Phases of Implementing Change in an Institution

1.Foundation Phase:

Inviting People For Executive Workshop:

During the workshop the main focus is to gather information regarding the working of the inner system of the university as to find potential areas of improvement as to which the overall performance of the university will eventually increase resultantly restoring the reputation of the university as the number one university in the state. Mainly a university consists of its students which are its main assets hence they will should be given due importance in gathering information. The following people should be invited in for the executive workshop.

In charge of student intake:

To assess that how many high caliber students apply in the university based on their previous academic record and how many of these students actually opt to study in this institute. As to measure how many brilliant students don’t take up study in this university as to avail better options:

Head of student society:

The students of a university who actually study there will provide a better insight as to the flaws that the university currently has therefore the head of some society should be invited to get his opinion which will serve as an overall view of all the students in the university.

Career Advisors:

Career advisors in schools play a major role influencing the choice of institutes for their students. They give suggestions based on statistics and to some extent their own personal opinion about institutes. They should be invited to get their opinion about the university.

Teaching Faculty:

The professors and teachers in an institute will be most aware about the changing conditions of academic and overall performance therefore their input will be valuable for them.

Inviting the sponsor:

Sponsors play an important role in supporting the different activities of the institute hence their views and opinions should be given due consideration in assessing what other sponsors are seeking. Fulfilling their desires can play an important role in attracting other sponsors.
Outcomes Of The Workshop:

Keeping in view the basic outcomes that are needed from the overall activity, these six basic objectives are to be achieved by completing this workshop.

Assessing the current position of the University as to where it stands now as compared its competitors and other rivals.

What areas or processes of the university have the most potential to increase the input of students along with judging which change will be requiring the lowest cost and manpower.

Determining the cause behind the lack of effort on individual and collective basis and devising possible remedies to increase the motivation level of the personnel involved.

Finding out the root cause of the low morale present among the employees of the institute and determining possible strategies to bring back the morale increasing the loyalty of the workers.

Identifying all the platforms of the university that requires improvement which will eventually help the university in reaching their ultimate goals.

Process Worth Matric:

A number of risks are present which should be addressed in due to or else they might add up to the problem in the end. It is necessary to identify all the stakeholders present that are concerned with the current change and they must be properly informed about the main goal the university is trying to achieve and what level on input is required from them in order for the university to get maximum output. The problem of funding may arise as such a large scale change will need mobilization at various levels. In this phase the university should involve the major shareholders informing them about the activity and its importance then asking for the needed funds. The alumni of the university may also be asked to contribute to the fund specially designed for this project. Another problem that come up during the process is that the project manager does not have the sufficient experience or knowledge required in handling various business process management activities. The possible remedies that can be applied to such situation is either putting him through a necessary training program that will give him the necessary skills required, moving on with manager in hope that he will eventually learn in due time, or at the end replacing the manager with a more experienced one who will handle the situation properly.

Quantifying The Benefits:

The overall benefit of each benefit will be measured in the sense of outcome that it generates. As in this workshop our main aim is to regain the lost position ranking of the company therefore we must take the required efforts to retain its previous position. We will measure as to how each different factor has collectively added to improving the rank. Such as how the input of the teachers highlighted the problem and put forward solutions as to how the situation can be improved and what strategy  did the argument bring out.
High Level Metrics:

In order to keep track of the performance of the project and measuring various aspects of the business process management we must apply different kinds of performance metrics to keep track. At a university level the following metrics will prove most effective.
Efficiency indicators should be applied in the system to measure how quickly the newly admitted students are getting a response to their applications. This will help eliminate a major issue that was previously present in the system. Competitiveness indicators can be applied to compare the activity of the university relative to their competing universities and estimate how well the performance is going moving towards their end goals. Profitability indicators should be applied in order to calculate how the new online course are contributing in adding to the total revenue of the university.

2.Enablement Phase:

Inviting for Innovative Workshop:

With the present condition of the administration along with the declining reputation of the university, it is obvious that the university has failed to take up the changes of time and hence they must make adjustments in order to meet the times of need. In order to bring this change there is a need to bring in innovation into the system to replace the old culture and deliver they main change that is require. For this purpose, the purpose the following should be invited.

