Advertising and Marketing Communications Admission Essay Example

Advertising and Marketing Communications Admission Essay Example

Being born in a family where the field of applied sciences and studying practical aspects of life is considered as a norm, I have always felt different. But this difference has never made me feel depressed in any way because of the constant support of my parents. However, I have always felt different whenever I was with other people. They never thought as I did and vice versa, but when I started studying in college, I connected more with the students who conducted projects related to the field of communication or marketing. Their activities always grasped my attention, but I never realized that it could be an education pathway for me as well.

I love art in every single form, and I have always been interested in the field of arts my entire life. This zest sprouted in me from a very young age. I always knew what I liked, but I did not precisely know back then how to choose an education pathway that would polish my interest further.

Not so long ago, I was looking at an advertisement that was highly criticized for being a racist advert. That’s when I realized the significance of the non-verbal projection of imaginations in the form of advertisements. I was always filled with awe whenever I looked at the advertisements besides noticing the intangible elements that are conveyed to the audience. So, I started looking more into it and the problems that are associated in this field. The advertisements have always remained a constant in my life, and I never realized I would have a clue to the education field of my dreams right in front of me. So, both art and imagination combined make the field of advertising and market communication which is a field that is out of this world.

I graduated with my BS of History last semester (Spring 2020) in the College of Staten Island with a 3.5 GPA and received a scholarship there as well. Despite the field, I used to help my friends with ideas of marketing and telling them to include or exclude certain things out of their marketing campaigns because my opinion always brought them good results. So, even though I was studying History, my mind still dwelled in their projects, and I never realized that I should have chosen that pathway instead of History. After the COVID pandemic, I started reading more about the advertising field. I stumbled across the subjects that were offered by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in the “Advertising and Marketing Communications” programme. Initially, this searching started as a pleasure seeking activity but led me further actually to apply for this programme.

Upon seeing this programme, I was overwhelmed with the emotions, and I have never felt like this before. It is because I felt like I found the missing piece of the puzzle in my life. This is what I have always wanted to study all along, and the thought of studying at FIT brings me so much joy. Unlike other candidates, I have never been so sure about the field that I was going to pursue. With my dedication, motivation as well as personal interest combined, I would create a difference in the field of Advertising and Marketing Communications. This is what I was born to be, and all I need is to be selected for this programme. I am the perfect candidate for FIT because this programme completes me and brings meaning to my life.

The projects that I have been helping with my friends all along would now be directly related to me. My brain becomes very imaginative and functional whenever I start thinking about advertising and marketing strategies because I have what it takes to be a good content creator. I am also compassionate towards the social issues that people are facing, such as racism and discrimination on various levels. I will make a difference by creating the content that is likeable and is also beneficial to the companies at the same time.

Thus, I am not interested in applying for this programme because of the other people. This motivation and dedication have always been deep inside of me. This is where I belong, and I will make a difference in this field because I have always been very vigilant about the latent messages being projected in the marketing methods. I have what it takes to be useful in this field, and all I need is to be accepted for this programme.

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