Personal Statement for MSc Economics, Finance and Management

As someone who enjoys the meeting new people and discovering new places and cultures, travelling has given me more than just the typical traveller’s experience, it has also put into perspective my current studies and given me the motivation to pursue a career in economics that is more focused on sustainable and ethical management of the same. After a close scrutiny on myself, I realised the need to gain more knowledge in this field and I found this MSc Economics, Finance and Management at the University of Bristol to be the one that perfectly matches my needs. This is because it enlightens one on the issues of the contemporary factors that are in existence and have a significant influence on this field.

Following its notable and unprecedented economic success, China is now reaching a critical point. While we still reap the benefits of poverty reduction, industrial booms and growing financial markets, there is a growing gap between urban and rural communities as well as increasing concern on the long-term viability of many of our economic policies. With China’s 2030 Agenda well underway, there is an urgent need for economic professionals that can critically assess this field and tell of what should be done for better end results. This is the reason why I would like to tap this opportunity by equipping myself fully.

This particular programme is one of its kind and I am very eager to be part and parcel of it. The structure is comprehensive as evidenced by modules such as Economics for Finance and Management and Finance and Accounting. The two will act as my eye opener to this field pointing out the direction that I should take when devoting myself to acquiring knowledge. The programme has many optional modules of which I believe shows the flexibility of this particular programme.

While I am of the firm belief that bottom-line figures are not the only parameters for critical assessment, my skills in deriving and analysing micro- and macroeconomic data will be useful in the research and evaluation that is central to this MSc studies. Coming from a family with strong business ties, I was raised to be business-minded and financially responsible, which is why I chose to take up Finance and Accounting at the University of Durham. During my undergraduate studies, I excelled in topics in economics and financial systems, such as Financial Markets and Institutions, Financial Econometrics and Management Accounting. I also developed an appreciation for the values of productivity and profitability in managing successful businesses. Moreover, I believe that intensive studies in finance and banking have given me a good overview of the changing role of financial services and innovation in the world of management. Furthermore, consistently receiving high marks throughout my undergraduate studies demonstrates not only my high aptitude for financial math and econometrics but more importantly this illustrates the determination, hard work, and diligence that I put into my studies and the achievement of my goals.

My undergraduate studies are also supplemented by practical work experience in finance and development banking. Recently, I interned for Deloitte where my main responsibilities included supporting the audit team in checking, researching and evaluating various data and documents. Training in one of the Big Four accounting firms, I discovered my ability to thrive in high-pressure situations while developing a strong work ethic. Prior to this, I also worked for China Construction Bank and was tasked to assist clients and foster customer relationships. Working for an industry giant was inspiring because I saw first-hand how corporate goals are connected to the well-being and prosperity of the individual clients.  In both internships, I also gained an in-depth understanding of financial market structures and developed valuable skills in communications and teamwork.

My career goal is to work for a development bank or government agency that research, assess and develop projects for the benefit of local urban communities. I am confident that my expertise in finance and accounting combined with the theory and critical analysis of my MSc will enable me to study the value of urban development in both quantifiable and non-quantifiable ways. Having my eyes fixed on learning about management of the two aspects of the business world, I will also be focusing on the intersecting factors that affect long-term economic and social viability. I am hopeful that my academic experience, strong work ethic, and deep interest in economics will be reinforced by my commitment to just and inclusive development.

One of the most important factor in any organisation is the aspect of management. I believe that the world is suffering chronic problems because someone somewhere had poor management skills and mishandled something that has brought negative effects on many. I have hope that this MSc Economics, Finance and Management at the University of Bristol is the most appropriate programme for me at this stage of my career development.

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