Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers

Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers

Case Study

Cobra brewery is a brand of alcohol that has been in the market since 1989 with the aim of the provision of the less gassy drink.  The organization was the startup of Karan, who has been in the business to ensure that the brand has been able to reach the present day successes in the beer industry. With the main headquarters of the enterprise being located in London, it has aimed in the expansion of its business to other nations around the world. The organization has been able to open up various branches, for example, in South Africa (Vu, 2018, PP. 45-76).

The move towards the opening up of the branch was to offer some level of a taste and preference adjust. With this, the aim was to ensure that the brand was a new concept in the nation that was previously more accustomed to the monopoly of the South African brewer who commands a market percentage of about 90% in the nations brew industry (Bayani and Crisanto, 2017, pp.218-226). This aided in the creation of competitive advantage for the beer drinkers that aimed in the trying of something new that would bring about their satisfaction. The organization has also viewed the expansion to India, which it perceives to be a market that has not been tapped (Mooij, 2018, pp. 32-91).

The aim to the movement of the brewer to the nation is brought about by the idea that when the beer is brewed and provided in the country, there is the creation of the assumption that the beer is their own and hence feel the need to the buying of the product. It will be the best way that ensures that the beer gets on the tables of the consumers when in the right level of quality (Vu, 2018, PP. 45-76). Additionally, with the move, it will be able to note of all the market dynamics through the location in the nations. Some of the factors that have created some level of disadvantage include the idea that in India, there is a look at the nations various states as different countries. With this look, it has brought up the idea that each state has its level of legislation that pertains to the payment of the various levies. An ideal look at this, it will mean that the cost that is imposed on the brand will be high which will have minimized to profit margin in the nations (Bayani and Crisanto, 2017, pp.218-226).

However, as various brands have been able to settle with this level of disadvantages, Cobra beer will not be the exception of the matter. The brand has also been able to view other markets such as in the United States of America and also in China to mention a few of the nations it eyes (Mooij, 2018, pp. 32-91). In this research work, it will try to show the operation of the brand in the world market through the answering of various questions.


A look at the case study of Cobra beer, there is the presence of various level of problems that the organization has suffered.  One of the issues that the brand has experienced includes the idea of which it aims in the distribution of General Bilimoria wine into the mainstream market. At the present day, the brand has been served mostly in the India restaurants and also through the use of the organization website, individuals have been able to purchase the brand (Kseniya, 2018, pp.54-56). With this, there is the look and the lack of the forecasting if the brand will be well received if it is moved in the mainstream market. The organization has hence used the test market whereby it aims in the test to see if the brand will be accepted in the small group of individuals before moving up.

The need for this will ensure that the firm does not use a lot of the cash in the focus of something that may lead to failure. The other problem that the brand has faced in the aim of the brand being able to grow its market in the new kind of geographical locations. With this, there has been the presence of the various teething problems the organization has experienced in the new areas. Some of the issues has been the high level of taxation as well as the high volumes of levies that the organization will experience in the locations. A look at this, it has brought about the idea that there is also the thought of the presence of the various recipients of the product in the new market. As there is the presence of the already established brands of beer in the new market, there should be the presence of the best level of conviction to the people which will ensure that they are able to shift from the old brand and prepared to welcome the brand into their drinking beer (Kseniya, 2018, pp.54-56).

A focus of this will indeed be an uphill task given that people have various levels of taste and preferences for their drinks. The organization will hence have to craft also the best distribution strategy that will ensure that the brand can infiltrate into the market in the best way possible. As the location have extensive geographical coverage, there should be the use of the best strategy that will ensure the brand can get to the market to even people who are in the most remote regions of the nations. This will also be in a way that the brand will get to their location with some level of price consideration in that it is reasonable and not above the price of the already existing brands. With this being the main problem, distribution and market reception will be the things that the organization will have to note to be able to make significant progress in the brand spread to the new market (Kseniya, 2018, pp.54-56).


Question Two


 The organization has been able to be dynamic with how it interacts with the employees of the organization. There is the use of the collaboration kind of administration, which ensures that the management, as well as the employees, can interact in a friendly way. The employees are hence treated in a way that ensures there is the consideration of their thoughts that will assist in the growth of the organization. One of these ways has been the idea that the employees are allowed to have some level of innovation on what they see will be the best new brand or even product to introduce to the market (Abdel-Basset, Mohamed and Smarandache, 2018, p.116). Through the use of the interactive way of management, the thought of the employees is well considered, and the thoughts that bring about better products lead to the rewarding of the employees on a monthly. By this way, there has been the nurturing of innovative employees in the organization.

