Tobacco Use and Age Limit

Tobacco Use and Age Limit


Smoking is injurious to health we all know that. We hear it from family, friends, tvcs and its even written on the cigarette packs. But still a huge part of our young generation is cursed with smoking habits. We have to control this situation and the easy way to do is to increase the age limit for smoking. According to some stats given on 10 out of every 100 smokers are aged 18-24 (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017).

So to control this situation the smoking age limit should be increased. Some people think that it doesn’t matter but it plays an important role in the reduction of smoking. Age is a very important factor. People change, every second and every moment we are changing. Our mindsets, our ways of thinking and even our personalities change with experience and time. So if age limit of smoking is low people start smoking at college or university level. At this time they have no experience of the world they don’t know anything about the future effects of smoking in their lives and they are not even mature enough to understand this and by the time they realize these things its too late and they become addicted to it. So if we increase the age limit then by the time they reach that limit they have experienced some things and they can choose what is best for them. So by increasing age limit for smoking we can overcome this curse by a huge factor (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212).

There are basically three reasons why age limit for smoking should be increased,


At the age of 18-21 teenagers are not mature enough. They don’t think for their long run scenarios. So they cannot make decisions which will be surely beneficial for them in the long run that’s why at this time of life they should not be given permission to make such a decision which will have an impact on their lives forever. At this time of age they are easily manipulated and influenced by their fellows to make stupid decisions. But with time their mindsets ameliorate and they keep on learning new things and becoming more and more mature. So if they start smoking before this level of maturity they become addicted to it. So afterwards even if they realize they made a mistake its very hard for them to quit smoking even though its possible but it becomes hard. So its better if they don’t make this decision at that age in the first place. So that’s why increasing the age limit for smoking will play an important role in the reduction of smoking. And in this way we can save our future generations from the adverse effects of smoking. Thus this will be very effective (Sarkar, Roy, & Nongpiur, 2018).


Another reason which proves that by increasing age limit for smoking will reduce smokers from the society. At the age of 18-21 there are no responsibilities on the person and he is being supported by his parents at this level of age so he or she does not realize the responsibilities that they must carry one day. So as the time passes situation changes for them. Responsibilities slowly start to gather on their shoulders. This is a fact that every one must die one day and we should accept the fact that our parents and elders will also leave us one day and after that we will be responsible for almost everything they had or anything they were doing or were supposed to do or to support a young sibling and many other countless things. So we do not become completely responsible until the responsibilities are on our shoulders (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017). And thus at the age of 18-21 kids are not responsible and they make careless decisions and thus by time they become responsible so if we increase the age limit to lets say 25 they will be responsible by then and then they can make their own decisions by analyzing the impacts of their decisions because by this time they are mature enough to realize their responsibilities as they have experienced the bitter taste of the world as well. At teenage the world is beautiful and very good for us because our parents are our shield from everything but gradually we start facing the world and we realize that the world is harsh. Thus after facing the real face of the world people start to become responsible and they choose what is in the best of their interests. So, considering all of these facts the age limit for the smoking should be increased and that will definitely create a positive impact on the society.

Tobacco Use and Age Limit
Tobacco Use and Age Limit

A tobacco executive quotes:

“Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential customer”

So this means that once you make a mistake in teenage then you become an addict.

“Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs” Quotes King James

To avoid smoking in the young age the best way is to choose a better friends circle. Be with good people. Spending time with positive people helps a lot because at this age people usually get influenced easily by others specially the people they spend time with. So teenagers should find a good company of friends for themselves and bring a positive change in their lives. This helps in the reduction of smoking but still not all teenagers are like this (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212). Most of the teenagers make mistakes because it is nature of the human beings to make mistakes. But the important thing is to learn from these mistakes and thus keep improving our personalities over time by making mistakes and learning something from them. Thus 18-21 is the age where people make countless mistakes and they usually learn a lesson from each one of them and they try to avoid that scenario next time and in this way they keep on improving themselves. With the passage of time people learn from their mistakes and this phenomenon never stops we learn from everything till our death but at the age of around 25 we have learned a lot more than at 21 so we can make basic decisions of our lives by realizing their positive and negative effects on our personalities, our social circle and our whole lives. So this is another reason to support the fact that the smoking age limit should be increased (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017).


