Population Health and Cultural Competencies; Case Study Analysis and Proposal

 Commitment and Communication: Services of Translators for different languages 

The main objective of Montefiore Medical Center is to enhance the abilities and services so that people can get the best services from here. This association comprehends the requirements of interpretation and understanding of administrations. The Montefiore Medical Centre deal with deaf, blind and people with different languages than English. In any case, there are several translators are present for translation of different languages by telephone or physically meeting (Irimia, 2016). The objective of this medical center is to develop the understanding, commitment, and interchanges so that the satisfaction level of customers can be achieved with the delivery of the best services.

Commitment and Communication: Services of educational sources

It is studied that there is a specific population in the Bronxnd New York which talk different languages as compared to English at home. The administration Montefiore decided to team up such doctors and members who are mostly from such a population and living near to them so that they can develop strong communication with them. In this regard, they develop instructive material to speak with such people so that they can get proper help from them (Adu-Wusu, 2012).

Commitment and Communication: Training of the staff

On the time of evaluation of staff during the management of understanding the interchanges and commitment, Montefiore Medical Center take the workers to such level where they can educate the patients that how they can communicate with the staff and how they can report the administration’s disabilities so that those things can be improved. It will help in developing stronger strategies for patients’ services and for achieving the level of satisfaction from them. Montefiore Medical Center also train their staff about researching new drugs or remedies so that new diseases or difficulties can be resolved. (Adu-Wusu, 2012).

Commitment and Communication: Gaps and Deficits 

“The brought together framework has improved live answer arrive at rates in some essential consideration locales by as much as 18 percent through robotized update calls” (Adu-Wusu, 2012). Patients have difficulty in having a department’s access code which is essential to reach the level of customer services and for this purpose interpretation services are required (Irimia, 2016). In my point of view, the patients should have direct access to the interpretation services o that they can connect with the medical interpreter directly and can deliver their voice. The organization should hire the employees from such areas where specific languages are spoken so that patients’ needs can be fulfilled and it can be done through saving the finances.

Advancement and Prevention: Health Advancement 

Montefiore Medical Center can adopt different ensure to ensure that healthy living proceeds. (1) they provide services not only to those patients who are financially strong but also to the homeless people and they are treated based on equality (Irimia, 2016). (2) There is also some emergency department which cares for those people who are living with low income. (3) the high obesity rate is identified in the local areas and programs are implemented so that people can be educated about the adverse effects of obesity can adopt precautionary measures (Irimia, 2016). (4) Dr. Kvetan identified the way that how healthcare should deal with the ICU patients and it decreased the rate of inpatient mortality (Irimia, 2016).

Advancement and Health: Disease Prevention 

The quality of patients and staff members can be improved due to the precise ways such as financing through the Commonwealth program (Irimia, 2016). It is the best way to provide the services and quality care to the patients located locally through accessing the patients’ focused considerations by Montefiore. When special considerations of patients are considered then the quality care is delivered through the healthcare providers. Montefiore has also reduced the yearly expense through a tele-checking apparatus regarding ailment executives (Irimia, 2016). Along with this, the other qualities in an organization can also be prevailed through accessing the special considerations of patients.

Advancement and Health: Non-Programmatic 

The best part of Montefiore ensures that each patient is getting proper treatment by considering the essential facilities which are given to the patients. The population’s needs are also fulfilled by extending the working hours of staff so that medical professionals can provide quality care to the patients (Irimia, 2016). Along with this, the patients’ needs are also met with the preparation of the restorative occupants. Montefiore has also developed school-based centers in which special quality measures are considered that help in the delivery of quality care. The needs or issues of the population are also addressed to the organization by associations’ chiefs. Therefore, Montefiore is a connection between network and protection.

Advancement and Prevention: Gaps or Deficiencies 

There are more than 200 patients with age above 70, have been released from the organization in the last 9 months of 2009 (Irimia, 2016). No doubt, organizations take steps to make the strategies so that timed information can be delivered to patients through calls and other means and this organization also increased the working hours so that patients can get care by 24/7. But, unfortunately despite this improvement or strategy, there are more patients in the emergency clinic because the number of readmittance rates has been increased. It is evaluated from the analysis that there was a defect in the “Patients First” method which lead towards the implementation of the CMO framework. The CMO framework has reduced the number of patients in an organization due to a reduction in readmittance rate and it is helpful for an organization (Irimia, 2016). The care strategies can be delivered better through the program called Commonwealth program because it helps in building specific administration employing elite frameworks.

Financial and Quality Improvement: Policies 

The main purpose of the Commonwealth is to build the social insurance framework so that human practices and services regarding quality care can be enhanced. The basic purpose of this funding system is to approach the humans and services that will be effective for the delivery of safe and effective care to patients so that therapeutic effects can be achieved (Irimia, 2016). The considerations of patients are essential to know and for this purpose, the strategy has been made by the Montefiore so that such considerations can be diffused in the emergency settings. This will help in the reduction of readmission rates and the achievement of the therapeutic effects within the desired time because here considerations would be incorporated within the beds of patients and they will find each facility near to them (Irimia, 2016). This strategy has been reduced the number of readmissions of patients in the emergency clinic and hospital settings because now patients’ considerations are mainly focused on the organization. It leads towards the reduction in yearly expenses related to health and delivery of quality care lead towards the development of trust among patients (Irimia, 2016).