A staff member from an associated University who is already applying modern technologies in running the processes of his University and has due knowledge of its use along with information about the complications that may come up on the way, hence providing guidance for the future action plan along with necessary precautions.

Some representatives of different tech companies who will come up and present their business process management software’s along with their comparative benefits so the analysis can be made that which of the software’s seem most suitable as to the needs of the University.

Workshop Techniques:

There are a number of workshop techniques that can be applied in this situation. Discovery is important for the workshop as to find the best techniques and resources which will suit the current need of the university and help move towards the common goal. Combination techniques should be applied where different branches could of the university could work together to perform related projects which will help increase the overall productivity of the university. Abstraction technique should be applied to diversify the view people have about the problem and apply a broader view regarding it removing a focused narrow view relating to the problem. We should not think of just what the university lacked that brought it to the third position but look at what its competitors have achieved as a result of which it got to the top position in the state university ranking.

Recommendations For Improvements:

As it has been show the university did not keep up with the needs of time and consequently it was left behind but now that problem is being addressed then change can be implemented. The old system of manual intake of students will be replaced by a customer relationship management software which will replace the old methods with new advanced innovative technology hopefully increasing its efficiency greatly. This will not only increase the speed of student intake along with improving the screening , it will also greatly reduce the chances of human error as the admissions system will be moving  towards automation.
3.Launchpad Phase:

Cultural Activity And Chosen BPM:

Since culture is an expansive and hazy idea, this might be the reason for the worldwide lack of direction on the most proficient method to address this subject in BPM rehearse. Vom Brocke and Sinnl (2011) characterized culture alludes to the common estimations of a gathering that end up plainly clear in activities and structures. Regardless of an energy about its significance, the element of culture has been just sporadically reviewed and ordinarily basically named among a jam of different factors in the writing. The correct instrument of relationship amongst culture and BPM itself have been for the most part unexplored. In light of this, they proposed a BPM-Culture-Model, which clarified the relationship between two ideas of culture and BPM that recognized from the current writing in the field. They at that point perceived three space ideas in the BPM-Culture-Model, which depicted as BPM culture, social setting and social fit.Role  Of Student On Boarding Officer:

The student boarding officer plays an important role in what kind of students are getting admission in the university as to their caliber. The boarding officer must be vigilant in assessing the capabilities of the student on the basis of their previous academic performance, university admission essay and their interview. The new intake are the key assets of the university hence they will play an important role in making the image of the university in times to come and eventually improve its ranking. The officer may also be given the responsibility of maintaining relationships with the schools having good ranking in order to attract genius students which will eventually add to the fame of the university. He will also insure the smooth running of the admission process and take care of the potential delays that occurred previously and make sure that students get a timely response about their admission and don’t get tired of waiting and opt some other institute. It will be his duty to guide the students regarding the following rules:
The foundation denies inappropriate behavior, including sexual brutality, aggressive behavior at home, dating viciousness, stalking, other savagery or dangers of brutality, and will offer assets to any casualties/survivors of such brutality while making managerial and lead move in regards to any blamed individual inside the purview for the organization.

Significant definitions including, however not restricted to, the meanings of sexual viciousness and assent.

Strategies apply similarly to all understudies paying little heed to sexual introduction, sex personality, or sex articulation.

The part of the Title IX Coordinator, University Police/Campus Security, and other significant workplaces that address viciousness anticipation and reaction. Familiarity with brutality, its effect on casualties/survivors and their loved ones, and its long haul affect. The Students’ Bill of Rights and Sexual Violence Response Policy, including: The most effective method to report sexual brutality and different violations secretly, as well as to school authorities, grounds law implementation and security, and neighborhood law requirement. Step by step instructions to acquire administrations and support. Observer Intervention and the significance of making a move, when one can securely do as such, to counteract brutality. The securities of the Policy for Alcohol or potentially Drug Use Amnesty in Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Cases Hazard appraisal and diminishment including, however not restricted to, steps that potential casualties/survivors and potential attackers and onlookers to viciousness can take to bring down the frequency of sexual brutality. Outcomes and approvals for people who perpetrate these violations.

