The Blue Sky Mine and Corporate Social Responsibility

 1a. what was mined here, and for what purpose was the material/is used?

Asbestos was the primary mineral mined from the Wittenoom mines. The region included a substantial quantity of blue crocidolite asbestos, which was used as an insulating material and to manufacture gas masks and military tanks (Moreira dos Santos et al.). In addition, the unused asbestos tailing piles were utilized in water pipes, pipelines, roadways, and children’s sandboxes. Due to the increased demand for asbestos materials at the war front and the need to put bread on the table, safety and health issues were disregarded.

1b. how the Colonial Sugar Refinery treated its miners during and after the mine operations.

In contrast to sugar refineries, the colonial sugar refinery had no experience in mining, resulting in inadequate treatment and administration of miners. The miners did not receive the proper personal protective equipment while working in a hazardous area. During the operation, the miners labored without enough ventilation and lighting, and several may be seen wearing inappropriate attire, such as sleeveless shirts and cigarettes (Moreira dos Santos et al.). The anguish on their faces encapsulates the awful working conditions endured by the miners during operations. The CSR did not give medical aid following the procedures, despite the health risk and its failure to supply suitable personal protective equipment. Due to the toxicity of the mining activities, the majority of the mineworkers were hospitalized, some were bedridden, and some passed away.

1c. Whether or not the company demonstrated principles of corporate social responsibility (look this term up if it’s unfamiliar to you)

The company did not show principles of corporate social responsibility since, in their business practices, they were not committed to ethical employee treatment and fair pay.

1d. If they did demonstrate corporate social responsibility, describe at least two examples of how they did demonstrate CSR

Notably, the company did not show any corporate social responsibility. If the company had demonstrated CRS, it would have positively impacted its employee retention and satisfaction.

1e. if they did not demonstrate corporate social responsibility, describe at least two examples of how they could have demonstrated CSR

The company could have pursued other pro-social objectives such as donating to charity and not just focusing on maximizing profits. Secondly, the company could have worked on minimizing environmental externalities and promoting volunteerism among staff members.


1f. who is responsible for ensuring corporate social responsibility in any setting in any nation, and why

To be socially responsible, an organization should first be accountable to the shareholders and to itself. Businesses that undertake CSR drivers have typically grown to the point where they can contribute to society. All the stakeholders are responsible for ensuring corporate social responsibility.

  1. How Midnight Oil uses music (speed, tone, volume, key, etc.), lyrics, and, importantly, images to tell the story of the Blue Sky Mine

Through the song, Midnight Oil gives a more Motown feel. The song’s tone conveys his opposition to nuclear weapons and corporate pollution of the natural environment while also emphasizing the dispossession of Indigenous peoples. The lyrics and the images are a great source of entertainment and uplifting power while bringing out the concept of environmental activism.