Exercise and Working Memory: An Individual Differences Investigation

The traditional thoughts that mind is divorced from the entire body is a wrong assertion, as the present studies have shown a significant link between the body fitness and wellness of the brain. Memory, is one of the contested topics, with psychologist conducting researches to understand what contributes to the difference in cognitive abilities among the people. The paper highlights that exercise is shown to increases the level of an individual’s memory to recall thepast events considerably.

The significance of this study is to show whether people in lower or higher memory are affected when manipulated through an exercise. Thistest will help in the identification and tracking of the changes, along with the physical involvement, that will help to approve or detest the traditional view that mind operates differently from the entire body.

This topic matters especially in the present times when wellness and fitness are considered as form of therapy. It is therefore essential to evaluate the views of authors regarding its importance.The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how physical exercise affects cognitive processing and the implication it has to the normal activities of healthy adults.  Concerning the individual’s characteristics, the research compares the variables (independent and dependent) and tracks their changes over the time of the experiment. In this case, the dependent variable is working memory, while the independent variable is exercise. To achieve the desired results, the research design involved the participants visiting the lab twice (baseline and exercise session). The two sessions were conducted at a space of two weeks, and the sampled individuals were instructed not to do any exercise during the experiment days.

The sample population comprised of thirty-two males and seventeen females from the classes of psychology and kinesiology. Before an individual was allowed to participate, they were needed to have a clean bill of health, hence minimizing the biases in the study. Also, they were required to sign a consent form. Thus the exercise was voluntary. In the same vein, the experiment adopted randomness in choosing who to attend the test first, therefore avoiding the judgment of the outcome before the entire process was over.

It was found that individuals with the lowest working memories benefited much from the exercise, as their cognitive memorieswere improved. On the other hand, those who had a higher level of working memory did not show much disparity with their initial state, hence forming the conclusion that exercise heightens the ability to recall issues. This goes along with the argument of Sibley & Beilock (2007) who is of the idea that physical activity can improve the performance in class. For children that have lower memory capacity, they are considered to wander away from the teachings in the class and gets distracted very easily. Therefore, this method can be used for intervention and assistance in knowledge development.

The implication of this study is by far a leading guide, towards understanding the relationship between human memory and the body. The two have been shown to work in unison, which indicate that individuals should embrace the importance of maintaining their whole body physical fitness to increase their brain functioning.

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