Financial and Quality Improvement: Patient-Centered 

the first and foremost objective of any healthcare organization is the delivery of safe and effective care to achieve the therapeutic outcomes within the targeted time and it is also the main mission of the Montefiore that patients get safe and effective treatment with cost-effective approach (Irimia, 2016). For this purpose, Montefiore has developed the patient-centered model so that the social, medical, and administration needs of the patients can be improved. In this regard, the Bronx and Family Health Center has also developed such models so that patients can get quality care and can be satisfied with getting such care (Irimia, 2016). With the help of this action, patients are more satisfied because they can now visit the doctor easily without an appointment because of increased working hours and other facilities. The technology in any filed is very effective and in the healthcare field, it improved the lifestyle of patients and reduced their difficulties regarding visiting the doctor and gathering information about the diseases and other things. The diabetic patients’ health has also improved due to the services of Montefiore because they encourage patients on self-care and they take part along with health care providers in the treatment plan which results in the achievement of therapeutic effects. Due to this activity, the glycemic control of patients has also improved as compared to before (Irimia, 2016).

Financial and Quality Improvement: Strategies 

“Of the 150,000 people enlisted CMO, 33% of Montefiore’s all outpatient population, the consideration the board association has filled in as a hatchery for building up a framework wide technique to oversee constant malady, improve personal satisfaction, decrease hospitalizations, and make efficiencies” (Irimia, 2016). When an organization is well aware of the needs of patients and they’re well beings then they reduce the cost and help the patients in getting treatment with effective cost. Montefiore has also reduced the cost of delivered quality care to patients and increase the patient’s considerations to the clinical settings so that they can get quality care there. The Bronx has also reduced the cost of health because they know about the wellbeing of a population and deliver quality care at a low cost.

Financial and Quality Improvement: Gaps or Deficiencies 

The name of the organization has greatly affected in negative terms by the nurse and other healthcare staff members because they were not communicating in a good way with patients at the time of their discharge from the hospital. This develops a negative impact in the mind of patients that private hospitals are only for the profit. There was no occurrence of the targeted results within the desired time because nurses and other healthcare staff ere not addressing the patient about essential precautions of the diseases. When patients will not well aware of the management of diseases then they will not take part in the treatment plan along with healthcare providers. This also led to an increase in readmission rates in the organization which results in more revenue of expense. “For nine months in 2009, in about 200 patients more than 70 years old who were released from the emergency clinic, nurture calls coordinated at recognizing holes in care and giving patient instruction brought about a decrease of the 30-day readmission rate for that patient gathering from 19.9 percent to 13.2 percent” (Irimia, 2016).

Suggestions: Cultural Competence 

As a crisis division advancement, increment to Montefiore’s populace by expanding their culture of regarding extraordinary necessities to distinguish proper access, efficiencies, and higher caliber. Even though this is an astounding way to deal with social capability obstructions, I accept more association in the network to build up trust is fundamental (Irimia, 2016). Indeed, even with the centers built up, network nourishment groups, and coordinated effort between medical clinics, it is true that patients have been approached for the delivery of specific cultural values. The patients with low income and living with hand to mouth conditions, the patients can’t even eat 2 times a meal for a day. I suggest that patients should be made low-income houses or should make a plan with the other stakeholders regarding this so that poor people can also qualify for homes at a lower rate. This will reduce the negative impacts of patients about the organization that they have emergency clinics for the profit or they are not getting the exact care or quality care.

Proposals: Health Status 

When population needs are distinguished then different methodologies are made for improving wellbeing and ailment anticipation in the Montefiore. I think that the population is powerless because they are not requesting basic living conditions or measures. This can be improved through advancing the network so that the current conditions of patients or poor people can be improved. Besides this, I think executing month to month wellbeing fairs offering free screenings, doctors nearby, and government projects to help with enlisting people in medical coverage, creating network flex bucks that will pay for food supplies dependent on family unit size, executing instructive projects inside the nearby schools, and incorporate neighborhood organizations enlisting. This is also very helpful in changing the structure of the population such as in the Bronx where 500.000 occupants are living. It will be more helpful in improving the wellbeing of the people, the salary of people and un-insured grown-ups (Irimia, 2016). It is also a big source of developing trust between patients and Montefiore through networking which will help in the treatment plan and achievement of the therapeutic effects. The network technique is a way to progress but it demands devotion and consistency.

Suggestions: Approach 

I accept that the association’s method is astounding; as a scientist, more exertion is specified right now contextual investigation contradicts to others I have perused. They approach interminable conditions by building up a framework wide technique to oversee constant ailments, use innovation to improve coordinate consideration, assemble up essential consideration, center around the populace wellbeing through network organization, thus much more. Montefiore starts this contextual investigation by acquaintance scientists with the crowd, giving me knowledge on the populace’s requests. The region finance makes an efficient methodology in enhancing the quality of care and reducing the damage to the staff members and patients (Irimia, 2016). I accept it will increment the association’s income because of understanding the needs of the patients through meeting them. The concerns of the population with a specific constant ailment the neighborhood facilities will be helpful and become a contact among patients and treatment. This is demonstrated in the content expressing: “Tolerant focused arrangement of medical clinics, network facilities, and school-based centers utilizes creative Keona McDpractices for overseeing constant ailments” (Irimia, 2016).

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