Online Presence and Impact on Consumer Behaviour – ASDA Case Study

Online Presence and Impact on Consumer Behaviour - ASDA Case Study


The increasing trend of the digital revolution has changed communication of various products. Consumers of UK are now searching for perfect purchase with the help of different social media platforms and channels. It is very evident that while having availability of a new shopping opportunity, consumers will analyse the benefits. Now, the introduction of e commerce has reduced the effort of buying as well as consumers are getting greater availability of products on the web sitting in the drawing room. The change in consumer behaviour has followed the same aspect. Like other giant retail supermarket ASDA has adopted the same platform as without having the same, there will be lesser responses of consumers.

This approach has explored the changing buying behaviour and demand of e commerce. With the change ASDA has faced a greater dealing opportunity on the web followed by digital marketing approach. The following research has been segregated into five chapters i.e. introduction, literature review, methodology, data finding and analysis followed by conclusion and recommendations. The social networking site are putting huge impact over an organisation especially consumer behaviours. Nowadays customers like to read reviews on social media before taking purchase decisions. It can be said that most of the companies are able to open social media accounts for affecting purchase decision of their customers. In order to conduct this study, both quantitative as well as qualitative data have been analyzed. Positivist philosophy has been adopted for this study. Deductive approach has helped in deducing facts. The major findings of the research include availability of e commerce platforms in UK along with consumer’s trend of buying. However, regarding social media or online buying, the researcher has gained scattered responses, but at the same time, attachment to online platform has been revealed. On the other hand, descriptive design has held the richer to analyse data in an effective manner and to reach at a desired outcome.  The use of different tools and techniques for data collection has enabled the richer to obtain a fruitful outcome of this study.

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background of the research

The increasing trend of digital revolution has changed sales and communication of various products and services dramatically. As a result, consumers of UK i.e. from ASDA are now searching for perfect purchase with the help of different social media platforms and channels (Watson et al. 2015). Therefore, the creation of right content has become essential for the right target. Moreover, social media needs to be created in such a way that engages the customers. Organisations should, therefore, increase their search engine optimisation as well as paid advertisements. This is to ensure that their message reaches the customers and they involve more in the increasing trend of e-commerce. The following research is going to focus on the ways in which social media is influencing e-commerce. In order to complete this study, a retail organization has been chosen. There is an attempt to identify the background of the study and an overview of the ASDAs has also been represented.

This study is also going to specify the rationale of the research. Aims and objectives are also specified. The research questions have been linked to objectives. The researcher is also demonstrated the significance of this research work. The sway of electronic business (Online Shopping) looking into procurement, shopping, business collaboration (Bamossy and Solomon, 2016). Client administrations and also looking into conveyance from claiming Different benefits is thus sensational that Just about each association is influenced. Online shopping is evolving at business utilitarian regions also their paramount tasks, going starting with promoting a faster and easier payment platform. The way from claiming rivalry will be likewise drastically changing, because of new on the web companies, new benefits of the business models, and the assorted qualities from claiming EC-related results followed by management strategies. Unparalleled chances for organizations to extend overall at a little cost, on expansion showcase share, Also should. Lessen costs. In this paper the primary cantering may be on the significant provisions about electronic Commerce, those issues. Identified with its great execution and should its failures, Furthermore what administrations would vital for its help. Also,. This paper will exhibit that effect for web shopping on the Different utilitarian ranges of associations.

Internet shopping may be the purchasing Also offering of products What’s more services, or those transmitting for stores or data, over a. Electronic network, fundamentally those web. These benefits of the business transactions happen business-to-business, business-to consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

Those profits of on the web shopping incorporate its day and night availability, that velocity for access, a wider Choice. For products Furthermore services, accessibility, and universal achieve. It’s observed downsides incorporate sometimes-limited. Client service, not having the ability will see or touch an item former with purchase, and the required sit tight duration of the time for shipping. To guarantee those security, protection Also viability of on the web Shopping, organizations ought to validate business transactions, control entry should assets for example, such that web pages to enlisted or chosen users,. Scramble interchanges furthermore actualize all the security advances for example, those secure Sockets layer. This paper expects to unite those major subjects that have arisen starting with that new range from claiming electronic trade and on give acceptable. A Comprehension about its provision Also essentialness should management.

1.2 Background of organization

ASDA is a renowned catalogue retailer in UK. The company has been operating both retail stores as well as online stores. It is a subsidiary of Sainsbury. The company has been able to put control over the e-commerce business. There has been a change in the handling of visual branding over the year. The company has changed the way they used to sell their products due to influence of social media ( 2017). There are certain reason that ASDA has been chosen in order to measure the trend of consumer behaviour and impact on sales. It is a fact that individual tends to purchase household goods in regular terms and in that concern, ASDA is a leading one throughout UK. On the other hand, it is also a fact that after 2015, ASDA has taken varied measures that online transactions have brought a severe impact on increasing of sales (Pappas, 2016).

Figure 1: Sales transaction and prediction of ASDA

(Source: 2018)

They are mainly using twitter accounts for responding to the queries of their customers. Company in recent time spent millions for online advertising their product so that it becomes easier for the consumer to know the product features and description prior to buying. But modern advertising campaigns tend to approach a mass of people and so the risk of negative EWOM (Electronic Word Of Mouth) increases (Gao and Bai, 2014). If the online advertisement hurts the cultural sentiments of the consumers and mislead them with improper and false contents and promises then that could go viral in time. As a result it would affect the brand positioning and brand value of the product and the product can lose consumers trust. All these aspects have also established the trend of online presence and e-commerce for ASDA. Inappropriate entertainment content of the advertisement can affect the cultural and social sentiments of the consumers (Bilgihan and Bujisic, 2015).

 Figure 2: Comparison on investment on advertising and online sales response

(Source: Inn, 2017)

ASDA spent 43% of their annual profit in investing on advertisement as advertisement is the key to sales of products specially products of retail. However, only 2% of their profit accounts from online transaction. This is primarily because they fail to aware the customers about the basic features of the products and its benefits in comparison to other products (East et al. 2016).

1.2 Rationale

The main challenge that lies with the increasing trend of online presence in UK is that online transaction based activities are on huge threat. This is so because various types of cyber crimes have increased in UK. The main issue is the growing use of social media in business. It is an issue because with the increasing use of internet, customers are making online shopping through browsing social media marketing for making their purchase decision. In this age of digitalization it is becoming quite important for a business organization to connect with their customers through social networking sites and marketing approaches (Machaira, 2016). It is an issue now because customers are depending more on online shopping sites and therefore usage of social media has been creating impact over e-commerce. The excessive uses of social networks are posing a challenge on those organizations that are operating only through offline stores. The purchase behaviours are largely affected through social media and so large number of organizations is trying to understand the effectiveness of social media in doing business (Hong, Tam and Yim, 2016).

This study is intended to focus on the impact of social media on the purchase behaviour of the customers and also in the demand patterns of the customers. Social media reviews are serving as one of the effective platform for establishing a positive brand image. This research has enabled the researcher to reach at a conclusion regarding the impact of social media on e-commerce as well as on customer demand and purchase behaviours (Gioia, Corley and Hamilton, 2013). The research will shed light on the ways in which social media are influencing the e-commerce especially its effect on consumer purchase behaviour. It need been discovered that the buy choice of client may be specifically interfaced of the Online networking accounts of the association. It can be stated that an association might concentrate on the approaches on which their benefits of the business will be getting influenced because of those long range interpersonal communication locales. Concerning illustration opined toward Watson et al. (2015), online networking is turning out to a chance to be a paramount correspondence join that is unable will associate a purchaser for an organization.

Similarly as commented Toward Hinsley et al. (2016), it might have been found that online networking is influencing through the expanding utilization of Online networking for influencing over those e-commerce. The idea for ecommerce is influencing again the interest furthermore buys self-destructive considerations and conduct from claiming clients. It need been found that shopper conduct done connection to their buy may be generally dependent upon Online networking. It can make said that an organization has the ability will join with the individuals looking into Online networking Toward Comprehension sway from claiming Online networking through shopper self-destructive considerations and conduct and in addition interest examples. A business has the capacity should gain enormous benefit with the consolidation about Online networking. The e-commerce will be expanding About whether and it is including will income of a nat (Riquelme, Román Furthermore Iacobucci, 2016).

1.3 Aim and objective of the research

The aim of this research is to analyse the increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities along with the factors that have been influencing this trend in ASDA.