Training Recommendations:

The boarding officer should be given due training regarding his people skills as to how he handles and treats the students who come to get information regarding the university and the admission process. He should have the necessary knowledge regarding various problems that arise during admission process and how the problems must be countered accordingly.

4.People Phase:

Who To Invite:

Jhon Steward is the person who is most interested in trying out the business process management software in the university along. He wants to exemplify it in the course for MBA students. Hence in a way he is most keen in trying this software hence he will play an important role in giving new ideas for the innovative workshops therefore he should be invited. His assistance can also be taken in determining what kind of software would be currently most suitable to the needs of the university hence highlighting the current setbacks the system has.

Workshop Techniques:

There are a number of workshop techniques that can be applied in this situation. Discovery is important for the workshop as to find the best techniques and resources which will suit the current need of the university and help move towards the common goal. Combination techniques should be applied where different branches could of the university could work together to perform related projects which will help increase the overall productivity of the university. Abstraction technique should be applied to diversify the view people have about the problem and apply a broader view regarding it removing a focused narrow view relating to the problem. We should not think of just what the university lacked that brought it to the third position but look at what its competitors have achieved as a result of which it got to the top position in the state university ranking.
Improvements for Functionality:

A number of diversified IT solutions will be needed to be implemented into the system in order to cover the current needs of the project. First of all, the system must be made efficient in replying to the requests of the new students and give them a timely response in order to avoid the issue that was present before. Strong online security solutions should be applied so that the online degree program is not left vulnerable to various unethical moves. Due regard should be given in improving the reliability of the accounting software’s in order to get more precise data with more detailed analysis that will shed light on the changing financial situation of the university.

5.Develop Phase:

IT Components For Student Recommendation System:

The main part to be played by the software is managing the process of student intake by enrolling students through online admission hence removing the hurdle of human interaction. Online applications usually involve a rapid response from the system about dates of admission by which the documents will be submitted, schedule for time and place at which the admission test and/or interview will be conducted, followed by the following selection list telling the students whether they got admitted or not followed by the date of commencement of classes along with their schedule. This will relax the students and also motivate the students to join the university with such an efficient system. Another needed application is the scheduling on online lectures by the students.

The software will maintain a data base which will keep the initial admittance record of the students along with the other information such as the current academic performance of the candidate along with his performance in other activities such as that in sports and extracurricular activities. This system will also include a grading system which will automatically generate reports about the best performing students present in the University and also point out the students which are lacking in their performance and hence point out weak points for the staff to assess and devise possible remedies to fix them.

An online help desk will be included in the software to provide students and other members of the university with a platform where they can communicate their problems to the proper administrative authorities. The system will also help in tracking record about the most repeated problems along with the areas where these problems most commonly repeated themselves.

Changing The Student Administration:

While changing the staff of administration certain care should be taken as not to upset the emotional atmosphere of the university as the workers have been working together for considerable amount of time and hence have developed deep bonds with their fellow employees. The best approach that should be taken in this scenario is to keep onboard the oldest and dedicated employees as they have knowledge about the dealings of the university which computers will not even understand. The other employees should be moved to other departments where there is still need for man power but if not so they should be recommended to other institutes. The type of system that should be implemented is BPaaS as this will reduce the man power needed by administration and automating most of the admission processes. The time spent on identifying human error and its correction will also eventually be removed.

The main reason for choosing this system is that these software’s following specific algorithms which assist in the student selection and also increases the response time towards answering student’s application request and giving them timely updates on all the processes and admission process hence saving a lot of time and resources. With time they will slowly gain acceptance in the system of the university and eventually be incorporated into its structure.

