Law School Diversity Statement

My entire life thus far has been dedicated to the pursuit of justice, motivated in both my professional and personal lives to overcome the obstacles that often restrict African American women from achieving success. I have experienced struggles in my personal with illness and sacrifice, and being underestimated as a young, minority female attempting to raise a daughter during a period of political hostility in America. I yearn to further my understanding of the law so that I can help low income families break the vicious cycle of incarceration that I witnessed during my struggle to obtain an education, contribute to the justice system, and empower my daughter and family.

I became a single mother at the age of 20, putting my college education on hiatus so that I could return home to raise my daughter. Despite the challenges of young motherhood, I never forgot my passion for law, and eventually continued my bachelor’s degree while working at the Sheriff’s Department as a detention deputy. Somehow, I balanced 12 hour overnight shifts, a full course load, and taking care of my daughter and ill mother. My mother’s mental illness has been a continuous struggle for as long as I can remember, which forced me to perform the duties of a responsible adult from a very young age. My sister and I cared for our mother and I’ve been in the work force since I was 16, providing for our family in times of need. Graduating with my degree was a proud milestone, and I immediately relocated to begin my MBA. During this time, I interned with a federal agency, which exposed me to a world of responsibility that I knew I was destined for.

The experiences of my youth and working in the county jail pushed me towards a career in law so that I can do my part to alter the patterns that plague low income minority communities and create a better future for my daughter. I bore witness to multiple generations in some families serving prison sentences, which is a sad fate that I hope to eliminate from our justice system. As an African American woman, I understand the challenges that accompany being a stereotyped minority and an underestimated individual because of my gender. For my mother, my sister, and most importantly, myself, I will achieve a successful career in law to prove that I am greater than my circumstances.

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