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There is no need to spend hours writing your essay, college paper, research paper, academic paper or term paper. Actually, it is not as hard and tedious as it looks. Despite what you may think, a good essay can be a piece of cake for you. Don’t believe? Then you definitely need to read these tips, which can help make the writing process easy and fast:

Choose an appealing title for your essay, college paper, research paper, academic paper or term paper

If you want to grab your reader’s attention, then you need to pick up an appealing title. Remember, the title plays the most important role in creating a first impression. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Use stylistic devices such as oxymoron to catch the reader’s eye. Consider the title of Ray Bradbury’s book Golden Apples of the Sun. Don’t forget to capitalise our

Write a well-structured outline

It is hard to write an essay, college paper, research paper, academic paper or term paper when you have no plan. It’s like trying to navigate a completely dark room.

Use cohesive devices, for your essay, college paper, research paper, academic paper or term paper sound logical and persuasive

Coherency plays a crucial role when it comes to writing. When you use connective tissue like furthermore, hence, thus, firstly, secondly, on the one side, on the other side, to summarise all the above mentioned, and so on, it is much easier for your readers to follow your thoughts.

Academic words make your college paper sound better

Never forget that writing an essay is nothing like writing a Facebook post. Show your professor that you have a good vocabulary and include academic words like voracious, fortuitous, or oblique in your work.

Avoid simple sentences

Try to use complex sentences containing adverbial or subjective clauses when you write your essay, college paper, research paper, academic paper or term paper.

Proofreading matters

Take an hour or so to double-check your work. Make sure you’ve checked your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes. You can make use of services such as Grammarly.

Check the total word count and make sure you met specific requirements outlined by your lecturer

No matter how tough your deadline is, always make sure your work meets the specific requirements laid out by your instructor, such as word count or structure.

Changing your lifestyle habits can be also beneficial to your creativity and overall productivity.

You may wonder how some students can cope with all assignments, go to the gym, enjoy their hobbies, and hang out with friends while you burn the midnight oil struggling with your coursework. The answer lies in three simple habits you can follow:

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man happy, healthy and wise

Sleeping eight hours a day makes your brain productive, especially when there is only a month left before your exams. There is no need to pull all-nighters. It is a scientifically proven fact that our brains work best from the hours of 7 am to 11 am. Try to deal with the most complicated assignments in the morning.

Keep your workplace clean and neat

It is always wise to arrange your papers on your desk and keep it clean; wipe away all the dust and coffee stains. When you have a mess on your table, it is harder to find the documents you need, and you spend more time searching instead of writing your assignment.

Do some exercise

We understand that lecturers like to overload high school and college students with countless essays, college papers, research papers, academic papers and term papers, cutting into your valuable gym time. However, you can always benefit from running 15-20 minutes every morning in the local park instead of browsing your Facebook feed.

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