Top 100 Ideas for Research Paper Topics 2020

Developing a Research paper is an excellent way to exercise analytical skills, it also allows you to train the ability to defend an idea with arguments.

It is common that in the universities the teachers assign this type of essays because in the professional life you will have to put these skills into practice.

Remember that the purpose of this type of essay is to show the reader that there is a problem going on in his world and, in major projects, that you are actually proficient enough to present a possible solution within any research paper ideas.

How to choose Research Topic ideas

First of all, make sure that the research topics have some relationship with the class or your career path, for example, it’s not good to talk about history in a health class.

Next, pay attention to major questions or problems that are presented along with your circle’s reality.

Papers can be written about a company’s inner problem or growth possibility if you are writing it as closure for your internship, and can also help you land a position there if you make a great job.

Tips for choosing essay research paper topics

  • Check the subjects that became interesting throughout your career
  • Define a problem and, of course, a possible solution.
  • After thinking about the problems you have to identify the individual phenomena that it contains.
  • Consult publications, magazines, and researches that are related.
  • It must be an interesting thesis topic, novel and which contributes to the solution of problems, and the creation of new knowledge. In other words, it has to be useful to society.
  • Make sure you have a current and relevant bibliography.
  • In the case of carrying out a fieldwork, select a sample with which you do not have difficulties to work
  • Validate your economic possibilities and access to the practical part of the research process.
  • Take into account that you will not be able to investigate a topic of which there are no previous findings and works.

Some interesting research topics ideas:

Research essay topics of the Education area

  • What is the effect of teachers’ linguistic performance on the process of learning?
  • What is the influence of Computer-Aided Instruction on the academic performance of the students of the subject “Mathematical Analysis”?
  • How does the use of metacognitive strategies associated with the different moments of the reading process affect the academic performance?
  • Characterization of social interactions and their relationship with the ability to learn?
  • What is the rate of knowledge learned by students regarding the knowledge imparted by teachers?
  • What is the relationship between performance and repetition with respect to the curricular reform carried out between 1989 and 1993 in the subjects of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the college?
  • What is the basic configuration structure of the social representations about the university in the professors of the University?
  • Conceptual Mastery of Chemistry in teachers of Elemental Education

Good research topics about Management

  • What are the administrative factors that determine the quality of the service of the Materials Unit of the Internal Marketing Division of the oil company “X?
  • What is the relationship between cost accounting systems and business management systems in the small and medium industry?
  • What is the perception of teachers in the University about the organizational climate?
  • What are the training needs of the personnel of the company “X”?
  • What are the management strategies used by small companies in the information technology sector to enter the market in the “X” zone?

Interesting topics to research about Health

  • Methods of analysis of the sleep/wake register
  • Brain oscillations in neuropsychiatric diseases
  • Anatomical alterations associated with Down syndrome: Possible genes involved
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta: methods of genetic diagnosis from human remains
  • Human embryological development: update and anomalies
  • Neuroanatomy of neurodegenerative diseases and painful syndromes
  • Neural bases of deep brain stimulation
  • Neural bases of the interaction of stress and reward systems.
  • Clinical Anatomy
  • Clinical biomechanics of the lumbopelvic region
  • Study of the hippocampal theta circuit in an experimental model of stress.
  • An anatomical study in neuroimaging through 3D analysis.
  • Experimental models in the research on the cellular basis of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Sensory innervation of the large joint complexes of the lower limb.
  • The anatomical substrate of the analgesic effect of metamizole
  • Oxidative stress, injury of genetic material and repair systems in human carcinogenesis

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