Objectives of this research include the following:

Primary objectives:

  • To identify the factors influencing the increasing trend of online marketing
  • To analyse the trends of buying through e-commerce platforms of ASDA
  • To analyse the changing aspects of consumer behaviour

Secondary objectives:

  • To determine the importance of online presence and commerce activities for efficient marketing in ASDA
  • To assess changing consumer behaviour regarding increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities for ASDA for last five years
  • To recommend strategies for efficient marketing strategies on the web increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities in UK for ASDA

1.4 Research questions

What is the impact of online business approach on the changing perspectives of consumer behaviour?

1.5 Significance of the research

This research is significant due to the fact that there has been significant growth in ecommerce and it is because of the excessive use of social media. Customers are trying to browse through social media networks for making their purchase decision. In order to under the impact of purchase behaviours, it is quite essential to study the significance of social media and the intensity to which might affect e-commerce. The online shopping is encouraging the customers to buy form online sites (van Felius et al. 2016). It is important to analyse the impact of e-commerce activities of a leading firm like ASDA. Since 2015, the respective firm is engaged and making more stress on online marketing and sharing of product information through the same. Therefore, a descriptive analysis on the same aspect will help predict ASDA to make further strategies for improvement. It is helping them to understand the problem of their customers. It can be said that more and more retailers are using social media platforms for reaching to their potential customers (Riquelme, Román and Iacobucci, 2016).

1.6 Summary

This section of the study has tries to focus on the influence of social media over e-commerce.  There has been a significant impact of social networking sites in the business organisations. This study has illustrated the fact that an organization is required to promote their brands through social media. It helps an organisation to build trust with the customers. This study have illustrated the fact that e-commerce is trying to took monopoly over the traditional way of business.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Conceptual framework


Figure 3: Conceptual framework

(Source: Learner)

2.2 Concept of online presence and commerce activities

Online presence and commerce activities simply describe shopping or selling products online as well as the usage of various social media sites. E-commerce employs the following:

  • Social networking services for people to social relations and social networks with others
  • Websites of online shopping  for retail sales
  • Buying or selling for Business to Business (B2B)
  • Data interchange for B2B
  • Marketing online with the help of email or fax in order to attract customers
  • Online financial exchanges for trading purposes

The social networking’s services are completely internet based applications and are an online platform to interact with others (Alqahtani et al. 2014). On the other hand commerce with the help of internet and electronic business has enhanced various online shopping websites. Here, one can directly buy or sell products using web browser. Various online stores enable its customers to browse their favourite products and services by viewing images of those products ((Makki and Chang, 2014).

2.3 Theory of online marketing presence and commerce activities

Cyber transformations theory: This theory was developed with the aim to articulate idea of the marketplace. This theory is basically two-dimensional (AlGhamdi et al. 2013). It includes:

This theory laid emphasis on electronic strategy as well as on business transformations. This is so because these conditions are necessary for transition to the channels. Furthermore, this theory expresses a dimensional model including systems, customer relationships and also business strategies. This theory also helps to analyse and interpret the use of simulation technologies (Makki and Chang, 2015). Now, online buying behaviour can easily linked with this theory. Practically, if individuals are not attached with advanced gadgets and devices, there will be no outcome of introducing e commerce or web approach. If there is an increasing trend of e commerce, the transformation to cyber gadgets is highly evident. On the other hand, it is also a fact that

Demand is basically associated with certain factors such as price, preferences, price of substitute, number of buyers and income. These are the five determinants of consumer demand that affects a business both in a positive as well as negative way (Horváth and Pourtalebi, 2012). 

There are some specific fields of retail business where efficient business transactions and optimum sales depend. It may be a matter of online platform; all of the following factors are getting differed to bring more attention on online business activities.

Price: It has been found with price and demand is positively interconnected to each other. When price of a product rises, its demand fall and in the similar way with a rise in price consumer tend to reduce their purchase. As argued by Bijmolt et al. (2014) price is often a major guiding factor behind a customer’s purchase decision.

Income:  Income of the people might affect on the demand because with a rise in income, the buying power of customers also rises. A marketer is required to fix their prices as per income or buying power of customers.

Price of substitute products: It is generally found that if there is more number of related or structure products then the demand for that substitute rises. An organisation has to gather information regarding number of substitute products that exist for that good (Hajli, 2014).

Competitors: The number competitors are also quite vital in selling of a product. A product with large number competitors might create negative impact over a business.

Preferences: The choices of customers are able to put emphasis over the demand of the customers (Ponte et al. 2015).It is the customer who tends to base their purchase decision over their choices.

2.5 Theories of consumer behaviour

Theory of Cardinality approach:  Human behaviour tends to adopt optimum resources and it is not a scarcity that fulfilment of desire will be fulfilled. This cardinal approach has led to link the theory of buying behaviour with the availability of resources. However, there are some other approaches, but at the same time, budgetary concerns are also important. Moreover, buying of a product is dependent on fulfilment of desire (Baker and Saren, 2016).

Consumer theory of utility approach: Utilisation is another aspect that buying behaviour of a consumer is directed through. For example, fabric or food can be termed as utilities whereas the value of wine cannot be established through the same approach. On the other hand, the theory of utilisation is also variable from person to person (Baker and Saren, 2016). The fulfilment of desire is subjective and this aspect has directed business owners to diverse products and presentation in different communities. The utility approach directs an individual to measure yield each purchase in equal terms. However, not having the same satisfactory measure, the buying process continues (Pappas, 2016).

The hypothesis of purchaser conduct technique acknowledges how purchaser utilization as much wages so as to fulfil that majority having amazing satisfaction alternately utility. This utility expansion direct of the purchaser may be at risk to the interest compelled toward as much compelled money and the costs of the different things he wishes on use. The purchaser supposes regarding those dissimilar “packs about products” that he could eat up provided for as much money and the costs of the stock in the Assemblies. Following the same and entire time, a respective head endeavours on cantering those one bundle that will give to him the most extreme satisfaction (Pappas, 2016).

There would two standard methodologies of the hypothesis of shopper direct will interest clinched alongside commercial concerns. The essential procedure on customer direct hypothesis may be the Cardinality methodology. The second will be those Ordinals approach. Human needs are limitless and at the same time they would from claiming different energy. Those methods at the exchange of a set of products are rare and also they need elective employments.

Likewise an outcome from claiming shortage for assets, the purchaser cannot satisfy all as much needs (Tingchi Liu et al. 2013). He require to lift Concerning illustration on which have any desire will be should a chance to be satisfied to start with Also which some time later Assuming that the advantages permit. The purchaser may be confronted in settling on a choice. It dives of the market also fulfils as much thirst by securing coca’-cola as opposed tea pack. Targeted customer groups are here with take a gander at the budgetary forces which. Settle on him purchase a particular stock. That reaction will be essential. The purchaser buys an item for light of the truth that it gives to him satisfaction. On particular term, a purchaser purchases a stock on the fact that it need utility” for him. We presently take a gander at those instruments which need aid used concerning illustration a and only the examination for purchaser direct (Sahney et al. 2013).

Customer inclination would portray likewise the subjective (distinct) tastes, similarly as measured by utility, about separate packs of results. They permit the purchaser should rank these packs for stock similarly as shown by those levels from claiming utility they provide for the purchaser. Note that inclination would free of wage Also costs. Ability will purchase results doesn’t keep tabs a consumer’s inclination alternately abhorrence’s. One may quit offering on that one might bring a slant to Porsches over Fords however recently have those cash related intends to drive a portage. These inclination Might be shown and mapped through those usage about impassion curves. Set up with graphically portray customer preferences, we must portray a couple terms. On start with, since we will make attempting to two estimations (2-d graphs), we hope a two items reality. Those two items would one fundamental solution may be will portray person great, say nourishment, and lessons alternate great a chance to be An composite for constantly on diverse stock. For spellbinding straightforwardness less than how around we portray the two stock concerning illustration great X Furthermore handy Y (Panda, 2013).

Discrete choice model

The discrete choice model of demand is of the viewpoint that a customer bases his purchase on heterogeneity of a product. It has been found that there is a rising demand for differentiated goods (Karimi et al. 2015). Markets need to pay close attention to the demand of products. Most of the researchers have linked demand analysis with economic theory. It can be said that increasing number of competitors have made it quite challenging for the organizations to sell their products. A single product has a large number of competitors and therefore consumers are able to choose from a large number of discrete choices.

Figure 4: Discrete choice model

(Source: Sandrin et al. 2017)

A impassion bend may be a chart demonstrating different packs of stock between which a purchaser may be reserved. That is, during every one purpose on the curve, the purchaser needs no slant for one pack over a substitute. Person might proportionately imply to every one purpose on the impassion bend Likewise rendering those same level for utility to the purchaser. In that capacity a impassion bend will be those locus of different keeps tabs demonstrating different combos about two results giving proportional utility of the shopper. Utility is afterward a contraption on talk on inclination similarly as contradicted with something starting with which inclination come. Those guideline usage about impassion curves is in the representational about conceivably perceptible request plans for exceptional consumers through product packs (Panda, 2013).

