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Modern Beauty Standards Are Out of Touch with Reality

It is prudent to ask a question on who and where the beauty standards are set before bringing in any attempt to answer the question of whether the modern standards of beauty are out of touch or not.


A modern beauty standard has been marred with many critics on whether it is out of touch with reality or not. Many different age groups in different parts of the world will argue that as time elapses beauty also does and therefore change is inevitable. Modern society values beauty as one of the best aspects of life and therefore under no circumstances beauty will be looked out of touch as it matches modernity with current generations and one method of taking care of the body (Krumenacker, 2020, p. 237).

There is physical beauty which is considered the most important in the human body. Most people are visual at first and therefore the first thing that makes them attractive is their physical beauty. This vividly indicates that all the dressing code, the makeup, and most importantly even the facial expression should be attractive (Denave & Renard, 2019, p. 68)

The question on whether modern beauty may at times not get an accurate/correct answer. This is because to some extent the modern standard of beauty has gone out of touch. Take for instance a situation where one goes for surgery not necessarily because of health issues but to enlarge buttocks or other hips to build self-esteem and confidence. This certainly is out of touch and to some extent; it can be seen as a mental incapacity working. The problem with this incident is that perhaps the person involved did this to build self confidences and self-esteem and not for health’s sake. This (surgery) causes modern beauty out of touch.

Often Beauty is said to lay in the eyes of the beholder. On this note, therefore, some people will say as long as one is mobile, physically fit, breathing, and have got no health issues they are beautiful and to me, this is realistic. Therefore bearing this in mind it becomes a big task to accurately address the answer to the subject question.

Another person will be convinced that physical beauty must be fought for even if it means getting plucked off a pelvic girdle’s spine to alight a hip shape. Some will do that to make sure that they get that psychical beauty. Although this is a costly procedure one will work tirelessly to get that hip borne aligned to the best fit that one thinks is right. This is an example of where modern beauty standards have gone out of touch and upon looking at such incidences one might think that there is no clear definition of what beauty is.

Sometimes beauty is described or determined by how a person is groomed or other dressed. This is where there are big battles and conflicts among the current generation. Most young generations prefer wearing tight clothes showing some of the explicit body parts and others battered clothes leaving private body parts naked. In this situation, older people will call it disrespect and disgrace to society as the clothes should cover every part of the body. In this case, modern beauty has completely lost touch with reality.

Having looked at all the differences in perceiving the beliefs on beauty, it is evident that for sure most societies in the world are far from answering the question of whether modern society has lost the aspect of beauty has lost touch in reality. Personally, beauty should not make you be slavery. Physical fitness free from diseases and sanely working is vital. A person should not use a lot of hard-earned money for instance in surgery for beauty reasons as this is beauty out of reality.

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