Approach For Development:

Out of the two approaches available I think it would be better to take the waterfall approach. Although the agile approach has its own charms and securities along with providing a more systematic way of development of structure but does not meet the current requirements of the university. The chairman of the university has promised its stakeholders that the university will regain its position as the number one university in the state hence a lot of eyes will be on the activities of the university monitoring each and every move asking for outcomes at every corner. The waterfall approach is a more focused approach in which all the activities and resources are pointed at one desired outcome, which is the improved performance by the university and regaining its lost position as the number one university in the state. The waterfall approach will rapidly focus all resources on resolving the main issue at hand and giving a quick response time. Although the strict and rapid change may not be receiving such a warm response in the start but eventually the outcomes in the face of achieved goals will silence out the grievances.

6.Implement Phase:

Approaches for Proposed Improvements:

All the personnel that are required for implementing the solutions will be called to a meeting and addressed about the problem that was being researched In this whole process and the solutions are needed to be implemented. The project leaders will be assigned to the teams and issued a deadline by which they must complete all the steps of the process and penalties which they must pay if the task are not done by that time. Budget will also be set on which the team must carry out the processes without exceeding the prescribed limit. They will be assigned with duties such as visiting other universities in order to build better relations with them and work on joint projects which will add to the image of both the universities. Looking for possible solutions as to better financing solution and student administration system that will be more effective in managing the intake of students. Focusing on bringing in more capable teaching staff with higher degrees that will contribute to the overall academic performance of the university along with providing the university with more projects to boast about in its prospectus and other articles that the university publishes.
Communicating to Stakeholders:

To inform the stakeholders the principle had held a meeting and invited all the stakeholders to inform them of the improvement project that the university was going to take along with the outcomes which was to regain its lost ranking, but sadly most of the stake holders did not come to the meeting because they could not manage this time. But despite the fact that most people did not come, the information about the commencement of the process to address the problem was communicated to all the stake holders of the company along with the promises of the outcomes that the university has desired.

New Method For Communication:

In order to inform the stakeholders about the various activities that are being carried out under this project, special will be allocated for the advertisement for the improvements. These advertisement plans will include a TV commercial in which the university will start up by showing their brief history and major achievements that they have earned in their lifetime along with the announcement of formation of a university in some Asian country which will be adding up to the diversity of students that the university is taken up. The advertisement will also include an introduction to the new online course the university is offering which allow post graduate students to apply for double degree which will help the university to generate revenues. Along with this, pamphlets should be printed which will be mentioning the qualified staff of the university along with its academic achievement which will add up to the current fame of the university and help attract new students by motivating them to apply in it.

Risks of These Implements:

With these changes there are a number of risks that the organization will have to face which will have to be addressed in due time and become harmful. While offering the online courses the University surely does expand its scope offering students from large distances to acquire degrees while generating greater amount of revenues for the University but the risks of fraud and cyber theft is a great threat to the university as the reputation will be badly affected by such case. Along with this the promotion of automated system in the university will involve the removal of old employees which are no longer required but being in the university of a long time will involve emotional bonds between the employees and hence in one is removed then the loyalty of the rest of employees will be in question and would add up already to the issue of low performance of the employees and increase the risk of high turnover rate. In order to counter these issues several programs should be launched in order to promote a more loyal atmosphere in the university and motivating employees to work harder for the overall outcomes.

7.Realize Value Phase:

Realizing Value:

Business process management is not just a single project or task but rather it is a whole process which continues to move on for long durations. During each step of the BPM process there must be proper realization of value as to assess each step of how productively it has acted while moving towards the ultimate objective. In the foundation phase the issue was recognized as the declining performance of the university and several steps were taken in order to clearly understand the issue and its causes. Along with this the promises were made to stake holders of the University that the previous ranking will be restored added up to the confidence of the stake holders and also motivating the staff of the university to get into action as to how they must contribute to help their university in achieving this goal. During the Launchpad phases several studies were conducted so that the problems could be better understood along with its underlying causes and the needed remedies be devised with it. The enablement face put the needed resources and man power into the applying the solution of the problem and set out limitations as to budget and penalties to check any delay or lack of effort by the staff and the task leader. In the implementation phase the solutions that were devised were given their practical form and then the results will be judged based on the desired outcomes.

