Personal Statement Sample for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

I consider myself lucky to work in a progressive age of healthcare, and strongly believe that mental healthcare especially relies on a culture of acceptance and openness. Healthcare providers should work harder than ever to foster a safe environment for all patients, and I plan to use my DNP degree to not only care for patients, but share good practices in empathy and understanding among my colleagues in healthcare. As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, it will be my goal to advocate for patients who struggle to be heard or respected, and to manage their treatment with compassion, understanding, and attention to holistic care. My ultimate professional goal is to work with mental health patients in disadvantaged communities, where the obstacles impeding adequate healthcare are made worse by financial restraints.

I bring with me a unique set of work experiences that have fostered my passion for helping those most in need. In my forensic psychiatric unit, I’ve seen firsthand the harmful impact of inaccurate preconceptions about mental health. Oftentimes, the diagnosis of a particularly stigmatized disorder results in subpar care. I’ve witnessed this injustice at other levels of care, when a patient’s physical wounds and pain are inappropriately questioned due to their mental illness status. I am always saddened by these occurrences, but rather than becoming disappointed in the healthcare system, I’ve strengthened my resolve to complete my education and return to the field to improve it. I will work hard to seek funding for those underprivileged people who are just as deserving of proper care, especially when I can ensure that preventative care will save them from future challenges. I’ve seen people unfairly neglected by professionals with the power and knowledge to help them, which has made me determined to make a difference in their lives as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

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