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Change of Pathway from Business to Biological Sciences

Change of Pathway from Business to Biological Sciences

Nothing challenges in life like adopting a career, due to compulsion from the parents or influence of friends. It ends up to be a misery and a journey full of regrets. I found myself in a similar situation, due to insistence of my parents to take a course in business. Deep in my mind, I knew that this was not my specialization. I had no attraction to anything related to business and I can approve that I employed no much effort to excel in this field. What I was sure about is that I liked a science based course, since when I was young, I loved things that I could test and see by naked eyes- in this case science. To be precise, I had a strong inclination towards biology, because the subject was fascinating. Learning about the living things, human anatomy, diseases, among others, enchanted me most.

A dream whose opportune time has not arrived cannot be tramped upon. I took time to enroll for the business course to please my parents, but I learned nothing significant from the class. After a period of time, I talked my mind to my parents, and explained to them that I didn’t like the specialization. The proclamation generated heated debates in the family, but I stood firm, never changing my stand. After wise, my parents allowed me to follow what I wanted, and I was glad to make an application to biological sciences.

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