Social Perspective on Why Poverty Exists

Social Perspective on Why Poverty Exists

Conflict perspective is one kind of viewing that is used by theorists who desire to challenge the status quo of the society. This comes in when one focuses on the negative side of something (Harcourt 1) in order to create pressure that would in turn work towards its perfection. They discuss the rich and powerful people as those who have found a way to manipulate the existing systems for their advantage while the poor are still there suffering out of their own self waged and declared misery. They view that every person is not where he or she is wants to be because there is a negative side that is more predominant than the rest. Therefore poverty exists.

Poverty is seen to exist in the person’s mind. The cause is because of the different mind-set that has been brought up by different experiences. Somebody is to blame for the reason of poverty even if there are so many other confronting issues that may be facing the person. For poverty to come in, a person does not have to fight much but only needs to lack the drive to achieve more in life (Austin 2). The poor people make a lot of errors by not challenging their brains. They end up losing up in life because of the frustrations that comes in as a token of appreciation because the of their thinking. The other one is being the failing of the society of the American people (Austin 2). The societal norms have no connection with the feelings of others. The people are more separate from each other thus making all the bonds to be broken. The people being left lonely find it so hard to help themselves out by viewing themselves as those who cannot achieve anything. This has propagated laziness that would automatically lead to poverty. The other failure in the society is to lack the true emphasis on self-sufficiency. This creates a hard way of living because people are inclined more into being helped and thus not working. As we know, work defines a person. If one is not working and he or she is wasteful poverty will be allowed in. The other one is failing on the side of the government. A government may not be able to support all people into studying thus posing a serious problem on the progress. Without education on something, a person runs deficient of the information that would have been found in it. Lack of financial knowledge lead to wastefulness of money. If a person is given may be a gift of five thousand dollars and without financial knowledge, that person would misuse that instead of investing on it. Poverty would rise up by the roots and encompass the person. A person with knowledge of how something works stands a better chance of using the skill than that person who has no idea. The government should set a curriculum where the people are taught the importance of using money wisely and how to deal with scarcity of it.

With a conflict way of thinking, a person has a better way of doing things because one seeks perfection. It is right to say that poverty is in the mind of a person. The reason being on the presence of a free will that equips a person on the ability to make right decisions on whatsoever the situation.

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