Gun Control Laws in the US

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Various laws are in place to control the manufacture, distribution, retail, and ownership of a gun in the US, the Gun Control Laws. The rate of gun-related criminal activities in the United States has, however, increased in recent years. Most of the gun-related attacks often create different feelings and responses on the legitimacy of the available gun control laws. For instance, as outlined by the “Congressional Digest, vol. 98,” (2019), “the issue of federal regulation on the use of guns has always been a subject of continuous interest to the legislators.” The issue is often triggered by a case of gun attack in the country. Are the US gun control laws effective enough or does the US need stricter gun control laws?

The second amendment states that, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (“The Constitution of the United States,” Amendment 2). Different interpretations are brought out from the second amendment. However, it is clear that it advocates for every US citizen rights to own a gun for their own protection. Through the second amendment, the US has become the country with the highest number of gun circulation among civilians. Scott (2018) argues that the higher the number of guns among civilians, the more cases of gun-related violence. Since the US states have different gun-control related laws overruling the second amendment, Scott (2018) confirms that the states with stricter laws register less gun-related violence.

Most of the States as Shi and Lung-fei (2018) outline have the right to carry. Through the right to carry, citizens are allowed to freely walk with guns in public places. Shi and Lung-fei (2018) critics some of the gun-control laws as the right to carry. Most of the gun-related violence in the United States is steered by gun control laws, which allows civilians to carry guns in public. Shi and Lung-fei (2018) further claim that most of the criminals acquire guns through the loopholes in the gun-control laws. However, most of the civilians still have guns for their personal protection. The government should therefore, ensure that only legible individuals have access to guns.

According to BBC News (2019), the business chiefs claim that the “Americans gun violence is not inevitable but preventable.” The business chiefs offer a suggestion for dealing with gun-related violence, urging congress to take a measure of prevention and reduction of the cases. The suggestion by the business chiefs as brought out by BBC News (2019) confirms that the gun control laws of the United States are not effective or strict enough to deal with gun violence. Gun violence is also termed a public health crisis, to prove the urgency and gravity of the issue (BBC News, 2019).

Despite the gun control laws and federal gun regulations in the US, there is still a high number of gun-related violence. Various laws and regulations as the second amendment and the right to carry give citizens rights of owning and walking with guns freely in public. The high number of guns among civilians leads to an increase in gun-related violence. Additionally, less strict regulations on acquiring guns enhance the rate of guns owned by criminals. The high rate of gun-related violence is attributed to the loop-holes of the gun-control laws. Therefore, the US needs stricter gun-control laws to ensure less gun-circulation among civilians and a lack of easy access to guns by criminals.


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