Incentive Program for Cobra’s Employees


            An excellent destination to reward the hardworking and committed employees of Cobra Company involves the analysis of suitable lactations that will add value. The destination is part of the enrichment of the employees; thus it should be able to leave an impact on them (Ford & Peeper, 2019). In most cases, destinations that do not have to provide unique features from the home locations do not have a significant effect on the improvement of the performance of the employees. Therefore, the selected destination for the incentive program of Cobra Employees is Mexico City. The city is a world-renown destination for most tourists due to the unique heritage, buildings, resorts, and climate. Mexico City is 3,622 kilometers from Toronto, Canada (Agren, 2016). Direct flights from Toronto to Mexico will take at least four hours. This distance is short, and the destination is excellent. The Cobra Company will use Air Canada for flights as it is cheap compared with other companies.

Two Reasons for choosing Mexico City

            Mexico City is located in South America and is the most popular in the Caribbean and Latin America. The city is located in a valley of high plateaus of Mexico with 16 boroughs. The city is one of the oldest, having been established in 1325. UNESCO has marked Mexico City as the World Heritage Site due to the rich history and cultural variations (Ida, 2003). With an area of 1,485-kilometer square, the city has been able to hold a population of 8.8 million people. the large community presents a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the Caribbean. Most companies prefer Mexico City as it is the largest and productive city in the world, with a GDP of $411 billion.

            Most companies prefer taking some of their employees to Mexico City due to the achievements in economic activities, cultural diversity, and historical affiliations (Ida, 2003). The city is a destination for those individuals who love the view of castle-like buildings from the ancient times, natural features such as wildlife, volcanic mountains and craters, warm climates, and average precipitation. In this city, there is a variation of examples of how various economic activities are driven, making the place one of the suitable case studies for most companies and scholars. Once in the city, a person can interact with people from different regions of the world (Agren, 2016). There is mixed heritage derived from the mixture of various practices from parts such as the United States, Canada, and other Southern Americans. Some individuals who had initially traveled to these regions as tourists occasionally relocate due to the influence of the City.  Therefore, this is a suitable destination for Cobra Company’s employees. 


            The employees will be accommodated at Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The Regency Hotel has 755 suites and guestrooms with ultra-modern amenities. There are large windows with a better view of the surrounding (TripAdvisor, 2019). The hotel is one of the preferred places for accommodation for various employees from different companies since customer satisfaction is excellent. The hotel is installed with premium WIFI for internet users. The internet will help find out more about the hotel and Mexico City by Cobra employees. The hotel has upgraded its clubrooms to make them accessible to the Lounge, which is located on the 40th floor. The club lounge offers check-in and out that are entirely private (Lind & Jensen, 2019). The complimentary breakfast, cocktails, and snacks complete the experience in the city.

Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers
Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers

Reception at Hyatt Regency Hotel: Image by TripAdvisor (2019)

            Hyatt Regency provides 24 hours’ front desk, spa, gift shop, and among others. The strategic location of the hotel makes it accessible to Chapultepec Park and Auditorio Nacional. The five start amenity is near the Castillo de Chapultepec and Parque Zoologico. The rooms are equipped with LCD televisions and minibars. The beds are spread with cotton Sheets from Egyptian Designers (Lind & Jensen, 2019). And each room has video game consoles that are supported by programmed cables. The bathrooms have hair dryers and complimentary toiletries. The comfort of the rooms makes the employees rest well due to the four-hour flights, thus be able to prepare for the following day’s activities.

The guestroom of Hyatt Regency Hotel: Image by TripAdvisor (2019)

            The amenities include onsite massages, facial, and body treatments. The recreational facilities are modern, and they include pools, tennis courts, and sauna. There are several newsstands around the hotel. There are three restaurants and 24 hours of’ room services (Lind & Jensen, 2019). There is a buffet breakfast from 6 AM to 11:30 AM at a subsidized fee. The hotel provides meeting rooms, conference centers, business areas, and car service centers.

The fitness center at Hyatt Regency Hotel: Image by TripAdvisor (2019)

            This hotel is a significant destination for the individuals who have toured Mexico City for business, leisure, or political purposes. The services are attractive to Cobra employees, and this is essential for their experience in Mexico City.

Alignment of the Three-Day Program

Day One

An Authentic Welcome

            The welcome at the airport in Mexico will be spectacular. The authority of the airport will prepare some of the schooled individuals who understand the culture, history, and various activities of the Mexico people. The individuals will act as tour guides to the respectable employees. The tour guides will take the employees through multiple narrations about the construction of the airport, the operations, unique features of the Mexican Airlines, and the rules and regulations. The explanations will help the employees feel that they are in a different country with unique characteristics. The guides will also take part in explaining various cultural practices of the Mexican people and the improvement of the culture as a result of immigration into the city. A spectacular dance will be prepared to entertain the guests at the airports and make them feel valued.

