Admission Essay for the Graduate Program in Counseling

Application into the Graduate Program for Counseling with a Dual Program for Clinical and School Counseling

Missouri Baptist University and I possess common aspirations and vision. I, like Missouri Baptist University, strive to explore the magnificence and the limits of nature by exceeding expectations. This is one of the spirits that motivated me to enroll for a Masters’ degree. Participating in the events offered by the university has not only changed me for better but also exposed me to challenging tasks which have left me stronger and more focused. For instance, as an undergraduate in Criminal Justice Minor Behavioral Science, I participated in full-length research experiment at that level and this made me feel more engaged, more alive and mentally healthier. Pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Minor Behavioral Science at Missouri Baptist University, I could not have been more pleased. I consider Missouri Baptist University my future and that is why I chose to enroll for a Master’s degree in counseling with a dual program for clinical and school counseling to follow my passion. I believe that my avid background in behavioral science will be a great propelling stone to the master’s degree.

Other than just counseling, I am drawn to Missouri Baptist University for other reasons. The university offers a conducive environment for community and health support. In the past, I have worked as a community support specialist where I provided continuity of care as well as linkage to appropriate community resources. Besides, I have worked as a teaching assistant at Great Circle. My role as teaching assistant helps to implement classroom instructions for learners with IEP goals. Besides, I help in the maintenance of student behavior, data tracking, report card completion and documentation of critical incidents. These skills blend well with counseling since counseling deals with supporting people maintain socially acceptable behavior by making rational decisions.

I have also vast experience in psychiatry. As a psychiatric aide, I offered logistical support for the implementation of support plans as well as assuring the clients of their rights. Besides, I was involved in coordinating the medical appointments of clients and ensuring that the staff ratio is in compliance with CARF, DMH, DOL, OSHA, HIPAA and other regulatory and accreditation organizations. This background fits well with the dual program for clinical and school counseling which I will be undertaking. This will be a sapient way of getting enlightened on the field and also get me more knowledge on the subject. I am confident that Missouri Baptist University is the best place that can offer this as the institution is guided by the principle of enabling learners to change life for the better. Besides, the institution believes in the long term process of developing lifelong mentors and friends. The institution seeks to challenge individuals to realize their potential as well as clarify their path in life and this is what I need to exactly do. I believe the institution will make me a better person by instilling in me relevant knowledge and reaffirming to my inbuilt strength to enable me to face life in the best manner possible.

At the department of counseling, I will find diversity which is emphasized by the university. On top of its vibrant cultural and ethnic diversity, Missouri Baptist University is becoming a great in offering a niche for every student. The institution offers a real learning environment that mimics the real world. This is the most favorable environment that a counselor can ask for since counseling involves dealing with the real world. I possess skills such as apt communication skills and skills in special education which will make it possible for me to handle all types of clients who require counseling. My skills in computer work such as Windows XP, Word, Outlook, CMOR, Internet, and other systems are favorable because I can present any data either verbally or technologically by use of computers.

By and large, counseling has been my passion since a young age. My desire to enroll for a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Minor Behavioral Science at Missouri Baptist University and then a Master’s degree is a childhood dream come true. The choice of Missouri Baptist University was particular due to its belief in holistic education. My skills in communication will be a great asset to help me pursue counseling and become a professional counselor in the future. My previous experience as a residential coordinator in Preferred Family Healthcare will help me deal with issues related to drug abuse which is a prevalent issue in the society. With my long-mesmerized hobbies such as socializing, I believe that Missouri Baptist University will be the most appropriate choice for my Master’s degree in counseling with a dual program for clinical and school counseling. Counseling is an ever-evolving field which has limitless opportunities. I believe Missouri Baptist University will assist me to realize some of these changing dimensions and keep me informed on the issues happening in this noble field. Besides, my time at this institution will make my potential similarly limitless and endless.