It is important to demonstrate that the purchaser may rather a chance to be not looking into I2 yet all the I3, and may instead be on I2 over I1, yet doesn’t provide for a doubt the place he/she will be on An provided for impassion bend. The slant of an impassion bend, alluded should by economists as those minor rate of substitution, indicates the rate In which buyers would enthusiastic on surrender you quit offering on that one incredible as an exchange to An more terrific measure of the other incredible. As stated by Shalini and Kamalaveni (2013), for the vast majority items those minor rate of substitution will be not unfaltering in this way their impassion curves would bended. Those curves are bended of the birthplace, portraying that negative substitution impact. Similarly as esteem ascents to a modified money income, the purchaser takes a gander to lessen that unmanageable substitute at a greater amount level impassion bend.

2.4 Current trends of online advertising and customer response

The profession for merchandise need been an aged act that could delicately mark the starting of present day man. The necessity will get something for trade of something particular case. Claims need advanced under a fragile science that fills that component of trade. This Profession for merchandise need advanced under the thing that we call today business. Today our reality revolves. Around commerce; laws would made with protect commerce, Push trade. Furthermore now and again boycott trade of certain merchandise (Holland and Mandry, 2013).

To instance, today’s industrialized alternately produced. Countries have Run great past the limits about straightforward products exchanging to greater part and. Trounce universal block Also mortality table retailers in any case currently need moved should differentiate request done. Corner customer interest and should convey merchandise will customer areas as opposed to retail savings. It may be notwithstanding not sufficient should need a basic toothbrush tree be that a toothbrush tree that embodies. That needs about purchasers more than the necessities itself same time during those same the long run need that conveyed of the consumer’s entryway step (Sundström et al. 2017).

Today innovation need produced it not difficult to look into a chair, purchase all the seat furthermore need that. Same seat conveyed to one’s doorstep. This particular idea will be called E-Commerce, which will be. The profession from claiming merchandise Furthermore benefits utilizing that web likewise a medium to finish up a staid set. Transaction constantly conveyed crazy with the utilization of the web. E-Commerce need developed. Under a business that includes a number of commercial enterprises. Such another channel need constructed it. Conceivable for clients will get more stupendous haggling control (Shalini and Kamalaveni, 2013). This recently discovered control inside. Shoppers need aggravated it basic for makers on comprehends customer conduct. The current trends of advertising are as follows:

Instant communication to customers

The immediate association may likewise be eluded as the “dull web”. It might sound a kind of evil sort however it has nothing to do with any dim like issues. As per Mohamed (2014), the primary concern about the dull web is the brands that are attempting to interface their clients in an increasingly certain and individual way. It manages the private web investigative apparatuses that are available in the hands of the gatherings of people of an organization where the groups of onlookers can share their private messages and recommendations through writings of email, or with the assistance of the online life (Kozlenkova, Samaha and Palmatier, 2014). Then again, Bharadwaj, (2015) has expressed that in the UK retail business, the hypermarkets pursue similar techniques for utilizing the messages, informal organizations, and web and versatile applications with the end goal to grow their business in the nation. Techno portability is one of the retail versatile applications which are utilized by the general population with the end goal to connect in with the items. Shoppe UK is likewise one of the web applications which is associated with

Social exposure

Advancement of business sectors in the web based life has been a long haul pattern of publicizing since the start of the 21st century. According to Salleh (2014), spending immense measure of cash in the online life assist them with expanding their business as well as causes them to develop their piece of the overall industry as well. In any case, there are additionally a few disservices as well. For instance Twitter, which is additionally an informal communication site however commercial, does not work there to such an extent. Where as in Face book, the ad drifts increment greatly and the brands get the genuine achievement. Organizations like coca cola or L’Oreal enables the clients to experiment with various tastes of the items. They promote in the informal communities and furthermore make augmented reality for amusement like in special seasons and some more. It is the most unpredictable approach to make a buzz around the organization (Pantano and Priporas, 2019).

Increasing buying trends

Versatile instalment strategy is these days exceptionally normal. According to Moorthy et al. (2015), supposing above and beyond like one touch purchase and following day shipping pulled in clients towards a specific business. With the development of that day transporting, the clients can arrange items and watch advertisements with a radical new ordeal level and drive purchasing. The retail markets of UK as made reference to above rouse their clients by including different types of moving watchwords to their brands with the end goal to draw in their clients (Tähtinen, Ryan and Holmlund, 2016).

Theoretical framework support

Taking the assistance of artificial knowledge in the retail business has been another pattern these days. According to Kurnia et al. (2015), regarding promoting in showcasing this pattern helped the retail business industry to speak with the clients in their official sites 24*7. As the correspondence in this universe of innovation has come to a propelled degree, the autonomous workforce has turned out to be more sensible also. Talk bots are the new AI expansion in advanced showcasing which is utilized to speak with gigantic number of individuals in long range interpersonal communication as well as in different sites too. They are principally utilized in drawing in clients regarding items utilization, client administrations and different types of value-based commitment (Fill and Turnbull, 2016). Presently the principle point of the visit bots is to peruse, get data, solicit any sort from inquiries and now and again purchases items. The point of the retail business is to make the bots snappier and better and substantially more engaging than the clients.

Effect of online advertising and promotion

According to the thoughts of Javornik (2016), it very well may be said that conduct or view of a purchaser is one of the principle worries for a business. This is because of the way that on the off chance that a purchaser is happy with any item, it can help in expanding deals and in addition dimension of profitability. Thus, it is required by associations to concentrate more on kind of publicizing as it can help in pulling in purchasers (Jones and Shaw, 2018).

Brand positioning

Current patterns of publicizing that are joining of online networking stages have enabled firms to build up a feeling of certainty among purchasers with respect to the brand. It can additionally be expressed that successful utilization of web based life stages for publicizing can decidedly impact conduct of buyers. Nonetheless, it has additionally been seen that a huge level of organizations are as yet unconscious of the way that which stage can be the best. Then again, Kamil and Musah (2017) contended that ongoing updates and in addition data of the association or about the item can without much of a stretch be conveyed to shoppers inside no time.

Considering consumer perception

Ads which are given via web-based networking media stages have additionally upheld sketching out of unmistakable highlights. These highlights thus can enable customers to distinguish how that item can satisfy the necessities (Robertson and Abatan 2017). It can likewise be made reference to that advancement of any item by giving notices has prevailing with regards to illuminating customers about the extraordinary cost. Von Bergen and Miles, (2016) has expressed that this circumstance has eventually leaded them to get energized to purchase the item it could be said of earnestness. What’s more, utilization of internet based life stages for promoting items or administrations have enabled associations to get profundity experiences of contemplations of buyers which thusly have uncovered their discernment in regards to the item. Notwithstanding, it can likewise be made reference to that utilizing of these online networking stages for buying of merchandise have made clients apathetic (according to the thoughts of Lim et al. 2017).

2.5 Factors influencing the increasing trend of commerce activities and online marketing approach

E-marketing which will be otherwise called web promoting can be defined concerning illustration showcasing for merchandise Carried out through electronic apparatus. It’s creating those instruments web transactions of benefits of the business in purchasing also offering. The present day method for advertising on which innovation organization utilized drastically, it need right away turned an enormous apparatus the middle of. Harmeling, (2016) has argued that marketers and customers can consider E-marketing that may be new and climbing device around on making promotions and other marketing approach. It will be finished. Through audio, video, 3D, and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be echo. It may be successfully embraced by practically MNCs and global business around the world. Its extension may be climbing for the universe (Hunt, 2014). Web-platform needs to be transformed that entire particular idea Also. Perspective from claiming advertising the Growth may be profoundly viable the in general globe economy. Conversion scale from claiming outside coin Ascents, there is different equivalent word use to web showcasing that is e-shopping, e-store, e-web stores, web-shops and so forth. The e-marketing also particularly online networking promoting need drastically changed the purchaser conduct. Online networking may be a way on speak viewing specific merchandise alternately administrations for at whatever. Specific brand once it’s online networking page.

Online networking clients basically have a place with that adolescent alternately teen-age side (Fischer, 2015). As opposed business and proficient people. Those Online networking is a standout amongst those e-marketing apparatus which pull in or. Catch an extensive variety from claiming shoppers. It’s a way for buyers will speak in regards to item alternately administrations. The individuals would basically associates who discuss the brand, style, item type, benefits and so forth throughout this way; observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be average. Likewise they have a place on the web. With same agendas and targeted group, it can be roughly the same budgetary background, with the goal the effectively or adequately assistance or aide every. Different purchasing efforts may bring specific result or profiting any administrations (El-Ansary, Shaw and Lazer, 2018).