Benefit Summary Plan:

After various efforts have been made such as brining in new staff, implementing the new business project management model and proper advertisement plans for the promotion of the university, it is now the time to see how much these efforts bear fruit.  The outcome of these efforts will be judged as to how the academic performance of the university has increased and how much close has it gotten to the position that it had held in its previous times. What is the rate of students being admitted to the university and how successful was the online degree program?

Evaluating The Results:

After all the activities have been carried out then the results needs to be measured on proper scales which will give us a numerical value as to how much increase return have we collected which will be measured by comparing it with the previous performance of the university. Following measurements will be done in order to evaluate the end results.

How much revenue was the university generating before the start of online course and how has the revenue changed after the start of the online programs assessing the number of candidates that have applied for such programs and how many each course pays out along with the comparison of the ratio of risk that the university feared will show up.

Which new teachers has the university been able to acquire. How have these new teachers contributed to the overall academic performance of the students and how they have contributed to the researched that are already being conducted in the university.

What steps have been taken in order to form better relation with other educational institutes and how many projects have been launched under this new collaboration agreement formed. What benefit has the university achieved so far from these different projects.

How was the startup of the new university in Asia and what kind of response did it get from the general public? This would be measured in terms of the admission requests that the university received after its launch up and what was the academic level of the students that wished to study in this university.

Embedded Process Governance:

Merely implementing business process management in an institution is not enough but it has special needs which involve the supervision of professionals having both IT skills and also business knowledge to keep an eye on the different activities of BPM along with suggesting different strategies which can help better the system on every possible step. A team of business specialists will be made who will oversee the activities carried out by BPM and assess whether it is working up to the level of output it is needs. This will be done by measuring the increase in student intake and how effective the system stores student related data and analyzes it. Checking if there are any glitches in the software hence pointing out various vulnerable spots it has. This will require a proper team of IT specialists keeping track of the problems and devising the solutions.

8.Project Management Phase:

Incorporating BPM:

The incorporation of business process management is a useful system which helps them in many aspects such as increased efficiency and accuracy due to automation along with some other factor but such actions involve sharp changes in the management system of the company and necessary steps must be taken to successfully incorporate a BPM system without harming the balance of the institution. In the case of our University the possible hurdles that might come up are the automation of management system which will require the removal of old necessary staff and hiring of new skilled staff which is aimed at managing the system along with IT specialists that would be maintaining the software. In order to get acceptance of this system by the different employees of the university and its stakeholders a campaign shall be launched in which the benefits that are being achieved by this system will be highlighted. Brochures will be printed showing how the efficiency of the overall management system of the software has increased. The change in rate of transactions which has sped up the financial processes making the record of transactions faster. Pointing out the expenses that they were able to cut down by automation several processes in the university. How the new and improved admission and student portal will add to assisting the students in managing their student profile while making it easier schedule their classes and get information and data regarding their daily lectures and other material that is academically relevant to them.

Differentiation with Normal Project Management:

The process of normal project management has been present for quite a long time being applied in different scenarios in various kind of organizations. So far this system has been widely applied and has somewhat worked for most situations. The normal project management consisted of four basic steps. First was the planning which basically involved all activities needed for planning and forecasting the different events to be undertaken but none of it has been materialized yet. After planning the project was put into a practical form and all the phases of that were determined are executed hence adding up to the main plan. The third step involves dealing with the people aspect of the project who are to be practically employed in carrying out the actions required for completing the plan. In the last part of the conventional method is the step of controlling in which the authority is set out. This is done by setting out clear rules and policies which must be obeyed in various phases of the project and a person of authority will be appointed who has been assigned the task of managing the various activities and enforcing them. In contrast to this the business process management is a more integrated set of steps which are more aimed at innovating businesses by application of certain software’s along with a focus on automation of processes. As can be seen in the university case study BPM innovated the old system of admission and various other fields innovating modern methods into it while also focusing on retaining these changes while incorporating systems for the check and maintenance of the structure. It also involves the assessment of value from each step that was undertaken in the overall project and making sure these do not reverse themselves. Hence business project management cannot be regarded as a single project but a whole processed structure which continues for the length of the organization as it becomes a part of it. 

