Communication Management Skill Development

 Assessment task 2:  Plan personal work goals


The cafe Sydney is an exquisite restaurant situated in Australia, Sydney. The restaurants are famous for their seafood. The menus and especially of the restaurant is in lobsters and prawns are enjoyed by the customers. This is more like a cafe, which offers snacks and main courses related to seafood and scenic view. The main alluring factor about the restaurant is an outdoor terrace with a vintage style interior design to add more classic touch and vibe in the restaurant. The cocktail lounge is another factor, which attracts the customers to celebrate small events like birthdays, meeting and anniversaries.

Company goals or objectives

The company’s main goals are to attract more customers into their cafe on a regular basis and other aims are to increase the visits of customers. Cafe Sydney is planning to incorporate more exciting menus, which would be beneficial in attracting more customers to the restaurant. The restaurant is planning to form a partnership with local markets events managers because they have fresh ideas and trends, which are liquids by the customers. This could help the restaurant in attaining the goals they want to achieve in a year or before that. This requires a strategic approach to executing the planning to gain profit in business.

Position description

The position that would be appropriate to attain the goals and aims of the Cafe Sydney yearly aim would be the communication manager role to monitor each department employees peaceful relationship and to use the full potential of the employees. The reason for the interest is that the restaurant would be able to effectively incur more profit, which has now turned more moderate and stagnant business. The communication manager role would be highly beneficial in attaining the full potential of each employee in favour of the restaurant and minimising the factors like disputes due to assigning of operations. This is making the business more stagnant and not showing much development in terms of profit. The communication manager can bring the spirit of motivation in employees to obtain fresh ideas, which would be helpful for the growth of the restaurant (Fredendall& Hill, 2016).

Key responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the communication manager are to maintain a peaceful environment in the restaurant. He is also responsible to improve the relationship between customers and employees by providing them raining or expert supervision. This would be helpful in delivering high-end quality services to the customers and retaining more customers. The other benefits would be developing skills of listening this would help the employees in determining the factors, which are needed by the customers, and bringing that in restaurant culture (Gunawan&Aungsuroch, 2017).

Personal work goal



Assessment Task 3:  plan work priorities project

Technology and tools

Tool 1

Name: Excel Templates            

How it assists in planning and prioritizing work: would help the Cafe Sydney in monitoring the metrics, which are factors responsible in business.

Advantages     This would allow the business like cafe Sydney to use a wide variety of templates and tools.This would be beneficial in supporting the process of consulting. Further, aspects like the analyses could be done with no issues. The advice could be attained by monitoring the results like a professional and implement it in the business of Cafe Sydney.

Disadvantages the problems would incur in monitoring the pricing concept in business, there is no security aspect, and controlling of data would get difficult. The human error scope is broadened in this kind of system.

Tool 2

Name key information dashboard

How it assists in planning and prioritizing work It organises all the essential primary metrics according to the business.

Advantages It would be beneficial in accessing all the metrics by utilizing the web user in the systems. Usage of the third party would be possible due to this technology. The scope of customizing the metrics would be possible for Cafe Sydney.

Disadvantages This technology is difficult to incorporate in business and to understand to make a profit out of the tool in business. Requires expert advice to process it which does not make it easy to utilize it anywhere at any time.

Tool 3

Name Online invoicing and time tracking

How it assists in planning and prioritizing work this would enable the employees in sending messages in the invoice by the utilization of any application.

Advantages This technology is easy to process and to understand how to use it in business processes. The risk associated with this technology is relatively low. This would help the business in saving investments, use it further to increase sales, and profit aspect in the business.

Disadvantages it creates problems like polluting the filters further the customers start to incur problems in accessing the message in mail or internet.



Impacts of workplace stress

  • Communication between employees and managers- this could be done by communication employees share their problems because then the managers could take steps to help the employee.
  • Benefits for health aspects- integrating programs to help employees combat with health issues in the workplace.
  • Educating the benefits of meditation- The mental health could be improved by giving classes to practise the routine to do meditation in daily life routine.
  • Providing freedoms to take breaks- This keeps the employees stress free and change in the air.
  • Creating diversion- programs could be held to make work fun and not that stressful for employees.

Weekly schedule plan



Assessment task 4: professional development presentation

Interview Response Form

Name of person participating in interview: Mr X

Job role: Operational Junior Manager

Company employed with: XYZ

Date of interview: 11.11.2019

Time of interview: 10.00 am

Duration: Around 2 Hrs

What does your current job role involve?

