helps to enhance the working lives of the existing facilities and a significantly lesser amount of reserve funds needed to be maintained.
  • Through undertaking scheduling maintenance and repairing policy an organisation also able to prevent any major issue before occurrence of the same.

Discussion on the importance of security in the organisation

Security is one of the most crucial or important things that generally attracts guests attraction in the hospitality business. This is because any guest comes in a hotel with a belief that his or her belongings will be safe during his or her stay in that certain hotel (Holdsworth and Apeh, 2017). Along with this a high security is also desirable in order to protect the interest of the hotel staff and assets. Thus, it can be stated that a strong and effective security system is an important factor for securing the interest of the guests, staff, assets and other physical resources like buildings, costly appliances, antiques and other similar valuable factors. In this regard, the following importance of security can be identified for the Tower Hotel-

  • It helps to protect the valuable and antique assets of the hotel and also ensures that these assets are used for the hotel purposes only.
  • The security system of the hotel helps to protect the belongings of the guests and staff.
  • It also ensures that the employees of the organisation are well aware of the occupational hazards that may occur while fulfilling their job responsibilities and provide necessary training to mitigate those.
  • The security system provides 24/7 CCTV surveillance facility in each corner of the hotel for avoiding any kind of security breach.

Assessment of the role of maintenance in the accommodation services to ensure guest satisfaction

The maintenance facility of a hotel plays an important or vital role for the promotion of a sustainable operating process. Through the analysis of different organisations it has been observed that an effective maintenance facility has added another dimension in the overall business process (Longart, 2019). In this regard the following roles of maintenance can be identified for promoting guest satisfaction in the accommodation services-

– Through the implication of periodical maintenance process an organisation generally able to maintain health or working lives of the existing facilities. This in turn helps to mitigate the chances of major technical breakdown. Thus, a higher level of guest satisfaction can be promoted.

– In accommodation process an effective and efficient accommodation service helps to eradicate any discomfort to the guests. As a result of this disruption free stay in experience can be delivered to the guests. A sa result higher level of satisfaction can be observed among the guests.


This study has mainly focused to provide an outlook relating to the importance of an effective hospitality management practices with the support of practical implications. During the analysis process it has been observed that each of the department of a hotel (like front office, housekeeping, security, maintenance and others) plays an important role. In this regard, it has also been observed that a strong interrelationship among these departments has helped the Tower Hotel to enhance its guest satisfactions and enhance the profitability over the period as well.

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