Admission Essay: Patient Care Influence on Career and Education

Admission Essay: Patient Care Influence on Career and Education

Having goals and ambitions are the key drivers for leading a life of purpose and success. My ambition is to become the best healthcare provider in the future. This goal motivates me to pursue higher learning in this field to expand my knowledge and enhance my experience. My background and patient care have influenced me to continue with my education.

I have always wanted to help people improve their health status and to lessen the pains that come with illnesses. This vision to be the best nurse was born in my teenage years after losing my sick grandmother due to the negligence of the nurses and doctors. This experience hurt me most since I had a close relationship with her. After this experience, I developed the interest to become a nurse so that in the future I will work diligently and help other individuals who experience what I went through. I want to be an all-rounded nurse, always available to help my patient regardless of their diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, age, financial status, or religious beliefs. I did not understand my dream in life but having talked to individuals in this field I felt motivated, also I consulted my teachers and they provided the best advice concerning the best subjects and courses that I should focus on to achieve my desires.

I appreciate the opportunities I got in various facilities to enhance my experience and abilities with patient care. During the few instances with patients, I have understood that patients are different and they have different needs and also require special care depending on their needs. This helped me understand the psychology of patients and how to handle them. With my experience, I would love to expand my knowledge with improved patient healthcare. This propels me to pursue further education to gain more skills to improve my services. Education will enable me to become an informed decision-maker in my career and improve my research capabilities. Nursing is a field that necessitates the use of evidence-based research to provide the best services.

I will be grateful if the chance to further my education in your institution. I am an ambitious hardworking individual with a willingness to discover and learn new things. Your institution is best suited to impart me with skills that I need to become the best healthcare service, provider.

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