BA in Computer Science Personal Statement

Nothing is fulfilling than achieving one’s goals in life. The rate of information technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. My interest in computers stems out from the desire to explore more in the field. I have found my interaction with this area as a hobby, rather than perceiving it as an academic course. Throughout my working experiences, I have developed a general liking towards the furtherance of my career in computer science. Interaction with colleagues and other experts triggered my internal motivation, to contribute to the broader field of computer science. I found that I lacked the appropriate skills which were paramount as a specialist. Guided by my interest to unleash my potential in solving related problems in the society, I had to move from the background and be in the forefront by enrolling for a master’s in computer science. Securing a chance in your prestigious institution will hone me with the right skills to achieve my goals.

I started off my careers at National Taiwan University, where I pursued an undergraduate degree in computer science. This was the preface to some basics in computer and other software related issues. Throughout my academic period, I learned the importance of hard work and discipline in every task. I believe a master’s course in computer science has a lot to offer, but I feel I have something in return. I worked as a research assistant at Institute of information science. Some of my roles were planning and designing of software architecture and module API. I gained the preliminary understanding of software engineering and also equipped me with excellent research skills, which I believe are required for this course. Additionally, I worked as a technical team at Dormitory Network Management Group. My primary responsibility was maintaining the internet network of fifteen dormitories. I learned about the management skills. Far and above, my internship at Himax Technologies expanded my knowledge horizons. I installed servers and Linux systems on the devices, where I studied the importance of setting a rigorous competitive environment. The entire experiences taught me the importance of planning and good leadership skills.

Apart from the academic and working experiences, I have volunteered in various places. Embellished with knowledge in computer science, I worked on a disaster prevention related system. The exposure has made me understand the importance of preventing human disaster and how human lives are prone to such problems. I have a strong urge to utilize technology in changing the world into a better place to live in.Moreover, I have garnered numerous awards such as excellent teaching assistant and Taipei International Invention and technology trade fair-gold medal. It came clear that hard work is always rewarded. I choose to develop myself through your institution because it offers a wide range of specialties with a well engaging curriculum. I have the firm conviction that my expertise in areas such as webmaster, Linux profiling & benchmark, Linux OS porting and others will influence students and staff members.

I aim to make the world a better place by creating products which impact the lives of individuals like the smartphones. Through my knowledge in computer science, I wish to defend peoples’ lives against an increase in the natural disaster. I am passionate about computer science because the world is appreciating technology rapidly. My priority is to receive the quality education from your institution.

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