Development of a Strategic Social Media Program

Development of a Strategic Social Media Program


Social media plays a very crucial role in today’s society by ensuring people connect and network with one another. It has brought a revolution in communication as it enables people who are miles apart to communicate easily with one another. People are now able to share ideas on various subjects with one another at an instance. One area that has received significant improvements as a result of social media is the sports arena. Sports is one of the most important areas of social life in the world today. Fans and athletes can easily interact with one another virtually, increasing the experience of getting feedback and motivation from the fans. Also, social media has ensured that athletes are unable to interact with one another, share their training regimes, thereby developing together. With social media at our disposal, coaches have realized that they can use it to ensure that their teams work together amidst the health issues experienced globally. Notably, the need to develop a training plan that can be accessed and monitored online has become quite essential at this point.

Need for Continuous Training

Sport is an activity that requires continuous training to ensure the players remain fit at all times. Bragança et al. (2018) attest that whenever players take a break from playing and training, their bodies may become worn out, consequently reducing their productivity. It becomes difficult for the athletes to get their zeal back and physical bodies back in shape. As such, the athletes must continually train regardless of the global conditions. Whenever they fail to adhere to their normal training schedules, the bodies of the athletes become fatigued, consequently fail to operate as usual. They will, therefore, be unable to succeed in the field. In some cases, the athletes could develop health issues as they deprive their bodies of the normal routine.

Development of a Strategic Social Media Program
Development of a Strategic Social Media Program

Currently, the world is experiencing difficulties carrying out all its activities amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Interaction has been limited as people fear to lose their lives through the highly contagious flu (Mead et al. 2020). Most countries are under lockdown to try limit movement hence dealing with the infection. Legislatures of different nations hope that by reducing movement, they will be able to determine those who are ill, thus come up with the best care conditions. At the moment, there is no cure; hence people cannot risk any form of interaction. Following this, athletes are unable to meet up and train together. Each athlete now trains at the comfort of their homes to help ensure that their bodies do not get worn out even when not actively playing. However, adhering to a schedule may be an issue as some of the athletes requires extreme supervision to ensure discipline. Therefore, the need to develop a program that could be accessed and monitored online by both the athletes and their trainers.

Most athletes are aware that they need continuous training to ensure that they remain good at what they do. Athletes who are into sports as a talent and passion will try to ensure they find time to train the same hours they train when they are in their camps. However, some athletes may find it difficult trying to stick to their training schedules due to lack of discipline. Developing a program that ensures coaches can supervise all their athletes at such a time will, therefore, come in handy. It will be useful especially for the athletes who have a difficult time ensuring that they remain disciplined.

Memphis Tiger Basketball
Memphis Tiger Basketball

About Memphis Tiger Basketball

Memphis Tiger Basketball team is one of the best basketball teams in the country despite being a college team. The team has been noted to play exceptionally well, bugging several trophies from various tournaments. With the excellent track, the coach saw the need to ensure that all the team members are practicing amidst the current situation in the world. There is hope that activities will resume to normal in due time. As such, the players must ensure that they keep fit by continually training and sticking to their schedule. For the next couple of months, the training may be quite difficult and complicated. The coach hopes that social media will give the players an avenue to encourage one another to continue training and adhere to their fitness regime. In a bid to do so, the coach has designed a training schedule that can be accessed by all the team members.

In the advent of technology, most people have migrated to social media to enhance the communication approach. Additionally, social media helps motivate the athletes as they receive direct support and appreciation from their fans. Regardless of the status quo of the athlete, they must ensure that they have accounts on the primary social sites within their area (Bashir, Papamichail and Malik, 2017). The case not only applies to international athletes as it is also very applicable for athletes playing for college and even local teams. The coach, therefore, ensured that all the team members have accounts in the social site which he intended to use to share the training schedule and also monitor the athletes. Such an action will ensure that the training schedules remain similar so that they athletes will be able to resume their sessions on the same slate.

Need for Group Training

The main purpose of the group training is to ensure that all athletes adhere to the set schedule. The athletes need to ensure that they exercise the same way they used to before the covid-19 pandemic struck the world. However, the regime may not be similar to the one they had in school due to limited facilities. Unlike professional athletes who have invested in training equipment within their homes, these students cannot acquire such equipment. However, as athletes, they must have some essential training equipment to help keep their bodies in shape. While developing a training schedule, the coach must ensure that he knows the equipment and training ideas for each of the team members. The essence of ensuring the same training schedule is to ensure that once activities resume, as usual, all athletes are at par physically.

Before the pandemic, the team would meet after classes to train together and assist one another by identifying and correcting each other’s weaknesses. However, the team is unable to do the same now due to limited interaction. Therefore, they have to improvise a method which will ensure they can share their training schedules hence prevent their bodies from getting fatigued. The idea of all team members having social media accounts on the same social platforms provides a good foundation for the training. The coach, therefore, has to decide how to share the training schedules. He must also ensure that he can supervise the training sessions of each team members to prevent cases of laziness, and consequently underperformance.

The use of video calls has become quite common across several platforms as they seek to transform the communication experience for their users. Each platform tries to ensure that the users can carry out any activity within site with no issue. With time new activities come up, which require various technological evolutions. The social sites must ensure that they develop the ideas altogether to ensure that they fulfil the needs of their users. Aside from incorporation of video calls, these platforms have also tried to incorporate concepts like schedule keeping and other crucial ideas which may come in handy for their users.