9.People Change Management:

Communicating to Stakeholders:

The stakeholder of organization plays an important role in influencing the course of action that the organization that will take as their desires and wishes have to be taken in regard. In our case of implementing the devised improvements in the University the stakeholders must be given due regard keeping in view their individual wants and trying our best to satisfy them. In this regard a meeting should be called inviting all the stakeholders and taken their personal opinion on the matter better understand their desires. Kate Redmond will be asked in what ranking or category and how will his efforts contribute to achieving this goal. Jhon Steward will be asked what BPM software does he want to see implemented in the system and how effective will the case study be for the Master courses. Peter Ant will be asked to clarify in what aspect did he find the overall performance of the university staff to be lacking and what steps does he think should be taken in order to recover this low level of moral in the university. Suggestions will also be taken as to how he believes the university can become one of the best workplaces and through what changes. Kylie Sands will be asked that which field requires new types of professors and which strategy should be implemented to increase the number of professors in the university. Mark Spike will be asked what recruitment method does he wish to be seen implemented and how the student intake will be increased in the coming years. Sue Splash will be asked regarding the strategy which she wishes to see in the university that will increase the revenues of the University.

Mobilizing Cultural Change:

For mobilizing cultural change in an organization special precaution should be taken as not to upset the balance of things while implementing various changes. In order to mobilize this change certain steps would be taken which will be followed in a systematic way. First of all, the various cultural aspect of the institute will be identified which will play an important role in driving the change such as the attitudes, values and aspirations present which are the cultural capital of the society. After this, certain drivers will be needed in order to mobilize this change in the society. The individuals in the university will be enabled to initiate the change in culture which will involve the various staff members involved along with administration and even students holding key positions such as presidents and heads of the society. Next the staff that has been selected will be mobilized to put the change in action by initiating different programs that are part of the solution as decided by the workshops. The key personnel involved in driving this change must be encouraged to use all the available man power and resources and put in their best effort in order to achieve the desired outcome. The examples of other institutes who have undergone similar change should be put out and seen as example to be followed. As these steps will be implemented the overall culture will be driven into this change and eventually will become a part of the norms already present in the society.


Questions and Requests for Board Members:

Kate Redmond will be asked in what positioning or classification and in what capacity will his endeavors add to accomplishing this objective. Jhon Steward will be asked what BPM programming does he need to see executed in the framework and how viable will the contextual investigation be for the Master courses. Subside Ant will be made a request to elucidate in what angle did he locate the general execution of the college staff to need and what steps does he think ought to be taken so as to recoup this low level of good in the college. Proposals will likewise be taken in the matter of how he trusts the college can end up noticeably extraordinary compared to other working environments and through what changes. Kylie Sands will be asked what field requires new sorts of educators and which technique ought to be actualized to expand the quantity of teachers in the college. Stamp Spike will be asked what enlistment technique does he wish to be seen actualized and how the understudy admission will be expanded in the coming years. Sue Splash will be asked with respect to the technique which she wishes to find in the college that will expand the incomes of the University.

Key Sponsor for Changing the Organization:

In my view the best person from the stake holders that should play the role of being the key sponsor is Kate Redmond. The reason behind this is that he has a vision that goes beyond current objectives at hand. The vice chancellor has said that he wished the university to regain the position of best university in the start which it has lost a few years ago but Kate Redmond wishes to see the university at a global ranking position which goes far beyond the current objectives. This motivation will play a key role in moving the university towards its objectives and also provided the needed support that will be required to achieve this goal.

Role by The Program Sponsor:

The main role that can be played by the chancellor in this activity is to promote the universities at all platforms possible. By joining the board of higher education he will access to universities in other states and can form joint projects or partnerships which will add up to the current engagements of the university. The main goal of the chancellor will be to gain access to IV league universities and try to learn from their education systems and observe what parts can be implemented into our own university. Steps should also be taken to form some kind of relation with these IV league universities in order to promote the image of university as being more interactive and participative.

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