Advanced Dental Degree Personal Statement

Growing up in a small village in a third world country of Pakistan has not been easy. The struggle has been real especially due to the fact that I am the oldest among six sisters with no brothers in a male-dominated society and on top of that, I am part of a religious minority. This kind of environment, was designed to sit on my confidence and self-esteem but I chose not to think less of myself, and in a society where women are treated like doormats, I decided to stay on the floor no more. I made it my aim to become a great, and happy woman someday, and thanks to my courageous parents who believed in my capabilities, I made it through school,and my insatiable appetite for knowledge is still rife.

I have already found happiness now that I am in a position to help people in my capacity as a dentist. Although I am in the forefront in the fight for gender equality, I strongly feel that I can find much more happiness in helping even men as I live for the day when they will recognize women as their peers, not only at the fireside but in councils of nations, for then, there will be the perfect union of sexes and the result will be the highest development of the race. As at now, my life has meaning, and I am motivated to add purpose to it, by pursuing an advanced dental degree in the United States of America (U.S.A).

I fell in love with the United States after a visit by a few highly enlightened dental faculties from there. They inspired me with their distinguished methods of imparting knowledge, versatility and admirable approach towards individual patient treatment. It was their professionalism, unmatched skill set and expertise that motivated me to choose the U.S.A. as my ultimate destination as I try to utilize, my capabilities to the fullest. I also admire the diverse culture of the United States of America since I have always wanted to experience the feeling of living among people who are different from you in all ways but all together, you still count as one nation and are valued. I hope to benefit from the various opportunities in advanced treatment protocols and practicing with the latest technology offered by the international dentist program DDS as I seek to gain the highest ethical standards, vital knowledge,and clinical skills in order to provide competent and comprehensive dental care to people. The unique art and science of oral implantology and procedure of bone grafting and pinhole surgeries have always fascinated me,and I am determined to acquire an in-depth study in oral implantology and periodontics upon completion of my DDS. Along with practicing dentistry in the United States, I look forward to serving as a prominent faculty member as I seek to share my hard earned knowledge.

My educational background is rich enough to form a firm foundation for my next endeavor. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery at the Fatima Jinnah Dental College and successfully graduated with eleven notable distinctions in November 2017. I also managed to acquire the title of being the first female dentist from lower Hunza. I do not attribute my academic success to innate intelligence. Rather credit goes to the hard work, zeal, and determination that I put in my studies. I was patient enough to grasp in-depth content, and thanks to my never giving up attitude, I was victorious in the end. I know that, if I employ the same winning formula I will surely have a smooth sail through the next milestone that I am to undertake.

My work experience has set the stage and pace for my mission. After moving to the United States in December 2017, I benefited from various opportunities which include shadowing and assisting a dentist in Torrance, California who happened to be a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. I also shadowed and assisted at another dental facility alongside periodontists and other two general dentists, and currently, I am a volunteer at Harbor UCLA medical center. Working with people of such caliber as I observe them has not only influenced me to be equally efficient and productive in my work but also made me love the treatment approach followed in the U.S.

My friends describe me as a cool, calm and collected leader. Personally, I consider myself to be open-minded, outgoing, and goal oriented. Voluntary activities together with my rich work experience have taught me the art of working with teams and thus the fact that I am a team player is not far from the truth. I like adventure, no wonder I derive exquisite delight from activities such as traveling and relaxing in parks. Widening out is a hobby for me,and I am confident that I will fit in perfectly with the student’s fraternity at your institution.

I am endeared to this University since it is one of a kind. Its quality and rapport in terms of education, research, faculty,and environment is unmatched, and for this reason, I would love to be part of you. Upon joining this institution, I will add value by seeking to share any transferable skills with others in the university, and develop myself into a seasoned and tenured professional.

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