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Personal Statement for MA Cultural & Creative Industries

I am applying to this MA Cultural & Creative Industries at King’s College London because i believe that this is the field that I am particularly interested in. The diversity of it, the richness and the creativity that it enjoys draws me nigh every moment. Looking at the modules provided here under this programme such as Analysing the Cultural & Creative Industries I am eager to go through them. More importantly, as the programme focuses on the global environment for journalism, I will have the opportunity to examine and contrast the difference in journalism of East and West and further enable me to form a critical yet balanced perspective when it comes to objective reporting.

Although coming from a slightly different subject at my undergraduate studies in Accounting and Finance at Lancaster University, I was always obsessed with the know-how of cultural and the creative industries. For example, I enjoy broadening my horizon by reading around creative and cultural industries publications and books such as Insight, Amusing ourselves to death, and The Disappearance of Childhood to fill in the gap in my academic knowledge of creative and cultural industries. Currently, I am interning with Joyway Promotion as a publicity manager assistant responsible for the introduction of Broadway plays and West End Theatre in China, such as Swan Lake, Les Miserables, Mozart-L’opera Rock, international promotion of some excellent Chinese plays, and the communication with other internal departments to ensure the proper operation of the projects. Prior to that, I interned with Beijing TV Station in charge of interviewing actors, writing articles and editing some photos in new media to promote TV serials, and organizing press conferences and fan meetings. Additionally, I also interned with SMG as a project assistant. I took in charge of collecting and analysing news reports, running events, answering enquiries, and writing and editing articles and images. From these experiences, I had great hands- on skills polished that will surely aid me in understanding more about the way to go about the creative industries and the way to approach the cultural richness as seen in our society today.

I am confident that this MA Cultural & Creative Industries at King’s College London is the place to be. I believe that through it, my knowledge gaps in this fascinating field will be filled and this will help me see more opportunities and utilise them. As per my future plans, in the short-term, I wish to undertake this programme to acquire important insight in the media discipline and related communication techniques and participate in internships to cultivate my hands-on experience and hopefully combine theoretical knowledge with practical work. In the long term, after graduation, I wish to start my career in the news media industry as a news media professional to convey objective information and reports to the public.

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