Medical Reasons Why Abortion Should be Illegal in the US – Side Effects of Abortion

Side Effects of Abortion



The ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of embryo or fetus is known as abortion; it manifests itself in two ways; spontaneous abortion and induced abortion.  The difference between the two is that spontaneous abortion occurs naturally and is often referred to as miscarriage; on the other hand, induced abortion is taken intentionally by the person for whatever reasons. Abortion, especially the induced one, should be made illegal because it negatively impacts the health of a victim and the nation to some extent. In this essay, I will discuss some of the reasons women opt for abortion and the consequences associated with abortion, respectively, to support the statement that abortion should be made illegal.

Reasons for abortion

There are many reasons women give to support their decisions on opting for abortion; these reasons make most people think that abortion should be legalized, however when the repercussions of abortion are scrutinized, the sense to make it illegal comes out.  Some of the reasons put forward to carry out abortion include;

Free Choice of women

It is argued that women have a free choice of whether to abort or continue with their pregnancy based on that particular pregnancy’s possible side effects.  Because some of the side effects may have a permanent negative impact on the mother’s body, one should be free to make her pregnancy decision.

Pressure from one’s family

Out of pressure from one’s parents or partners who, for one reason or another, may pose threats or disappointments to women, she may then decide to have an abortion rather than withstanding such painful threats and blow arising as a result of their pregnancies. However, other matters related to the family may also provoke a woman to make an abortion decision, such as having an abusive husband, if the pregnancy is a product of an extramarital relationship, lacking financial and emotional support to have another baby, lacking the interest of marrying to legitimize the birth among others.

Poverty and Economic Reasons

Economic limitations and poverty among some people provoke them to make abortion-related decisions. Among the leading economic reasons are unemployment issues, inability to provide the basic needs for more than one child, lack of support from the father, desire to provide better care for the existing children, and many more.

Health-related reasons

Some women who have existing health problems claim to be in a poor health condition that can allow proper growth and development of the embryo or fetus in their womb, hence prefer abortion to give birth to a child who may have physical, mental, or health problems arising from the mother’s existing health problems. The same argument is passed by mothers who abuse substances, including alcohol.

Side effects of abortion

Despite all these reasons put forward in support of abortion, there are many adverse health effects associated with abortion that surpass the few reasons supporting abortion. These abortion side effects support my claim that abortion should be made illegal under all circumstances; they include;

Abortion Causes Cancer

Breast cancer is positively associated with abortions that are not carried to completion; this is attributed to a couple of physiological processes that result in the woman’s, including the significant sudden drop in estrogen levels causing a rapid multiplication of cells in breast tissues.  Hence cancer is one of the worst side effects associated with abortion.

Abortion causes Infertility among women.

Abortion can make those who have had it before not conceive, especially when they are ready to have a child of their own. This is because fertility is impacted directly or indirectly by the activities of abortion.

Direct Infertility can be caused by surgical abortion following the uterine scarring, which prevents baby attachment on the uterus wall, leading to ectopic pregnancies. An ectopic pregnancy abortion that is not carried effectively causes the fallopian tubes rupture and, consequently, results in Infertility among the women.  Again, there is a risk of fallopian tube infections that causes Infertility directly among the ladies, rendering them very difficult to have babies in the future.

Post-Abortion Syndrome

This is a type of post-traumatic disorder that affects ladies once they undergo an abortion activity.

This disorder’s symptoms include; depression,   eating disorders, abusive or overprotective parenting, difficulty sleeping, compulsivity, panic disorders, and many more.

Abortion causes Sexual Dysfunction among women.

Sexual dysfunction refers to Problems interfering with the regular sexual activity or response are known as sexual dysfunction and, in most cases, associated with ladies who carry out abortions.

Sexual desire, orgasm tendency, frequency, and sexual satisfaction among women are severely affected by some abortions; several researches prove this.

Other immediate adverse effects of abortion include but are not limited to these; vaginal smelling and backache, cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, spotting, and bleeding.

The above discussed adverse health effects form a solid ground to make abortion illegal among the U.S people and all people worldwide. The many side effects of abortion even surpass the very reasons used to the backup decisions for abortions. This ought to lead us towards illegalizing abortion in the U.S and anywhere around the globe.