E-marketing makes characterized Similarly as whatever showcasing action in buying, selling, advertisement, promotion, Distribution, clients worth along with every one other sort of advertising exercises done with the assistance for utilizing internet. Innovation with exchange merchandise starting with merchant on purchaser web. As e-marketing expanding drastically we have separate (Harmeling et al. 2017). Types for e-marketing webs accessible on the web those are similar to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, joined in, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, MSN, Myspace, AOL, e-bay and so forth. As contrast with the accepted advertise nowadays, purchaser attracting that’s only the tip of the iceberg towards e-marketing. E-marketing needs an innovation organization apparatus that blend the purchaser Also vender at one spot or toward you quit offering on that one stage.

Organizations Also association utilizes e-marketing strategy to their clients Also clients with get them the sum dependent upon date. As we realize that e-marketing is accessible 24/7 shopping alternately advertisement, with the goal they would. Not certain with time limit time. They don’t bring day/night alternately the long run issue. Likewise contrast with those accepted. Advertisement, they concentrate on amount for duration of the time you click on their web similarly as they expansion their points, as opposed (Gummerus, von Koskull and Kowalkowski, 2017). Through e-marketing Also e-selling our economy also worldwide economy need expanded. Positively, cash drifting Furthermore remote coin advancing under our need exceptionally support up our nations. Concerning illustration we would living on 21st century, people bring time Also that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fill in with would that they arranged up. So to the individuals occupied individuals web advertising is an immense benefit, they feel All the more. It chops down their voyaging cosset what are more other liabilities. To make updated Also get their item on time for securely. This sort of shopper mentality impacts those business men also (Gopaldas, 2015).

Their systems What’s more plans transforms in regards to e-marketing What’s more other sites in regards on the web advertising concerning illustration. Great Through the contemplate we analyzes that e-marketing transfer looking into 4 dimensions, that is email marketing, web. Marketing, e-marketing What’s more web showcasing too. Web shopping these days need get an incredible possession for that E-marketer also on the web shops. That analyst utilized Factual system and numerous relapse. In order to gathering the information through basic arbitrary examining technique, E-consumers would expand quickly. Through consider we examine that web promoting need turned into a standard everywhere the globe (Banerjee, 2017).

Online Presence and Impact on Consumer Behaviour - ASDA Case Study
Online Presence and Impact on Consumer Behaviour – ASDA Case Study

People are limited with web shopping Also web showcasing. As we know that living in this quick moving. It is practically difficult to the clients to get every last bit majority of the data by study physically All around those business sector. E-marketing helps shoppers with a chance to be in-touch with most recent design without setting off and going by commercial centre. Though you get for shop online, alternately on they bring your personal contact number, they provide for you. Updates also regulate majority of the data in regards marketing, new-trends, price, new deals, most recent design, and style and so on (Frausto-da-Silva, Grilo and Cruz-Machado, 2015). These days’ clients would rely basically with respect to shopping. As opposed the accepted shopping. They are relaying with respect to these on the web shops. Along these lines purchasers would free should weigh distinctive sites of the same result about distinctive. Companies effortlessly check those value differences, configuration difference, uniqueness and so forth. Likewise these on the web showcasing will be. Accessible 24/7 you are not certain with quest best for constrained time period. Likewise contrast with customary shopping, marketing. Assistance is important for buyers to purchase the entire most recent item along with administrations without whatever physical anxiety for reviewing the entire (Jaworski, 2018).

Factors that are influencing the increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities are as follows:

Number of users: Continuous expansion of internet is giving rise to more number of internet users. As a result, 12 percent of these users have involved in the services of online shopping annually. This is one of the major factors that are transforming the mainstream business of e-commerce. Moreover, UK was ranked as 38 in world in terms of the internet infrastructure (Bahaddad et al. 2013).

Size and compatibility: These factors have been understood as the degree of applications of e-commerce. Furthermore, these factors are compatible with recent practice of an organization and effects the adoption of innovation related to e-commerce technologies in a positive way.

Electronic Mall (E-Mall): The growth of E-Malls has facilitated the meeting of buyers as well as sellers in the same place. The foremost benefit of these E-Malls is that these malls are providing a wide range of informational exchange and communication. Moreover, these malls have reached their target population.

Economic Growth in UK: UK has been awarded 4th in achieving highest level of economic growth in 2011. As a result, the trade volume of UK has reached to 800 million dollars (Luchs et al. 2016).

Government initiatives towards development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology): In UK, government support for the development of e-commerce plays an important role in the growth of online retail shops. UK Ministry of Commerce has also developed the field of e-commerce and took appropriate steps to maintain speed with them.

2.6 Determinants of consumer demand

There are determinants of consumer demand and those are responsible for retail business in terms of street shopping or online transaction. All these factors are responsible throughout UK that online market is getting booming stances. Those are as follow:

Income: It is very evident that rise in income will increase the demand. However, in case of regular products, it is difficult to determine, but at the same time, the amount of sales depend on income level. In case of inferior goods the rise in change may bring variation in sales. The increasing trend of business and online transaction has been supported by the booming economy of UK. On the other hand, it is also a fact that a retail firm has changed the sales amount i.e. online transactions with the economical strength of UK (Stancu, Haugaard and Lähteenmäki, 2016).

Preference of consumers: Preference of consumer is another aspect that a respective retail or regular product finds more attention. The online transactions and social median interaction shave increased the rate of sharing information. It has become more feasible to gain product of service review through online discussions. This aspect is also supportive to establish the fact that individuals are getting more engaged to online platform and the same buying platform (Louzis, Vouldis and Metaxas, 2012).

Product or service price: Price of related goods seems to face a particular margin as the rate of import has increased throughout UK in recent years. For example, if price of tea gets lower price it will be followed by coffee. The amount of overall sales margin has increased for the same term. On the other hand, individuals have faced all of these lower margin aspects in recent years.

Total number of buyers: Increasing population of UK is another aspect of sales increase. The ratio is simple as increasing buyer will make more demand in regular price. On the other hand, it is also a fact that UK is experiencing the same trend while having a large number of buyers (Trussler and Soroka, 2014).

Future expectations: Finally, the increasing trend of buying and a prosperous market brings new aspects of future growths and following the same, consumer may predict for rising price. The availability of discounts as well as other privileges on the web has brought the trend of bulk purchase at a time. It is another aspect of changing consumer perceptions of buying (Giroud and Mueller, 2017).

2.7 Issues regarding increasing trend of online marketing presence and commerce activities

Often it is seen that customers are unable to trust these online sites for shopping because of obstacles and difficulties faced while browsing the official sites online. As a result, they prefer visiting stores rather than online shopping (Makki and Chang, 2015). Moreover, with the increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities in UK, types of cyber crimes are also increasing. It has been seen that in 2013, cyber-related criminals have changed their way of organising and targeting new users along with new social media platforms. Cyber crimes may include credit card frauds, cyber-terrorism, hacking, internet crimes and illegal access to certain sites. As a result, online transaction based activities are on huge threat. Furthermore, hacking is continuing to rise and has caused reputational damages. According to a statistical report, UK was, however, ranked as first in fields of most unsafe to fall victims to cyber crimes. The unawareness of Cyber Law amongst youths has led to an imbalance between safe internet usages and hence is vulnerable to those crimes (Shankar et al. 2016). 

2.8 Literature Gap

Shankar et al. (2015) argued that there are various challenges related to e-commerce in UK in spite of the fact that UK contributes to United Nation Commission into International Trade Law. However, in this study, strategies related to challenges with e-commerce in UK have been suggested. These strategies when implemented properly can moreover lead to increase in trust of more number of users in e-commerce as well as on social media platforms. Moreover, development of numbers of e-commerce rules and regulations has protected the rights of each and every individual. This study has tried to identify the ways in which consumer purchase behaviour is affected through social networking sites. Earlier researcher has not focused on the demand patterns of consumer and its influence on e-commerce. It can be said that this research has tried to demonstrate the fact that demand patterns of customer are also get influence with the social media. It can be analyzed that there lies a gap between this research and previous researches (Makki and Chang, 2015).

In the absence of sufficient time, the researcher has been unable to carry out secondary research. This has restricted the study from demonstrating information about facts that have been represented in government websites regarding rise in demand due to the use of social media.

Previously the researchers have failed to address to the ways in which demand patterns are guided through the e-commerce marketing. It can be said that in the previous researcher there has been an attempt to identify the potential impact of electronic word of mouth over online marketing. It can be analyzed that the concept of electronic word of mouth has been unable to address in this study. Part form electronic word of mouth, the role of digital marketing has also not included in this research work (Gregori, Daniele and Altinay, 2014).

