Privacy and Digital Security Definition

Privacy and Digital Security

Privacy refers to the control rights for the use of personal information whereas digital security refers to the resources that are used to secure the online identity and information. The contemporary world is dependent of data and accordingly, its privacy and digital security must be guaranteed. However, there are challenges for individuals, organizations, and government agencies in guaranteeing information privacy and digital security (Kernighan, 2021). In their article “Challenges of the Digital Age for Privacy and Personal Data Protection,” Romansky and Noninska (2020) discuss the key obstacles of the information age related to the safeguarding of data and user identity.

Information security and data protection are diverse areas that are increasingly threatened and impacted by developments in modern era technology and corporate practice innovation.  Romansky and Noninska (2020) outline the fundamental challenges of the digital era by structuring the adverse affects of modern technologies like Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) on user privacy.

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information are the most significant threats to privacy and data security. Due to the ever-growing volume of data that must be protected, big data is particularly challenging. The privacy and security of IoT network devices is also a challenge as IoT has become more commonly integrated with software technologies to achive connection and exchange of data between devices over the internet. Distributed Denial of Service and ransomware are examples of security threats that can be used to steal sensitive data from both individuals and organizations. To carry out cyber attacks, attackers take advantage of weaknesses in IoT networks (Romansky & Noninska, 2020).

In conclusion, information privacy and digital security are relevant to the contemporary informmation age that is data-driven. New challenges and threats in privacy and security emerge on a regular basis. The article has presented the key challenges in safeguarding data and user identity in modern technologies such as Big Data and the IoT.