Unemployment and Its Effect On Mental Health In Canada

Unemployment describes a state in which individuals who are willing to work and are qualified to work, seeking for jobs are not able to get any job. Unemployed people are those withing woking force and age but were unable to get a job. Rate of unemployment is measured by dividing the number of people who are not employed by the total number of people who are in the workforce.

Mental health, on the other hand, describes the absence of mental illness or a state of total psychological wellbeing. People with good mental health have a satisfactory lifestyle; they are at peace with good emotional and behavioural adjustments.

Unemployment and Its Effect On Mental Health In Canada

The rate at which Unemployment affects human health is on the rise every day. The total wellbeing of every Canadians, just like other individuals, are affected by their employment status. Fact has it that about 70-90% of unemployed individuals have mental health problems. Apart from other factors, such as housing, shelter, etc., people who are mentally challenged are unable to find work, perform effectively if they finally do or they get discriminated of their past challenges.

Unemployment leads to little income, and this affects all areas of an individual’s life. From clothing, to shelter, to social life and activities and all these influence mental status. On the other hand, an individual who has work has relatively good mental health. He goes to work, have a stable income, he feels he has a purpose, there are goals he has to meet, his day is occupied, and all these positively affects his mental well being.

As a student, I am interested in finding out how unemployment affects all the aspect of human life, especially his mental health. Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety,  chronic fatigue syndrome and lots more may be reduced when more individuals are employed and have structures days due to work.

The Canadian economy was known to have spent billions of dollars on every rise in the unemployment rate. Unemployed people are unable to give back to the community or contribute to its progress. Although there are individuals known to have equivalent income with some employed people, however, this situation still affects their mental health negatively. Unemployment, which occurs when people get laid off brings stigma upon the employees and sometimes many are known to develop other diseases such as those of the heart.

It is however concluded, that efforts must be made by national bodies to curb the increased rise in mental problems by employing those who are unemployed. Also, consideration should be given to those who have previous history of substance use or mental illness, and they should be given a chance to work rather than stigmatise them or isolate them.

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