The vital part from mankind’s behaviour, the consumer’s conduct restrictively, reflects people direct at it hails to purchasing and alternately expending material merchandise What’s more. At large, it comprises that whole behaviour of the last client for material What’s more irrelevant. The issues of the conduct technique of the customer will be indispensable to an endeavour in the inspiration from claiming. The outcomes that it carries along in regards every last one of choices about promoting those. Positioning of the brands, that division of the markets, those advancement from claiming new products, Promoting methodologies for appropriation and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be improved. The examination of the consumer’s behaviour due to those in a far-reaching way diverse way of the goes about and methods for choice that create it will be portrayed toward its multidisciplinary Inception. Thus, economy, for example, such that psychology, sociology,. Human sciences allowed the establishing of the theoretical establishments of the genuine learning for this space. Despite the fact that the interdisciplinary character of the consumer’s conduct Investigations is recognized, there are, however, various focuses about perspective in the forte. This relic does not force if its division from those showcasing investigations (Tingchi et al. 2013).

Likewise a different space for knowledge, those to begin with investigations in regards the conduct technique of the. Customer show up toward those centre of the 60’s, until then being recognized a useful Web-domain about brain research. That research of the shopper picked up a critical drive in a global. Level because of the action place to its administration by that affiliation to purchaser Research, that comprised clinched alongside 1989, through 1100 members, arranging a congress for world-wide cooperation.

2.9 Summary

The literature review gave an overview of the impact on social media on the purchase behaviour of the customers. This section of this study had focused on the ways in which purchase decision of the customer can be influenced through promotional activities over social media. Digitalization has increased e-commerce business and therefore customers are increasing their purchase decision by basing their decisions on reviews posted by companies or by public. It can be assessed that online marketing seem to dominate over traditional marketing. There has been a downfall in the traditional businesses. It has been found that demand for shopping sites are increasing demand for e-commerce business.

Chapter 3: Methodology

Research methodology directs a researcher to adopt the right way of making research efforts. It depends on availability of data, research context or timeline how a researcher should follow efforts. Without having valid methodological technique, it is possible that a research may not gain successful completion on time along with avoiding the targeted outcomes. In this research, the extensive availability database as well as some real life contexts has directed the researcher to choose appropriate techniques in terms of selecting philosophy. This aspect has established the validity and successful completion of the research.

3.1 Method Outline  

Research approach Deductive
Research philosophy Positivism
Research design Descriptive
Research method Quantitative and qualitative
Type of data collected Primary and secondary
Sampling technique Random for customers and Non probability for managers
Number of samples 55 customers, 3 managers

Table 1: Method Outline

(Source: Learner)

3.2 Research Philosophy  

Research philosophy is a conviction about a technique in which the information is assembled and afterward investigated. It is useful in breaking down the rich fundamentals of the theme to be investigated. A justified philosophy is important to choose proper analytics and direction od data collection. For example, the respective research based on real life scenario i.e. consumer buying behaviour in current UK market for ASDA (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). Distinctive types of philosophies of research are post positivism, interpretivism and authenticity.

Figure 5: Research Philosophy

(Source:  Lewis, 2015, p. 474)

In this research effort, the post positivism aspect has been utilised as the truth is steady and hence can be seen from a target see point. This suggests utilizing this reasoning influences the analyst to investigate the genuine actualities and examinations data gathered through a specific rationale. In the notices of Hughes and Sharrock (2016), this logic depends on a characteristic marvel, properties and relations. Subsequently the data got from the tangible experience can be translated through reason and rationale. It very well may be depicted by quantifiable properties which are free of the specialist and the instruments utilized for research (Neuman, 2013). This theory is gotten from human learning so applying this logic has been useful in performing measurable examination and in increasing helpful business choices. This investigation is worried about breaking down the current market patterns of the devouring conduct as for promoting, so utilizing this rationality has been useful in picking up the truth of the current patterns by use of legitimate reason or rationale (Lewis, 2015).

3.3 Research Approach

There are two types of research approach which are useful in making examination of an investigation under research. As opined by Johnston (2014), the inductive research approach causes the specialists to create hypothesis and look at the topic by considering archives and other research material. Despite what might be expected, the deductive methodology of research is a consistent methodology which is worried about testing and affirming or dismissing theory. In this regard, here the deductive methodology has been utilized for dissecting this exploration subject.

Figure 6: Research Approach

(Source: Wohlin and Aurum, 2015, p.1430)

Here the deductive research approach has been mulled over as it is connected with the making speculative learning which is significant to various hypotheses. This methodology is useful in increasing significant finish of the manner in which the customer conduct is affected by promoting. Then again, the inductive methodology isn’t utilized in this exploration procedure as it is a tedious strategy and it bombs in giving bottomless assets when contrasted with deductive methodology (Wohlin and Aurum, 2015). Also this methodology requires another procedure in analyzing the result which is now and again inconceivable.

3.4 Research design 

As indicated by the perspectives of Alvesson, and Sköldberg (2017) the plan of a philosophy is the most vital thing before beginning the examination work. The exploration configuration can be explained as the procedure that can be utilized in the examination time and can be useful in information accumulation time or breaking down the idea of factors that is utilized. There are three types of research design available and those are like descriptive, exploratory and explanatory. Among all these a justified research design has been followed for this research.

For this research a descriptive design has been chosen. The reason is that the availability data in the chosen context as well as online sales activities of ASDA is extensive. Followed by the same, the researcher has to consider both primary and secondary database. Without having a descriptive research design, it would be difficult to consider behaviour of consumer and social perspectives. Descriptive research design is a scientific way of considering assumptions. All these aspects have justified the chosen research design for this research (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015).

3.5 Research method

There are different types of research techniques accessible in the field and in the event of this investigation; both subjective and quantitative strategy has been taken into contemplations. According to the notices of Strehl et al. (2016), conduct and reason for any exploration done is dictated by its examination strategy. If there should arise an occurrence of quantitative techniques the methodology is the sort of research strategy in which the discoveries of the exploration work is made simple to evaluate the subject or the matter of the examination. Along these lines the clarification of the subject is less demanding.

For this situation the connection of offers figure with arrangement to client conduct is to be measured. This strategy enables the analyst to gather information from the different sources that are not worried about the overseeing body of the organization and the discoveries of the issue along these lines turn out to be extremely certifiable and just dependent on the clients of the item. In this manner along these lines the best possible information seeing the client conduct and additionally the effect of the publicizing techniques has been recorded in the paper (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). Contingent upon the theme the need of the exploration work the proportion of client input on a specific item is required here so the quantitative strategy is pursued to sort out the overviews and gathering information from the genuine encounters and the web as well.

The chosen research method is quantitative and qualitative as per availability of data and analytical tools. The researcher has chosen descriptive research design followed by some scientific assumptions (Behdad et al. 2013). Besides that, the researcher has found the accessibility of mathematical tools and graphs while analysing the data. All these aspects have justified the quantitative and qualitative method for the research.

The engaging structure is utilized to delineate the members in an exact way. This plan utilizes components of both subjective procedure and quantitative technique. This structure additionally intends to discover talk with techniques that are as often as possible utilized with the end goal to gather unmistakable information. The primary actuality that recognizes this plan from different structures is that this plan concentrates more on research questions and on the results (Saunder, 2012). The deductive approach has been used in this study as this approach is related more with the quantitative research methodology.

Figure 7: Types of research approach

(Source: Saunder, 2012)

3.6 Data collection and analysis method

This research study incorporates both primary as well as secondary quantitative research methodology. The researcher have chosen the survey and the methods of interview as the survey methods helps in cost reduction and the convenient data can be gathered by the researcher on providing a survey. The method of research is used by the researcher as this process is significant as it can conduct the research in a remote area (Saunders et al. 2009).

 It can reduce as well as prevent the geographical dependence on the capability of collecting the primary data. The methods of interview can also be used as the misunderstanding and the mistakes can be rectified. The researcher has chosen this method as it chooses the selection of the best candidate from the vast. It is also useful for collecting the sufficient information from the process of interview (Yin, 2013).

Primary Quantitative analysis and data collection method:

The researcher has selected this data collection method to collect information that has some numerical values and is therefore real statistical data (Palinkas et al. 2015). This type of data has been gathered through distribution of questionnaire i.e. a set of survey questions. However, it is not possible to analyse each response of twenty three respondents. In order to gather data, the researcher has followed survey and questionnaire tool with a set of close ended questions. In order to analyse the data, the researcher has used Excel application for producing graphs and charts. These representations have cleared the scenario of e commerce and changing behaviour in the chosen context (Saunder, 2012). 