Besides, unique snacks and fruits will be facilitated at the airport. They will not be similar to the Canadian ones, thus giving it a sense of difference. The dancers will present traditional dance spiced up with modern ways f living to explain the variations in the cultural heritage of the City. Mexico City is one of the oldest urban towns in the Caribbean; thus there are some unique features such as the way of dressing that should be depicted in the dances. In addition, the entertainment should include a presentation of some of the artifacts that have been in use for a great time in Mexico and not available at the Canadian culture. These artifacts will include cooking pots, dresses, working tools, and musical instruments, such as the flutes, among others. The variation of these artifacts will give the employees a memorable tour in Mexico, and this should impact on their performance once back to Canada. The employee will also be entertained at the reception through light music from various bands organized prior to the visit. The group will help in relieving some of the employees from multiple memories expected to have occurred during the flight. 

Sight-Seeing Game

            There are many fun activities in Mexico City. The games have a unique belonging to Mexico City, and thus many travelers come to this place to watch them. These games include escape master, cine tonala, secret doors, rock-solid, and royal bol. The guests will watch the escape master. The game is ideal for the employees as it is part of the team-building process. the escape master will involve the selection of several individuals who will take part in the game. Once selected, the people will be introduced into a room that has unusual sounds, some places will be raining, and there will be less light.

            In these rooms, there will be no visible exits, and the participants will be required to brainstorm and identify suitable means of escaping from the rooms. In the process of finding a door. During this activity, other employees will be following since the game is recorded. The participants will be taken through various horrible sounds, voices, and movements. These features will increase in intensity as the participants stay in the room. Those who will be unable to find an exit will be released, and the next batch will be taken through the game. Finding an exist entails going through some holograms that are scary. In this process, creativity and courage are required to see this exit, and thus not many people succeed in this final step. The organizers of these games reward the participants able to find a door. In some occasions, the rewards are in the form of cash or a dinner for a couple. These games are not meant to scare any participants, but the main aim is to improve on the level of creativity. When two individuals are in the same room, they are supposed to brainstorm and come up with ideas of how they will exit the room. In this process, the participants discuss the issues at hand and create some ways to handle the situation. Putting several participants in the same room for this game encourages teamwork. This is an aspect that is encouraged in most companies as it helps in boosting productivity; thus, the growth of the individuals and the company. The teambuilding process achieved through the game is essential in facilitating better relationships among workers, thus creating a good working environment for the employees. 

Welcome dinner

            The Hyatt Regency Hotel is one of the resorts that offer a variety of meals. These dishes include Japanese fare, seafood, and fresh meat prepared on the site. The foods are supplied with flavors from Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. These flavors are unique in this hotel and, marks part of the most significant occasional foods (TripAdvisor, 2019). The Japanese Tempura and Sushi includes vegetables and meat cooked traditionally with broth at a table. These two dishes are so unique that the only people who prepare them at the hotel are Japanese only. The Sushi dish is served with Udon Noodles, especially from Japan. This dish gives a unique experience of the Japanese culture integrated with the Mexican practices. The sushi is an improvement of the Japanese foods, and it has been practiced by the Japanese who specifically live in Mexico. Therefore, sushi has an attachment to the rich Mexican culture (TripAdvisor, 2019). The individuals who will not be pleased with the Japanese delicacies will be served with Mexican dishes such as Cochinita pibil and Spanish rice.

            Cochinita Pibil dish is a traditional Mexican food that is prepared with marinated meat in acidic citrus. The meat is later seasoned using annatto seeds. The seed supplies an orange color to the dish. The meat is explicitly roasted in the leaves of bananas. The Cochinita meal means a baby pig. Therefore, the big is cooked wholly, but the loin is the main utilized in the process. Some Mexicans use goats instead of pigs. The marinated meat contains high acid contents; thus, slow cooking is enhanced (TripAdvisor, 2019). The slow cooking increases the tenderness of the food. In some occasions, some customers may require bitter oranges to be used instead of citrus fruits to marinate. Also, limes, lemons, and vinegar are used in this process. The Annatto is used in spicing up the dish be supplying a particular color and even flavor. This dish is connected with traditional Mexico, and the guests’ requesting it desires to have a Mexican experience.

            Mexico City is the largest Spanish speaking region in the world. Therefore, some of their dishes originated from the Spanish tradition but later improved and integrated with the Mexican culture. Spanish rice or Mexican rice is a popular dish found in the Mexican city. The native name for the delicacy is Arroz Rojo (TripAdvisor, 2019). The rice is made from a variety of spices, and it depends on the cook preparing it. When been served with the dish in any Mexican hotel, a new person will be informed how the rice has been prepared for over 500 years, thus making it one of the most common foods in Mexico City. The rice is Sautéing it with oil in a skillet or fat. The process continues until the rice turns brown. Chicken soup is used together with tomatoes or sauce. The Spanish rice, with its golden color, is not found in Spain. The Spanish people prepare their rice using saffron, which supplies a yellow color instead of the golden one. The golden Spanish rice is unique with the Mexican culture and the people who desire to taste the Mexican foods order this type of dish.  

