Ron Sider “Bearing Better Witness”

Ron Sider “Bearing Better Witness”

The traditional view of marriage restricted the definition of marriage to encompass the union between a man and a woman. However, in today’s contemporary world this definition is biased because of the recognition of the existence of heterosexual relationships. The recognition of the rights of lesbians and gay rights has sparked the debate as to whether exclusive heterosexual relationships deserve recognition and marital rights.

In weighing in on this topic, Ron Sider believes that Christians cannot afford to let the state define marriage in any way it chooses. Instead, Ron insists that Christians must be involved in this debate for the sake of society arguing that the definition of marriage is not just a religious issue. The law of the state serves as the moral compass of determining what is moral or immoral. As such by choosing to abstain from the discussion is tantamount to allowing the state to recognize heterosexual marriages. The recognition o which goes against the reality that the holistic development of children is heavily dependent on them being brought up by their biological mother and father. Hence, marriage law is the only means through which states can promote the sound nurturing of the next generation.


Based on Ron’s view of marriage, any attempt to legalize gay marriage would have the effect of weakening the connection between marriage and procreation. The legitimization would further threaten the very fabric that the human civilization is founded upon.

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