Figure 8: Research methods

(Source: Kemparaj and Chavan, 2013)

Quantitative data analysis has, however, proved to be beneficial in this study as this analysis has been used to determine how this trend of online presence has been beneficial. Analysing data from this research has helped the researcher to understand issues regarding the trend of e-commerce activities.  For qualitative data, three marketing managers are chosen from ASDA.

Secondary quantitative data collection and analysis: The secondary qualitative data has been considered as the resources available in different books, journals and articles. On the other hand, it is also a fact that secondary data has to be analysed to find raw and numeric data like the data of increasing sales amount or the increasing trend of consumer interaction on the online platform.

3.7 Sampling methods and size

Non-probability sampling method has been applied to customers regarding their opinion on increasing trend of commerce activities and online presence in UK. Reason for using non-probability sampling method is that this method involves surveying those customers randomly (Brick, 2015). The chosen sample for primary quantitative data is 23 consumers of ASDA and the gathered responses have followed a random probability sampling. For primary qualitative data three marketing managers are chosen from ASDA following by interview and discussion tools of data collection.

3.8 Summary

In this chapter the need of choosing the appropriate research method is explained with proper description to each session. The need of choosing proper research structure, to defining specific data collection methods is done on the chapter with explanation to the topic of the research. The ways to developing the customer relation as well as customer behaviour is stated. In addition to it the need of proper advertisement policy in order to get improvement on the basis is also stated in the chapter. The researcher has chosen the descriptive method of the research approach because it enables the researcher to follow the method of survey. This method can be used for identifying the different variables which can be tested. The researcher has used this method to evaluate the effect of low productivity of the workers. The researcher has chosen this method of research as it enables the researcher to find the specific variables which may be impacting health that focuses on the further study.This helps the researcher to depict the data in large amount and it can provide its target on audience, company or an organization (Yin, 2013).

3.9 Ethical considerations

While conducting the research, the researcher has considered some ethical concerns. In order to gather data the researcher has to gain access of varied secondary sources and library. The researcher has not followed any unethical way to gain access of resources. After having a concern, of the respective authorities, the article and journals sources are used in the research. On the other hand, while gathering primary data through questionnaire and interviews, the researcher has asked any personal information and discussion out of the context. While making the discussion with the professionals of ASDA, the professionals have not explored confidential data of the firm (Saunder, 2012). The researcher has maintained the confidentiality measure. Finally, the analysis and utilisation of resources and data are used in the purpose of the research rather than any commercial terms.

Chapter 4: Data findings and analysis

4.1 Primary quantitative data collection

In this research study, 23 customers of ASDA are considered for a survey regarding the increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities in UK.

Survey questions:

1. How much time you are using social media and blogging sites?

Options Number of respondents Total respondents % of respondents
1-3 months 13 23 8.69
3-6 months 5 23 13.04
6-9 months 3 23 21.74
1 year 2 23 56.53

Table 2: Frequency of using social media

Figure 9: Frequency of using social media

There is no doubt that the trend of online behaviour has been started by social media. This specific platform has greatly increased the distribution and interaction of product information. While having a product on the web through social media or any other way, individuals are getting attached to the purchase behaviour. If a respective buyer is regularly using social media, there will be additional stress on purchase. In this concern, some e commerce brand may utilise the same opportunity like e commerce purchase. Therefore, it may be said that the increasing trend of social communication has fuelled the behaviour of purchase through web.

2. How often do you use online platforms for making a purchase?

Options Number of respondents Total respondents % of respondents
 Daily 8 23 34.78
Weekly 5 23 21.74
Monthly 6 23 26.08
Less often than a month 4 23 17.40

Table 3: Customers using online platforms for purchase

Figure 10: Customers using online platforms for purchase

The rate of interaction to e commerce is another source of information that the research may find the trend of e commerce. In the above analysis, it is found that the use of online media in terms of daily or weekly is higher and in the context of UK this is a sign of supporting e commerce. The respective group of responses has stated the interaction rates and some of the responses have stated monthly interaction, but at the same time, e commerce has proved to be a part of purchase concern.

3. What are the benefits you are getting from online purchase?

Options Number of respondents Total respondents % of respondents
Great availability of products 10 23 43.48
Effortless shopping 7 23 30.44
Discounts 4 23 17.39
Product information 2 23 8.69

Table 4: Benefits of online purchase

Figure 11: Benefits of online purchase

While consumers are turning around a new purchase options, there will be some benefits. These benefits have supported the changing consumer behaviour to e commerce. If a respective customer is getting more benefits rather than street shopping, there will an increasing trend of e commerce. Some of the benefits of e commerce shopping include above like effortless shopping, product availability and discounts. Most of the concerns are found in the field of availability. A single product is available from different sources and in that concern; consumers are turning around online shopping. The theory of utilisation has established the same concern. ASDA has launched its web approach and the amount of sale as well as interactions have supported this secondary aspect.

4. How far do you agree that online platforms have increased your use of online information about products?

Options Number of respondents Total respondents % of respondents
Strongly agree 6 23 26.08
 Agree  8 23 34.79
Uncertain 4 23 17.39
 Disagree 2 23 8.69
Strongly disagree 3 23 13.05

Table 5: Online platforms has increased use of online information about products

Figure 12: Online platforms has increased use of online information about products


From the above responses, it has been found that 26% of the total respondents have agreed with the fact that product information available on the e commerce sites is valued to make a purchase decision. The increasing trend of online shopping has also established the same concern. While buying a product for regular use, durability and ingredients are the initial concerns of a consumer. Having the same availability on e commerce has forced some customer groups to get an entry into the same world. As per Consumer Theory of Utility has supported the fact that utilisation is directly related to expenditure in terms of buying and selling. In that concern, consumers tend to analysed product information. However, some of the responses are not agree with the fact, but the overall rate of responses have stated that the interaction to e commerce is increasing in a higher rate. It can be said that without having the same approach ASDA may not gain much productivity on e commerce.

5. What are the changes in buying practice you experience after having e commerce facilities?

Options Number of respondents Total respondents % of respondents
Quantity of buying increased 4 23 17.39
 Increasing product analysis 9 23 39.14
More discount 5 23 21.73
 Product review 2 23 8.69
Cashless payment 3 23 13.05

Table 6: Customer exposed to e-commerce marketing communications with the increased use of online sources

Figure 13: Customer exposed to e-commerce marketing communications with the increased use of online sources


In the above analysis, it is very evident that most of the consumers have found the benefit of product analysis. Around 40% of the total respondents have said that they have changed the behaviour of street shopping to e commerce due to increasing availability of product information on the web. It is fact that a single product is available on the web from different brands along with review. As per theoretical frameworks, a respective buyer considers both i.e. price and quality while dealing a product. In the above responses some other factors discount and effortless shopping have also got importance to choose online platform of shopping. If a respective customer of ASDA is getting the same product in a cheaper price from another source, there is a possibility of having switching brands. All these aspects have brought the changing consumer behaviour due to the approach of e commerce. In secondary analysis, it has been found that consumer satisfaction regarding product, price and durability decides face of a product. The same aspect has been reflected in the above responses.

4.2 Primary qualitative analysis

Q1) why do you think that social media promotions are gaining prominence over time?

Manager 1 Manager 2 Manager 3
“I think that in this age of digitalization it is becoming important for a company to promote their brand through social media. There is no such single reason behind extensive use of social media. One of the possible reason may be people are getting a platform for presenting their views and that’ why it is gaining prominence” “I think that buses are getting an opportunity to connect to their customers and are able to receive their responses.” However, it is a fact that customers are getting privileges through online approach of a business and at the same time, a respective individual may not have an effort to visit a street shop. All these aspects have fuelled social media promotion and online approach of products meeting expectations of targeted customer groups. “Social media has been gaining prominence for business because social media is sued by a large number of people and therefore organizations are able to communicate their brand or company directly to the customers.”


The qualitative question has been asked by the researcher for understanding the extent to which a company is able to make use of social media channels for their promotional activities. It has been found that managers of ASDA’s are of the viewpoint that undertaking promotional activities is enabling them to get a single platform to connect to a large number of customers and therefore it is helping them to gain customers.

Q2) what are your viewpoints regarding impact of social media on purchase decision of customers?

Manager 1 Manager 2 Manager 3
“My viewpoint is that social media is widely used by the customers before purchasing a product. In fact social media is enabling customers to know about a brand that they are going to purchase  ” “I think social networking sites are creating a positive impact over customers because customers are able to read reviews of a product before making purchase decisions and these reviews guide them to make a rightful choice.” “I feel that impact of social media on the purchase decision of customers has got both positive as well as negative impact. I think that some companies use social media for exaggerating their brand image and publish fake reviews which might create a negative impact over customer’s purchase decision.”
Table 9: Social media on purchase behaviour


The above mentioned question revealed the viewpoint of the managers regarding impact of social media over consumer purchase decision. It has been found that social media tend to create both positive as well as negative impact over purchase decision. It was found that purchases decisions are largely based on social networking sites. In fact the customers are putting blind faith over such channels which are sometime misleading them.

