The Importance of College Education

The Importance of College Education

Reasons Why College is Important

In the modern-day, with so much in the store for youngsters, it is easy to divert from higher education. It doesn’t mean that college education is mandatory; however, there’s no denying that it benefits the individual in the ways that a high-school cannot. Most people argue that colleges are a waste of time and that they do not contribute to the skills relevant for the industry although they fail to understand that the curriculum of any university or college is circumscribed for both skill and personality development, something that cannot be endeavoured elsewhere.

Colleges assist the students in building their skills and becoming competent. First off, there’s no doubt that college acts as a bridge between the student’s interest and his/her career path. Evidently, a student is able to infer numerous aspects about the industry and therefore, gets ready for the forthcoming career challenges. The Art Institutes lists the pros of joining a college and explains that it can “build your technical and artistic skills” and also “develop your critical thinking.” Secondly, colleges play a significant role in making the students competent enough for the industry. A significant gap in supply and demand is observed when students don’t have the proper knowledge for the industry they ply their trade-in, and consequently, they are unable to do justice to their potential. According to the recent findings, it has been found out that individuals with a college degree are more likely to perform better than high school graduates (Yen). Finally, the college teaches quality of work to the students. This allows the students to work in a demanding academic atmosphere. Besides, having a degree raises an individual’s status because it informs the confronting person that this student knows how to deliver quality under pressure (The Art Institutes).

Another advantage of a college education is associated with a higher rate of employment and better earnings. The earning gap between high school graduates and college graduates has widened considerably. This is, needless to say, courtesy of the value that college education hands over to the students and something that disregards the “rising tuition costs” (Yen). Furthermore, students in the modern-day aim to get into a good university or college to pave the way for their career. Recent research revealed that most of the college graduates feel that their earnings are directly linked to the valuable education they have got from their respective college (Pew). Ultimately, the colleges are seen as a source to gain financial stability. The growing value of colleges is suggestive of the fact that they render results for the students who wish for a financially stable life and “[yield] an extremely strong return on investment” (Heckler).

Benefits of a College Education

College is extremely helpful in creating and expanding a diverse network. One of the most important things to succeed is to recognize the diversity in the surrounding. This can be done by engaging in activities that are fruitful for career development. For instance, an internship through the college campus can aid an individual to foster professional business connections (Krueger). Secondly, colleges promote the interaction of students with the experienced personnel in the name of professors. This interaction allows the professors to develop a sound opinion about the student’s personality and aid him/her in his/her future endeavours. Also, it gives the opportunity to the students to build a good relationship with the professors and “gain both recommendations and referrals” (Krueger). Finally, colleges regularly organize cultural events, workshops and career development programmes. These activities empower the students to make connections that are relevant to their field of interest.

A college can help one in recognizing his/her field of interest. After high school education, one might find it hard to infer what he/she wants to do with life. The college degree can allow the person to bring about a transition in his/her work methods and “explore a new path”, which can prepare him/her with the necessary “knowledge, skills and credentials” (The Arts Institutes) Moreover, a college degree is essential for increasing the confidence in doing what an individual envisioned primarily. Getting into the majors that satisfy an individual can assist him/her in achieving the short-term objectives. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers suggests that companies are more likely to hire college graduates and from specific fields. Lastly, colleges have assistance bodies that can guide the students through their education. For instance, an individual working under a professor always possesses a good chance of exploring fresh domains.

A College Degree is Essential for Getting a Good Job

Conclusively, a college degree is essential in converting the skills into value for the organizational sector. A college student is equipped with unprecedented qualities such as team-spirit, innovation, hard work and time management. These virtues hardly encompass the high-school graduates, something that clearly separates them with the ones embracing higher education.

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