Another very important fact that we usually ignore is that when we are living and buying things from our parent’s money we do not realize how much effort and hard work was done to earn that money. We just spend it carelessly. Thus at the age of 18-21 we usually spend our parent’s money on useless things like cigarettes. This fact should not be ignored that we don’t have much respect for our parent’s earnings if we waste their efforts for something that’s not beneficial but its effects are harmful. Thus when a person grows up and starts earning his/her own money by doing a job he or she realizes how hard it is to earn and they have been wasting their parent’s money. They’ll understand how hard it is to earn. Thus they will spend this money more carefully now and this means that they might not waste their efforts on buying cigarettes because they understand how hard it was to earn this amount of money. So they will probably reduce or stop smoking if they are smokers and they’ll never start smoking if they aren’t. So the point is that when a person comes to the age limit of smoking they are earning and they have respect for their own efforts to earn that money and they’ll probably not start smoking but if they were smokers already then they might be addicted to it so it is not easy to quit smoking immediately. Thus increasing age limit plays an important role in the reduction of smoking according to this fact as well (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017).

Most of the risk of dying prematurely due to smoking is reversed if people quit smoking before the age of 30. However smoking during childhood and adolescence also causes a range of immediate health problems, as well as laying the foundation for the development of serious disease in adulthood. Thus by taking the actions described earlier can reduce the chances of such cases.

This is very important and we should not ignore it. And serious steps should be taken to control smoking and the most important of them is what we are discussing the age factor. Because if we look at the statistics we find out that most adult smokers start smoking before age 21 while less than half of adult smokers (46 percent) become daily smokers before age 18, four out of five do so before they turn 21. Nicotine is addictive, and adolescents and young adults are more susceptible to its effects because their brains are still developing (Sarkar, Roy, & Nongpiur, 2018).

Another important factor to increase the smoking age limit is that the developing teenage brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of nicotine. More than 95% of addicted smokers start before age 21. Early exposure to nicotine increases the risk of addiction and puts adolescents at a higher risk for depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Last but not the least, the worst effect of smoking is that it lays foundation to other drugs. People who start smoking at young age they are not mature and they are influenced by other people and there is a very good chance that they’ll start using other drugs as well. So smoking is the root cause of other drugs as well. It is the root cause of many problems. It is a cancer of the society specially if our young generations are addicted to it (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212). We have to stop this curse from spreading and ruin our future generations and the only solution to this is as we discussed increasing age limit. If after the age limit even if the person starts smoking he will be smart enough to know that he should not smoke too much and around his friends or family because second hand smoke causes more than 30,000 coronary heart disease deaths annually. Also he will realize the fact that other drugs are even more dangerous and he will not start using them as well.

Smoking at young age also leads to crime in the long run. People who start smoking at young age they do not earn and if they get addicted to it they want it in any case and if they do not have enough money to buy cigarettes they get involved in the criminal activities their addiction makes them do so. They try to steal or do dirty jobs for money just to buy cigarettes or worse. Thus smoking at young age has way too many effects on your youngsters and on our society and on our health thus we need to stop it somehow and the best way is to increase the age limit so that our youngsters don’t get addicted to it at a young age (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212).

Smoking also leads to disturbance in the family relations and the atmosphere of the home because if your children become chainsmokers at a very young age you will definitely try to stop them from it for their better future but they don’t realize the fact that you are doing this for their good. This leads to disturbances in the relations because they cannot control their addictions and they think that the parents are being too strict to them. Thus after considering all these facts we realize that smoking at young age is the root cause of many problems in life and the age limit for it should be increased. And no one will come and save our children it is our duty to step up and do something and spread awareness about this very important fact that our young generation should be saved from being Chainsmokers (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212).

Part 2

Tobacco consumption is the most common and yet the most widely accepted one. The aim is to estimate the prevalence of tobacco on the base of type of products” (Sarkar, Roy, & Nongpiur, 2018).

The use of tobacco has become one of frequent issues which based on the limit of age and type of products used (Sarkar, Roy, & Nongpiur, 2018).

Sarkar, A., Roy, D., & Nongpiur, A. (2018). A population-based study on tobacco consumption in urban slums: Its prevalence, pattern, and determinants. Journal of Family Medicine, 2-15.

“ENDS age purchasing restriction are associated with an increase in adolescent cigarette use. The evidence of an increase is cigarette is connected to age limit” (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212)

The use of tobacco has been increasing owing to no preferred age limit. This has been the key areas of concern for the public (F.Pesko & M.Hughes, 207-212).

F.Pesko, M., & M.Hughes, J. (207-212). The influence of electronic cigarette age purchasing restrictions on adolescent tobacco and marijuana use. Preventive Medicine, 2016.

Tobacco use is the world leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality, resulting in nearly 6 million deaths year” (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017)

The use of tobacco has raised the issue of death and the main decisive factor is the age limit (A.Arrazola & Indu.B.Ahluwalia, 2017).

A.Arrazola, R., & Indu.B.Ahluwalia. (2017). Current Tobacco Smoking and Desire to Quit Smoking Among Students Aged 13–15 Years — Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 61 Countries, 2012–2015. Morbidity and Mortality weekly report, 533-537.


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