Q3) what do you think that social media marketing is a good channel for communicating with customers?

Manager 1 Manager 2 Manager 3
“I think social networking sites are a good platform where a company is able to establish communication networks with their customers.” According to the first manager the consumer are more attracted towards the feature of the product. Their purchase increases if the attribute of the product fully comply in accordance with the requirements of the customers. This implies that the advertiser needs to make the advertisements of the popular products which are in demand by the consumer. “Social media is used by large number of people and it can be used for dealing with the problems of customers.” According the second manager in the time of making purchase, the customers are more attracted towards the visibility of the product. This implies that the advertiser needs to make the product more attractive such that the attention of the customers is grabbed when the individuals are active in the social websites. “I think that customers are able to connect to an organization and organization in turn gets a chance to review their business procedures.” According to the third manager, the behavior of the customers in the moment of purchase is influenced by the accurate and brief description of the commodity. This makes an understanding that the marketer should make a brief description about the product such that the individuals can gain accurate and proper knowledge and gets satisfied by having access to the authentic contents of the good.
Table 10: Social media as communication channel


The response of the managers is indicating towards the fact that a firm need to communicate with their customer through social networking sites. An organisation is able to get benefited from the social media profiles because they are able to identify the problems that the customers are facing form their organisation.

4.2 Secondary quantitative data collection

4.2.1 Online shopping in UK

Figure 14: Online shopping trend in UK (2014 – 2018)

(Source:, 2017)

In the above graph, it can be seen that the online trend of shopping seems to be evident in all of sectors and most of the changes are found in online purchase. The changes in shopping trend is highest and following the same ASDA’s aspects of e commerce and the changing consumer behaviour are very evident. However, with the increasing online presence and commerce activities, trend of online shopping has increased. It can now be seen that year about one-third of the total population of UK has started accessing internet for shopping purposes. Moreover, 44 percent of population has already made online purchase in last three months. 83 percent of population has also suggested online shopping as because they were satisfied with their experience of online shopping. It was found out that a high percentage of population being surveyed knew about the advertisements being casted on the sites they use. On the other hand there existed a very low percentage of respondents who did not at all know about advertisements. This may be the implication that the people who did not at all use social media sites did not at all have a hint of the advertisements done on the sites of social media. It can be inferred that the marketers can make more advertisements on social media as the number of respondents using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and others is very high.

ASDA confronts regulate starting with ALDI and LIDL, two market chains who impart comparative centre competencies will ALDI, in that they offer low-cost, high-quality products. Dissimilar to ASDA, however, ALDI Also LIDL offers a go of restricted accessibility products, close by their sustenance retail. ASDA, by contrast, offers a wider go for all products, accessible through their web administrations also on their bigger hypermarkets (Luchs, Swan and Creusen, 2016). ASDA will be second of the UK’s four biggest supermarkets. Tesco holds those biggest UK business impart for 28. 7%, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s would follow for 16.4% and 11.1% individually. ALDI and LIDL bring developed fundamentally for late A long time (Ruddick, 2014), it need been predicted that those benefit edges of bigger supermarkets, including ASDA, will have little benefit edges in the transient.

The house of masters discharged a report card on punctual 2014 testing sustenance waste in the EU especially in the UK. In their report card they contended that retailers, including supermarkets for example, ASDA, bear noteworthy obligation to keeping sustenance waste. Specifically, retailers bring a obligation to guarantee that clients are mindful of how to store food, guarantee date labelling will be appropriate, keep away from cancelled from claiming developed sustenance requests then afterward it need been prepared house of masters European union Committee, 2014. Additionally, it unequivocally stated: “It will be reasonable that retailers must accept a long way more excellent obligation to the counteractive action from claiming sustenance waste in the home. Retailers must guarantee that incentives Also promotions advertised on consumers don’t exchange waste starting with the store of the family unit.

That house of hall benefits of the business select trustees also viewed as investigating reports of market aggress at managing suppliers, utilizing their market energy will interest costs that suppliers can’t manage. This might have been persuaded toward reports of conduct starting with Tesco, a contender about ASDA.

ASDA submitted proof of the house of hall natural review council summarizing their commitment will practicality also certain commonly useful relations for suppliers clinched alongside 2011. Additionally, they have organized a arrangement for minimizing sustenance waste by sending no sustenance waste to landfill locales. Instead, sustenance will be possibly provided for on philanthropies alternately changed over under elective items.

In turn hotspot from claiming trouble is those sustenance guidelines of an organisation year-long overview once campylobacter sullying previously, store chickens. This microscopic organisms may be the A large portion normal reason for nourishment harming in the UK, In any case it could be executed through typical cooking methods Likewise long Concerning illustration sustenance may be legitimately cooked.

The varied timely discoveries about this overview indicated ASDA with have those most noteworthy rate for tainting about crude chicken items over UK supermarkets, over the business Normal ASDA need concurred should introduce another steam sanitization innovation will test those viability Previously, decreasing tainting (Shankar et al. 2016).

The press need publicized these sullying rates done a pejorative manner, with features for example, such that “ASDA laid open Similarly as general store with ‘dirtiest’ chicken” i.e. “Supermarket chickens: 70% influenced by sustenance bug”. Therefore, it can be said that it is not only a web approach or digital transmission to a new era, but the growing perspectives in competition and market development have also changed the consumer perception.

This political surroundings Might give new challenges to ASDA, for those require to present new disinfecting offices for their processing plants and the connected costs this entails. Additionally, the pejorative press reaction Might have an extreme effect once ASDA’s notoriety.

To late quite some time however, this feeling for character need been disturbed a mix of the worldwide recession, and the climb of the plan supermarkets ALDI Also LIDL (Shankar et al. 2016). Both brands bring been broadly acknowledged by the British white collar class, and An wider social disposition from claiming thrift What’s more pride On finding reserve funds and minimal effort items need produced. In the 2014 Christmas season, ALDI and LIDL, those rebate general store chains drew a noteworthy bit of the showcase from different market brands demonstrating that shopper purchasing choices would persuaded toward cost in other socio-investment elements.

4.2.2 Growth of e-commerce in UK

Figure 15: Growth of e-commerce in UK

(Source:, 2017)

As per the data of Centre of Ministry of Commerce in UK (2006), the government has adopted some strategies to incorporate e-commerce framework. However, there are several issues related to starting in this electronic field of the government. The major issue was size of online trade amount (Shankar et al. 2016). As a result, the e-commerce committee of UK has implemented the ICT market in UK. This implemented has resulted in the tremendous growth of mobile in the markets. Moreover, with this, the subscriber market has grown at a very faster rate. The potential for penetration level has also become high. The penetration level has, however, increased to almost 70 percent involving 14 million subscribers. This has ultimately led to attractive demographics. As a result of this implementation in the electronic market of UK, the macroeconomic environment has become stable (Shankar et al. 2016).

Wal-Mart bought ASDA Previously, 1999, demonstrating a system from claiming Growth toward securing. Accompanying this, ASDA need utilized its centre competencies of giving low-cost, good-quality items with pick up market impart Also need turn into the second biggest general store mark in the UK.

Likewise s subsidiary regarding Wal-Mart, ASDA is given for specific reductions. ASDA especially profits starting with the smoothness from its guardian company, and there will be benefits from those innovative work about other Wal-Mart aggregation parts (ASDA assembly Ltd, 2013). Wal-Mart also profits toward adopting best hones produced Toward ASDA starting with their on the web grocery shopping administration. Parts of the Wal-Mart aggregation need aid additionally unable to take advantage from claiming intercompany advances to give acceptable internal financing chances.

ASDA need again 500 areas in the UK, extending starting with ‘supercentres’ down should ‘supermarkets’. This reach for shopping offices is outlined on meet client needs during different levels. They need actualized an cost guarantee, guaranteeing costs stay reliable crosswise over ASDA stores, in any case of their size; this will be expected on test different brands for higher costs On smaller, nearby general store limbs (Kemparaj and Chavan, 2013).

ASDA have Additionally been capable should power the notoriety from claiming their us guardian particular organization Furthermore were those principal major UK retailer to present An ‘Black Friday’ shopping occasion to 2013. This might have been repeater in a lot of people retailers drew a number clients will take advantage of the minimal effort merchandise.

ASDA’s notoriety to low-cost, high-quality merchandise might additionally make leveraged over their Growth methodology. Their endeavours to decrease operating cost resulting value diminishments for purchasers is planned with a chance to be engaging will price-conscious shoppers. Similarly as point by point below, this is a developing mentality around that UK market customer-base and gives a workable road for Growth (Kemparaj and Chavan, 2013).