            The Cochinita and Spanish rice are connected to the tradition of the Mexicans. The two dishes have unique recipes prepared by the Mexicans and are part of the traditional foods offered in big hotels such as Hyatt Regency (TripAdvisor, 2019). The dishes are excellent, and anyone who gets to tastes them appreciate the skills of the Mexican cooks and also give credit to the selected spices.

            The experience at Mexico City is felt through food; hence, the enormous investments made on gathering some of the ingredients and better cooks. Some dishes, such as the Cochinita, are specially prepared by the Japanese to recognize their integration into the Mexican culture.

Day Two

Three-Day Tour        

            The tours will include a visit to `Zocalo, Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Catedral Metropolitana, Templo Mayor, Xochimilco, Palacio Nacional, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Frida Kahlo, Chapultepec Castle, and Basilica de Guadalupe.


            Zocalo is the historical region and largest squares in the world. This place is in between the cathedral metropolitan, national palace at north and east, respectively (Festus, 2019). The area is also surrounded by different historic buildings, which attract a good number of visitors who desire to see ancient architecture. This square has a flag at the center, raised and lowered on a daily basis by the authority. This place was used by ancient empires to host their people for meetings. However, the area is still used by Mexican authorities to host concerts, social gatherings, and demonstrations.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

            Museo Nacional de Antropologia is a showcase for the historical events for the Mexicans. The ancient cultures are identified, which were free from the interference of Spain. The survival mechanisms of the current generations are also showcased here (Weil, 2011). This museum looks like a modern building from outside, but it houses various ancient artifacts. These artifacts are dated back hundreds of years, and people travel from most parts of the world to come and see them. Notably, one of the unique artifacts is the Aztec Calendar Stones, which have some strange writings and some twenty days’ signs (Frances, 2012). The signs are those of the ancient 4th sun that is not similar to the current era, which is now fifth. A visit to this place will help in identifying some of the ancient writings and instruments.

Catedral Metropolitana

            Catedral Metropolitana is yet another place that will be visited by willing Cobra employees. In the whole world, this cathedral is the oldest. Also, it is the largest in terms of building and holding capacity. The Spanish built the temple in the 16th century, and its attractiveness is seen at night when the whole building is light (Weil, 2011). The place is famous as it holds some of the ancient paintings of the Christian faiths. Also, some ancient artifacts are housed in this building. The architecture used in building the cathedral is spectacular.

Tempo Mayor

            The Tempo Mayor is yet another place to be visited. The place holds the evidence of religious life where the sacrifices of human beings took place to please the god of War. The temple was built some hundreds of years ago but met destruction after the attack of the Spanish army in 1521 (Weil, 2011). The damage was later viewed as a religious fight as the Spanish built the largest cathedral over the temple and also used the materials that had made the Tempo Mayor. The visitors to date view the remains. These remains include underground temples (Festus, 2019). The mixture of the religious faith and the struggle to influence each other led to the destruction of this magnificent temple. This place is important as it reveals some of the ancient activities that took place before the colonization of Mexico and later modernization of the city.


            Xochimilco is an ecologically preserved ground for viewing by the visitors who might like rides through canal systems while enjoy the vicinity of historical buildings (Weil, 2011). Most visitors use this place for enjoyment.

A section of Xochimilco

Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional is the offices of the Mexican president, but also it’s an ancient building. This palace was the main calling point for troops during the Montezuma II reign (Weil, 2011). This is evident from the considerable bell hanging in one of the locations. This bell was ringing during the war fought for Mexican Independence. Up to date, the bell is rung to remember the war and honor those that were killed on September 15 each year.

Palacio Nacional

Palacio de Bellas Artes

            Palacio de Bellas Artes is a palace associated with fine arts. This is the main building that manifest the cultural heritage of the City and Mexico as whole (Festus, 2019). The building is the first to be built and used as a national theatre. The interiors have art decorations while exteriors are a representative of nouveau art style and neoclassical art. The white building host different performance on daily basis thus the Cobra employees will get an opportunity to see some of the Mexican performances and get to compare them with the Canadian ones. The rich heritage of Mexico will help the Cobra Employees to   appreciate diversity and promote it once they get back to their home towns. Appreciation of diversity is essential in assisting the employees’ in providing a better environment for the working process.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

            Visiting of these places in the three days’ tour will be essential in facilitating a better understanding of the Mexican political structure, culture, and history. Mexico is one of the most diverse places in the world by they produce the highest GDP. Therefore, it is essential to observe how these people interact and cope up with diversification of the communities.

