Homelessness; A Widespread Social Problem in The US


Homelessness is a considerable social issue in the US especially because it seems to be an issue that is never highlighted by leaders during any of the election campaigns. Most people would overlook the problem and blame the homeless rather than try to understand the issue from their perspective.  The numbers of people who have no place to call home are increasing by the day yet they are like the invisible members of the American society who are never cared for. American being the largest economy in the world could certainly afford to provide these people with a roof above their heads. It is a social illness which can be tackled if handled properly


The picture above is a depiction of the power of the authorities over the homeless. The homeless are being arrested for not being able to afford a home.  They are being treated like criminals though their only crime is that they are using public space. It makes us wonder what good will come of arresting them and putting them in prison? They are most likely to be released and continue to live on the streets elsewhere. Jailing is a temporary solution to a problem that has been affecting the American society for decades.


 I found the above image of a homeless woman trying to arrange her belongings that are spread out on the street. It is a picture of powerlessness of a woman who will not be able to protect herself from the forces of nature or from other human beings. It also shows how easy it is for her to become a victim of crimes like assault and rape. There is also risk of disease spread under these unhygienic conditions. It would not be surprising if they suffer from mental health problems of become dependent on alcohol and drugs under these circumstances.

Resistance, Rebellion or Refusal

The Picture above shows the homeless people demanding their rights to a decent life.  They are resisting the tendency of the authorities to jail the homeless and reiterating the fact that jailing the homeless is not a solution. These protests should be enough to highlight the issues of the homeless.  The government along with corporations and the elite public needs to think of some concrete steps that can be taken to find a solution. As the poster says, more homeless people will be coming soon or rather their numbers are only going to increase. The increase in rent is only making it difficult for the homeless to find shelter.  

Ironical or Satirical attitude

The picture above shows the insensitivity of the rich who thinks taking a selfie with a homeless man is cool. The ugly truth about the attitude of the rich is brought out by this picture with the girl sticking her tongue out while clicking the selfie.  It is unfortunate that those who live in comfortable homes are mocking the homeless instead of finding ways to help them. A homeless person deserves to be respected as a human being but they are being subjected to humiliation by kids with Smartphones.