Furthermore, the organization has been able to possess the best ways of marketing its products. It has been able to possess a high level of unique marketing style (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017, pp.118-126). A focus at the previous brand, the organization was able to position its products through the utilization of pop the bubble image that reminds the user of the attribute of them having the less gassy beer. This process has been able to resonate on the mind of the user or buyer that is the same company that can offer the best premium lager in the world. They will hence be able to have the confidence in the buying of the beer.


 The weakness that the organization has been able to have has been in decline in the level of beer consumption in the United Kingdom. Due to this, there has been a reduction in the sale of the product in the nations.

Secondly, there has been a high level of the split between the use of the on-trade as well as the use of the off-trade market. This has led the organization in the presence of some level of dilemma that has slowed the process of decision making and the use of the most favorable methods (Nickerson and Argyres, 2018, pp.592-605). 


This term can be described as some of the things or effects that the organization can use to bring about some strength. One of the opportunities that the organization has is through the high level of marketing the wines brand in the mainstream market. Given the idea that individuals view the brand as the best premium lager, the view of the presence of the product will attract more individuals to the purchase of the commodity. Moreover, the use of social media will be the best way to go around the issue (Tuten and Solomon, 2017, pp. 132-154). Through the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as YouTube, it will be the best way to convince the younger buyers or people of the age bracket 20-45 years of the presence of the commodity in the various outlets in the world (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017, pp.118-126).

One other skill that can be utilized is the use of the Brand Ambassadors (Bas) who will be tasked with the advertisement of the product in the various sale out points. With this, the individuals will be provided with uniforms that aims to advertise the numerous new brands as well as the old brands of the organization (Tuten and Solomon, 2017, pp. 132-154). There positioning at the outlets will ensure that as new clients stream in, they can be notified of the presence of the brand in the outlets. With the high training of the BA’s, they will have some level of conviction power that will necessitate the individuals to purchase the products from the point. This process will aim in the increase of the sale volumes in the entire chain of the purchasing process. Lastly, the production of merchandise such as the caps as well as the T-shirts with the brands of the organization will aim in the advertising the products to the various individuals who may not have the idea of the presence of the brand (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017, pp.118-126).


The use of the various points such as the Cobra Vision, the Tandoori Magazine, the Cobra Foundation, as some of the ways of diversification of the organization should be utilized in a lean manner. The reason for this is because when an organization has various issues at hand, it may lead to the lack of the focus on the main ideas that the organization aims to fulfill (Mooij, 2018, pp. 32-91).

 The organization should hence try as much as possible to stick to the main agenda, which is brewing to ensure much effort is channeled to the most critical areas (Abdel-Basset, Mohamed and Smarandache, 2018, p.116).

Question Three

The organization can carry out the segmentation of the base in various ways. Some of the critical ways will include based on the geographic location, the business description, the behavioral practices, as well as the culture or personality of the clients. A focus on the behavioral practices, it will base on eh look at behavioral economics. One should be able to ensure that there is enough level of anchoring of the product. The first impression in which the client will have on the product will dictate the presence as well as the absence of the individual in the purchasing of the commodity. Secondly, there will be a perception of the value. The amount of money to be charged on the client should directly co-relate to the level of quality that the product offers to offer the client.

The organization should be able to follow the authority such as those of the marketing experts, which will ensure the individuals can develop the best-set level of advice, which relates to marketing strategies.  The other matrix is on the geographical location, whereby, people in various places all over the world will possess the different level of taste and preferences (Alonso, Bressan and Sakellarios, 2016, pp.560-582). The upfront research will be the best way of crafting what needs to be provided to the various individuals in the market.  Personality will play a part in influencing the type of product that an individual will purchase. Products should be made to accommodate all the people from all the distinct perception of the various issues.

To ensure this is carried out effectively, there is a need for the use of various ways to investigate the multiple variables. The purpose of the survey can incorporate the utilization of the questionnaire. Individuals will give feedback on what they view to highly benefit them as well as the statement of the various variety they have. A web survey is also critical, as they are inexpensive, have low levels of the clients lying and the results can be processed quickly.  Lastly, observation will be crucial, as it will ensure the use of the most accurate way of investigation.

Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers
Cobra Beer Case Study Questions and Answers

Question Four

The SMART analysis deal with the use of the Specific, Measurable, Achievable/ Attainable, Relevant and the use of the Time-Bound strategies. With this, there is a need for the utilization of the various marketing strategies that will ensure there is the achievement of the set level of goals by the organization. One of the issues will include the deep consideration of the products that are offered to be the clients. As much as quality is key to the attraction of the clients, there is the need to the deep level of the use of the best attractive outlook of the products (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017, pp.118-126). For example, the use of the wine series that the organization is introducing to the field, the use of the most eye-catching packaging will attract the clients.

The focus of the issues that the clients look up in the wines industry should be the vital areas that the organization should use the marketing tools.  The discussion of the issues that bring about the satisfaction of the client will be critical to add value and make the purchase of the product by the clients easier. As seen by the efforts made by Karan Bilimoria, the product of poor quality will mean that the client will not purchase the commodity any other time after the initial one. Quality of the product will remain to be the best way to market the product in a market whereby there are various individuals in the field that offer the same products (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017, pp.118-126).

The other strategy that the organization can utilize is using the acquisition of the various brands in the different nations. Through the use of the acquisition idea, the organization will acquire the new company and will bring on board the multiple clients that previously purchased the products. Through the use of this way, it will ensure that clients can view the various brands under the name of the organization and how they will offer some level of satisfaction to the individuals (Nickerson and Argyres, 2018, pp.592-605).

As there is the presence of the various brands being introduced now and then, there is the need for the use of the underpricing of the commodity in the initial stages. It will be the best market entry technique that will ensure that individuals will be able to purchase the commodity living behind the overpriced products. It should, however, be noted that the underpricing should not be carried out for such a long time as it will create the impression of low quality (Nickerson and Argyres, 2018, pp.592-605). The use of the prices that are slightly below that of the market competitors will ensure a high level of admiration of the Cobra Brands as opposed to other brands. The cost of the commodity should correspond with the quality of the products.

Premium pricing levels of some set brands should be established to target a given level of clients. The pricing will ensure that the commodities are sold in places whereby individuals do not have any alternatives. An example can be the positioning of the products in airport selling points. Additionally, price confidence should be used as it will ensure that the clients feel a need for the value of their money. An example can be the use of the premium lager of the highest quality. Individual clients may be asked to get the lager of the same quality elsewhere, which is sold at a lower price. The presence of the high quality and cheap product will mean that the organization will reward the clients with coupons of a different set of amount. It will encourage more buying from the Cobra brand beer (Nickerson and Argyres, 2018, pp.592-605).

Some of the brands that have not hit the market well should be stocked in the brick and mortar stores. The use of this will ensure that the products are readily available to willing buyers. Convenience will mean that the clients may go for the Cobra brand as opposed to other substitute brands as it is readily available for the clients.

Furthermore, there is a need for an increase in the convenience of the products.  In this, Cobra Beer can use the virtual stores whereby a click on the ordering of the product, will mean that the products will be delivered to the homes of the individuals. It is an essential excellent service as it ensures clients can shift loyalty from other brand and use the Cobra Brand.

During the festivities as well as the holidays, the firm should ensure there is the offer of the discounts for any products purchased by the individuals.  Some of the tools that can be used to announce the discounts to the clients include media sites, television advertisement and billboards. The promotion will create the urge to buy as well as drink the products. Moreover, in the ad of the products, the organization should promote the right level of features (Alonso, Bressan and Sakellarios, 2016, pp.560-582). They should not set the high level of elements in that when the client purchases the product, he or she will feel as if the product failed as the expectations were not met.

The use of the above marketing mix strategies may not bring about changes immediately, but a focus on the long run will result in a high level of performance. Different marketing skills should hence be used in the various life cycle of the products.

Question Five

The implementation of the set strategies will require some level of financial input. Due to this, there is a need for the setting aside of the various funds that will ensure there is a success in the process. 

It will be noted that after a period, the brand will be a household name that will be able to command the various markets in the world. The management should ensure there is the opening of the new brewers in multiple locations in the world. Even though there may be the presence of the various teething issue in the initial stages of the process, this is the only clear way that leads to the creation of a blue company that will be a market leader in the present, as well as the future of the organization.


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