Three to four restaurants to visit for dinner

            There are several hotels to visit during the tour for dinner. These hotels Quatrro hotel, Sir Winston Churchill’s, Villa Rica Vallejo, and Restaurante El Cardenal. These restaurants are good in preparation of traditional as well as the exotic dishes (Lind & Jensen, 2019). Their speciality in the preparation of Chinese foods, Mexican dishes, as well as the Spanish ones is outstanding. Their meals ranges from Spanish rice to Cochinita pibil. These dishes might have foreign names but they are unique and only the Mexican prepares them (Lind & Jensen, 2019). For instance, the Spanish rice is Golden red for Mexico but yellow in Spain.

Day Three


            The Hyatt Regency Hotel offers meeting rooms to their customers free of charge. The rooms are well equipped with sound systems, better chairs and tables. The internet services are also efficient.

Topic of the meeting, “Diversity and Inclusion”

            The topic will explore the impacts of diversity and the role played in a company where the customers come from different backgrounds and so are the employees.

            This topic is relevant to the company and its discussion in mexico due to the diversified communities observed in the city. This city the world most diverse with numerous individuals from different races, ethnicity, and background coming together and cooperate to produce the highest GDP. The diversity in this city has been an example of how people can work as a team thus produce desirable results.

            Diversity in an organization assist in better decision making as ideas are pulled from people with experience (Akash, 2018). The experience is gathered from different backgrounds thus making the decisions made at Cobra Company to be effective.

            There are various ways to promote diversity. These ways include recruiting individuals from different locations, facilitating bottom up management systems and also advocating for equal opportunities in leadership and promotion (Ella and Camille, 2018). These actions facilitate inclusion of all employees in an organization.

            Cobra company is an organization that deals with customers from all over the world. Therefore, considering recruitment to from various backgrounds is an aspect that should be embraced.

Corporate social responsibility

            Giving back to the society is part of most companies’ policies. The activity involves taking part in various activities such as visiting the sick and clearing their bills, donations to children’s homes, and also supporting upcoming business owners (Jonas, 2017). This process entails identification of the needy cases and supporting it using the company’s resources. In Mexico there are numerous children’s homes that requires support for funding and other form of moral support.

            In addition to financial support, some of the employees will visit some upcoming entrepreneurs and provide them with free advice on how to grow a business and reach the level of Cobra Company. Entrepreneurial advice has been observed to be efficient to those business owners facing crises such as lack of information.

            The government of Mexico City has been working towards reducing pollution over the last ten years. These efforts have been recognized by the United Nations. The activities have been driven by the locals, the government, and also international bodies such as the United Nations. Various companies have contributed to this call and the level of pollution has greatly reduced. However, the city is currently facing challenges of polluted air due to establishment of numerous industries across the City. Cobra Company should team up with local businesses to come up with strategies to curb pollution. The strategy should include financial support to the relevant authority, donating necessary materials such as incinerators and dustbins, and also taking part in cleaning up the city. These activities are as a result of the goodwill of the company, and they will enhance the reputation at the global levels. This can attract partnership and finding a niche at the international markets.   

Final dinner

            The final dinner will be held at Restaurante El Cardenal. This hotel is having ultramodern amenities ideal for the employees of Cobra Company. The restaurant is also in Mexico City and offers some of the unique Mexican-Spanish dishes (Lind & Jensen, 2019). The massage and spa completes the features of the restaurants. The restaurant is equipped with internet services provided in each room. The place is similar to Regency Hotel thus the standards of the employees will be maintained. The dinner at this place will integrate traditional dances and other services.

Day Four


            The breakfast will consist of high grade coffee and some toasts. This breakfast is essential for the people travelling as it assist in keeping them awake all the time during the final day. The breakfast will include a briefing of the activities to follow once the employees are back from the tour. The briefing will highlight the challenges faced and the success. Some of the challenges expected to face the employees include weather not similar to the Canadian, and the unknown streets. Also some individuals are observed to have a poor relationship with new places and they may end up losing the interest of the place. The traditional foods in Mexico are not the same as the one in Canada, thus some employees are expected not keep up with the new diet. These challenges will be highlighted during breakfast briefing. After briefing, checking out from the hotel will be done and this process is expected to take less than 30 minutes.


            Departure process is one of the critical parts as it ensures that no employee is left behind. The actual number of the employees is confirmed. Then the belongings are inspected to ensure no properties have been left behind. In most cases, there are some employees who will forget few items at the hotel and this might make them miss the flight while going back for the items. Therefore, confirmation of the items is done through checklists. The checklists are a recording of individual and company’s properties. The properties are recorded in an entry before departure and compared with the main entry from the company. In this case, the properties can hardly disappear. Some employees carry two entries to minimize on confusion caused by too many luggage. The two entries include the personal belongings and the items assigned by the company.


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