Quest Diagnostic Company Customer Service

Quest Diagnostic Company Customer Service

Case Summary

Quest Diagnostics is one of the major diagnostics laboratories in the USA located in New York, and with many years of operations, they have identified a problem in the Customer Service department. This calls for changes to be made, and it compels that they create a strange position in the company for Camacho whose role in the company is to ensure that customer service at the company is improved. This follows the company’s loss of many clients to their biggest competitor. There are several reasons behind the lagging behind of the company’s customer service department including non-consolidation of the call centers of the company in the entire region. Therefore, one of the mitigative strategies to be employed by Camacho is to consolidate the call centers. This has the advantage of making them strong and unified. Also, the consolidation of the call centers eliminates the element of autonomous operations of the calls centers. Autonomous operations of the call centers is one of the identifiable issues in the company. This paper, therefore, is a focus on the strategies to be employed by the Executive Director of the company’s National Customer services. The strategies simply address the issues identifiable in the company’s customer service department.

Issues in Quest Diagnostic Company

Untrained Customer Service Workers

One of the most identifiable issues in the company is the fact that most of the call representatives in the call centers of the company are not experienced in searching for diagnostic information provided by Quest Company. This is made clear from Camacho’s observation where he observed that most of the call reps could not provide the right information to the calling clients. Sometimes come of the calling clients could be heard claiming to be referred to the supervisors at the company as they had an impression that the call reps could help. Also, it was noted that some of the calling clients could wait on the line for over two minutes, waiting for a response, which at sometimes could not come, and if it came, then not the right feedback. Finding information in the systems and navigation of the company’s technologies for information for the clients and the management is a technical process that calls for experienced and highly skilled minds. The incompetence displayed at the call centers was due to lack of training for the representatives. Call representatives have to be competent to the point of multitasking and still providing viable information for the clients.

Autonomous Operations at the Call Centers

This is a problem because the element of close supervision of the workers is minimal. Workers are left to operate independently and thus having a high chance of falling out of the company’s operational guidelines. Consolidation of the call centers is the remedy to this, as it ensures close supervision of the call representatives.

Performance Score Card

After the new workers at the call centers have been trained on the right skills for competence, their skill growth should be measured with time. (Sarraf & Nejad, 2020) It is not expected that they attain the highest desirable level of competence immediately, but this is expected after some time of operation and experience after the training program. A performance score card for each of the workers should be established on their ability growth progress with time. This should be done basing on the feedback of the clients. At the end of every call or interaction with the clients, there should be an option for the clients to rate the performance of the representative. (Benková et al., 2020) The feedback from the clients should correspond to the nature of the service they get from the representatives. It acts as a challenge to the reps as they also have the privilege to rate themselves from the scores they attain.

Also, to improve quality performance, they should ensure that every worker is vetted for their expertise before they are hired into the company. There should be interview programs for the applying workers. (Shehada et al., 2020) This is to ensure that only quality skill graces the offices Quest Company. After the interviews, they then have to go through training programs to sharpen the skills and familiarize with the specific technologies of Quest Company.

If I were the CEO of Quest, U would ensure that all workers of who clients complain about are either put on the training program or stopped from working. This may seem expensive on the side of Quest, but it is worth as it eliminates the unfit component from the Company’s workers list. Also, to ensure that the company retains its status, all workers must be trained on the specific technology of Quest. Also, all the offices operating autonomously be closed and consolidated for the unity of operations for quality.