Communication Manager

What skills and knowledge do you consider are most important to a manager?

A Manager should have self-confidence: a manager should always have high self-confidence, because he is managing a team and if his team members find that the manager is losing his confidence then he will not be able to lead them. b) Decision-making: This is very important for becoming a good manager as it is always important to make vital decisions in time of crisis c) Planning and Organizing: Proper planning is the main key aspects of a good manager and organizing the resources accordingly. d) Personality: a manager should always be fit and have a pleasant personality.


What skills and knowledge might be important to acquire based on industry trends?

Personality is the first thing a company looks in a candidate, along with that decision making and self-confidence.

Which professional development activity have you participated in recently?

up till now, I have not participated in any development activity, but I am recently planning to read books and journals on self-confidence.


How was this beneficial to you?

I lose self-confidence in time of crisis, so I think this is going to help me a lot


Would you recommend this professional development activity to others?

yes, of course,


Why or why not?

Knowledge is something which always needs to be shared for a better tomorrow.

Unit of competency

Elements Performance criteria Self-assessment Provide brief comments as to how you determined your assessment ranking
1 2 3 4 5
Business awareness reading business magazines

talks with experienced people

  ✔️     I am in the operational field and I like to learn new ideas and technologies that are been used. Talking with seniors or experienced persons who are filled with positive energy will help me in understanding how to live with full energy which I can use in my field of work as well as personal life
updated with the technology ✔️ As new things are coming in the field of technology and everything is updating, it is very necessary to be updated so as to compete with the dynamic market. I always like to be updated with the operational field, so that I can meet with the customer demands. It will not only make me updated but also will boost my confidence. Which I lack mostly
customer service understanding customer needs/ providing better solutions ✔️ I still need to improve in this field, as I think I lack to communicate with the customer and unable to convey my point to them. Sometimes I understand their needs but find difficult to make them understand better solutions. Service is the most important part of any job field and if I am not able to compete in this department my dreams cannot be fulfilled.
analysing/ problem solving analysing the problems and then finding a solution/ reading articles on situations for problem-solving ✔️ This is the most important criteria where I want to improve because this will help me grow soon. This is very much required for me to become a manager as without analysing or finding solutions to a problem I will not be able to lead a team.
learner getting ready for new things to learn


✔️ I cannot grow in any industry if I am not a good learner. Learning is a part of growing in the industry and I like to learn as this elevates me to become a stronger and knowledgeable employee. Asking seniors to let me teach unknown parts of operations so that I can grow and fulfil my goals as fast as it could be.
teamwork participating in the teamwork

doing teamwork assignments

✔️ I need to work on teamwork as I will need this in the coming future. Working in a team develops a person’s inner capabilities. Putting aside personal ego and helping each other is very necessary for an organisation. If I can learn to work in a team properly, it will help me soon to lead a team.
communication going to soft skill school ✔️ I am not able to communicate my point of view to my seniors, boss, customers or other business associates. so I will go for communication classes. This will boost my self-confidence and make me more competent.


Refer to ppt
Assessment task 5

Professional Development Report

Title of professional development activity: Communication development classes

Date: 10.12.19

Time: 9.00 AM

Duration: 4 hours

Organisation that provided the Professional development: The training was acquired from PCM Australia for training and improving the intrapersonal skills of an individual (Rahimnia, Sadeghian &Yazdani, 2017).

Provide a brief overview of the purpose of the professional development activity. The purpose to get communication skills to better monitor and operate the employee’s potential for the business. This would be helpful in instructing and providing expert supervision in each task performed by the employees.

Outline the skills that you have developed by participating in the professional development activity (Lotz, 2019). Builds the confidence to take charge of any tasks and delivering instructions to the employees to attain the utmost goal. This results in the rate of getting success in performing operations (Kerzner, 2017).

What did you like most about the professional development activity?

The classes were helpful it helped in polishing the skills and using them in the business to incur the goals of the business (Nicholas &Steyn, 2017).

What did you like least?

The things, which were not appreciated, was the strictness of the trainers (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart& Wright, 2017).

Benefits of participating in the professional development opportunity

The benefits were polishing of the skills which are necessary to solve disputes and handle employees (Wellin, 2016). These have also broadened the scope of communicating with employees and get the job done with less scope of mistakes (Wilson & Wilson, 2017).

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