While developing the plan, the coach saw the need to use a platform where he could share ideas while monitoring the athletes concurrently. He opted to use video calls during different sessions to help him track the workout sessions of the trainers from time to time. Also, he wanted to create a group where he could share the ideas simultaneously rather than sending out the schedules to individual students. Once he creates a group, the team members will be able to share their experiences with the schedules and possible recommendations. The coach understands that proper communication must be two-way (Rosenberg et al. 2017). Hence, he had to sue a platform that could help him get feedback in real-time and incorporate the same into his schedule. He values two-way communication channels as this ensures that the athletes are on board with the stated training regime.

Most students within the campus are on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Each of these platforms provides its users with an avenue for video calls. However, Facebook provides a better avenue for its users as it has better user experience on groups calls and sharing ideas in groups. Initially, the coach had opted to use the campus’ social site. The site is designed to share assignments specifically and for the students to share their notes. For him to ensure a successful training regime on the school site, he would have to make an official communication with the school administration to authorize the training as one of the courses. However, this proved to be an extended cut as he only required something that would be convenient during the lockdown period.

Strategic Social Media Training Program

Factors to focus on

  1. Time period for training: the coach must ensure that each team member meets the minimum training hours.
  2. Diet: the coach needs to advice the team members on the type of diet to adhere to t help ensure that their bodies meet the required nutritional needs hence sustain their training.
  3. Psychological aspect: the coach needs to ensure that the athletes not only stick to training, but also improve their cognitive skills by reading and going through their course work.



Time Period The athletes should ensure a minimum of two hours practice daily.
Diet The athletes must strive to ensure that they take in the recommended amounts of each nutrient. They must understand the essence of each nutrient to their bodies in relation to their training regime. Although the regime will not include specific foods, he will ensure to include the recommended calories.
Psychological Aspect Studies help keep the minds of the athletes flexible hence increase their cognitive skills.


Importance of Developing a Strategic Social Media Program

The team members understand the need to train regularly despite not playing any tournament for a while. Each team member must have the discipline to ensure that they adhere to their usual training schedule to help prevent fatigue. However, the training modules have to be adjusted, considering that they do not have access to all equipment to all the equipment they have in their school. Each student must, however, ensure that they have a specific schedule which they can observe with the items at their disposal. Some of the activities they can carry out include, pushups, sit-ups, and jogging on the sport. Depending on the home space, the students may also have access to other few activities as well.

The goal of the strategic social medic training program is to ensure that the athletes focus on crucial aspects during their training. Huml et al. (2019) state that normal training programs of athletes vary depending on the kind of sport they partake in. Basketball training, for instance, focuses on the hands and limbs of the athlete. Therefore, while developing the training program, the coach must ensure that he focuses on exercises which will ensure that the arms and legs of the athletes do no get fatigued. When they resume their training regardless of the time, the athletes will be able to adapt easily to their training schedule.

The coach would have alternatively ensured that he called up all the team members to check whether they keep training. However, he needs to ensure that their training regimes are the same to ensure that they do not have to begin training at different levels once they resume their usual training. Such an action will help ensure that the athletes will easily adjust to the team once activities continue to usual. Renshaw and Chow (2019) attest that group training provides that the team can learn each other’s moves, strength and weaknesses hence understand how to attack their opponents. Individual training will beat the whole idea of the team spirit, as there will be a communication breakdown among the team members. They will not be able to know the next move to take against their opponents. The coach, therefore, tries to use this concept to ensure that his team members understand the essence of team spirit even while in their homes. Additionally, the regime allows the students to communicate better with their team members as they have sufficient surplus time, unlike while training at school. Most of the training in school involves listening to the coach with minimal input on decisions.

Social Platforms Suitable for the Training Regime

As stated previously, the best social platforms to use for this training regime will be the platform that can provide video access and have a sharing option. Aside from Facebook, Goggle and Reddit could come in handy to facilitate the training. These platforms are quite reliable and feasible in most areas. Additionally, the platforms to be used be stable in most areas to avoid cases of lagging and hanging (Effing and Spil, 2016). These sites are also user friendly as they do not have several steps for the users to share information. Users can easily understand how to navigate through to share and acquire the required information.

While selecting a suitable platform, the coach must ensure that he can be able to understand the platform and not compromise his privacy nor that of the students. Also, he must understand all privacy settings to ensure that he shares information with only the intended audience. He must ensure that the training regime does not leak to opponent teams as they may use it for their advantage.


Social media has made life quite easy by enabling accessible communication, even when people are miles apart. In particular, it has come in handy during this challenging time when the global pandemic has paralyzed physical socialization. People have shifted most of their activities online as business people can interact with their clients. At the same time, friends now communicate with one another on social sites. All activities that can be done through the Internet proceed as usual. People try to ensure that they come up with ways and schedules that will ensure they can utilize social sites to their benefit. The coach of the University of Memphis basketball team followed suit to ensure that the tea members can communicate and train with one another virtually. He realized that individual training might distort the group once they rejoin after the pandemic. Adopting the use of social media not only ensure that the team members continue with their training regimes. Social sites also provide that they can foster the team spirit even when miles apart.

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