This Might clarify ASDA’s later Ascent of the second biggest business shareholder in Britain, because of its centre competency over giving low-cost, good-quality results will clients. The place previously, customers might need needed a negative affiliation for ASDA’s stress ahead minimal effort products, in the subsidence era, shoppers are a greater amount concerned with item costs.

Wal-Mart, ASDA’s intimacy guardian company, has noted those climbing noteworthiness for e-commerce What’s more bring started creating this crosswise over Wal-Mart and its subsidiaries. In the UK, there need been An specific concentrate on ASDA’s click & gather information administration, through which clients request items web and they can easily gather them starting with An nearby ASDA store, extending the range of items they could get. The method consultants, OC&C, recognized click and gather as the possible biggest hotspot of Growth in e-commerce for 2015. ASDA’s competitor, Tesco, the table a comparative service, accessible clinched alongside over 350 accumulation focuses (Bahaddad, Houghton and Drew, 2013).

ASDA may be well-suited to this concentrate on click & gather information and other e-commerce administrations; Similarly as An subsidiary for Wal-Mart, they need aid given with it benefits from their guardian company, giving them get of the assets of a bigger firm, for an extensive variety for encounter for e-commerce.

Overall, ASDA’s external environment may be generally troubled UK guidelines about living were essentially decreased the worldwide financial emergency and main as of late need indications shown that this Might move forward. This need decreased the disposable pay for ASDA’s focus businesses. However, due to ASDA’s concentrate on minimal effort products, this Might bring really profited ASDA, permitting them on ended up those second biggest store mark. That financial emergency need modified those UK’s socio-cultural trends, empowering a savings-focused attitude, with clients adjusting their purchasing propensities should seek after finer bargains (Kemparaj and Chavan, 2013).

ASDA need likewise confronted challenges over its state funded reputation, especially because of the sustenance measures Agency’s review under campylobacter tainting over chicken. ASDA’s chicken stocks Also suppliers were discovered with need those most exceedingly bad sullying rates around supermarkets, over that industry Normal. This finding might have been great publicized in the press previously, late November Furthermore its full effect might not bring been distinguished yet.

ASDA bring recognized those troublesome outside nature’s domain of UK retail and bring situated their strategies should suit of shield the circumstance. They need endeavoured with increase value leadership, charging those same concerning illustration alternately short of what their contenders to a significant number family unit products, so as to draw price-conscious clients. Additionally, they need made endeavours to minimize their operating costs, utilizing these funds to counterbalance inflationary weights furthermore passim those funds around with purchasers (Bahaddad, Houghton and Drew, 2013).

ASDA need decided with differentiates their past store-based benefits. They have contributed essentially under innovative unrest development, especially with their click and gather administration. Outer technique consultants OC&C need distinguished these benefits concerning illustration Hosting secondary development possibility for hailing quite some time. Therefore, it is also evident that such leading organisations like ASDA is also making more efforts on developing social media approach and e commerce activities after having the changing perspectives of consumer behaviour.

ASDA have decided should underwrite on the troublemaker investment surroundings reinforcing their centre competency, giving clients with low-cost, good-quality goods, leveraging their notoriety Concerning illustration An minimal effort market on take advantage of the low disposable pay. They bring likewise utilized this period will development their innovative unrest development, with specialized backing starting with their guardian agency.

Chapter 5: Conclusion and recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

Customers are attracted more towards online stores as they do not have to spend extra time. They can access products from online stores when they are at home as well as on work. Previously delivery of products was an issue for customers of UK. However, UK has recently come up with the idea of store pick up services. It is quite undoubted that advanced individuals are more attached to the digital platforms and the world of web. It may be a matter of searching of a new product or making a query in any other event, there is no instant support like Google. This approach has brought the impact on a changing consumer behavior. Practically, if ASDA will not make an online approach, it will be a matter of traditional and older business activity. Nowadays, individuals are making online shopping due to lesser efforts of street shopping. On the other hand, it is also a fact that people tend to make such approach as per availability of products on the web. There are certain aspects available in the same consideration. If a respective individual is getting a product from e commerce through fewer clicks, it will be easier to place orders. At the same time, business entities are getting the benefit of selling bulk amount of products at a time. Therefore, it is the greater change visible in advanced business transactions. Another aspect is the availability of different brands. A same retail product is available in the market from different sources. Therefore, customers are getting an option to choose a quality or cheaper one. All these considerations have increased the approach to online buying behavior along with the efforts of business entities like ASDA to maintain an e commerce approach.

In the above section of literature review, it seems evident that there are many factors responsible to bring changes in consumer’s buying behavior and one of the important one is market scenario and dynamics. Social responsive has the force to adopt new strategies. In the primary data analysis, the same fact has been reflected. On the other hand, a respective individual also considers benefits while changing a brand or buying medium. Therefore, it is recommended for advanced business entities to manage the same trend in order to gain business productivity. In the primary and secondary data analysis, it is found that most of the responses align the acceptance of online platforms of making a purchase effort. This tendency has defined the changing aspects of consumer behavior.

Furthermore on hosting a solid business strategy, its critical will bring a fundamental Comprehension of on the online marketing aspects along with e-commerce heads, especially the individuals offering internationally alternately over state lines, face distinctive legitimate and budgetary considerations, particularly done respect to privacy, security, copyright and tax cut. Publicizing laws that secure customer security Furthermore guarantee truthful showcasing hones on the web. Concerning illustration a on the web. Shopping business, internet publicizing will be a real and only your methodology over days gone by decade, national Furthermore state. Legislatures have passed new web promoting laws. As you extend under internet marketing, it is essential with. Make acquainted with these. Furthermore should ensuring purchasers starting with information breaks What’s more misdirecting on the web advertising, Advanced meets expectations would likewise secured on the web through those advanced thousand years copyright one gesture (DMCA). There is a number for procurements that on the web shopping organizations requirement with make mindful of, including copyright encroachment obligation also an administration provider’s responsibilities.

Worldwide aggressive constrains need urged organizations on outline versatile methodologies. Out of the multitudinous exercises which a firm indulges for showcasing likewise a transform determines those desires of a product’s accomplishment or disappointment.

Promoting hypothesis might have been to start with exhibited by credit for setting those statistical surveying framework. There will be 4P’s which. Exists and they would hypothesis of place, price, advancement Furthermore item as stated by writer. No critics need contended for. The advertising blend principle anyway there is a likelihood of a backing apparatus which could perceive those challenges available in the hypothesis of those promoting blend a proficient apparatus for acquiring those situated possibility Also objectives starting with. Promoting is showcasing interchanges and is utilized by personal marketing, advertisements, regulate marketing,. Offers promotions, open relations managers, and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be developed.

5.2 Linking with the objective

To specify the importance of online presence as well as commerce activities

From survey question 1 of primary quantitative data, the objective of the importance of online presence has been met. From the primary data analysis and responses of the professionals chosen from ASDA, it is very clear that most of the individual customers tend to make a purchase from online zones rather than street point of ASDA. On the other hand, the increasing acceptances of e commerce trends along with discounted products have proved the same aspect. Therefore, it can be said that a respective business may not gain additional attention of customers of UK without having an e commerce approach.

To identify factors influencing the increasing trend of commerce activities and online presence in UK

From question 2 of primary quantitative data collection, the response of customers has made the researcher identify reasons to influence increasing trend of commerce activities in UK. From the review of literature review as well as primary analysis of the responses, it seems evident that individuals are following trends and changes in technology and the aspect is responsible to the craze for e commerce. For example, a simple smart phone is sufficient to make a purchase from a web store. On the other hand, it is also a fact that availability of other gadgets like i-phone or a smart phone is high from youth to aged. The increasing trend of internet surfing is another aspect that accessibility to e commerce sites is getting easier for individuals.

To identify issues regarding increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities in UK

From question 3 of primary quantitative data collection, the response of managers on issues on trend of online presence as well as commerce activities has been identified. Social media and the increasing trend of online advertisement are other factors that online purchase behavior of customers is spreading in a faster way. On the other hand, it is also a fact that customers are well convinced with the same approach. Advertisements which are given on social media platforms have also supported outlining of distinct features. These features in turn can allow consumers to identify how that product can fulfil the needs. It can also be mentioned that promotion of any product by giving advertisements has succeeded in informing consumers about the special price. This has ultimately leaded them to get excited so as to buy the product in a sense of urgency. In addition to this, use of social media platforms for advertising products or services have allowed organisations to get depth insights of thoughts of consumers which in turn has revealed their perception regarding the product. However, it can also be mentioned that using of these social media platforms for purchasing of goods have made customers lazy

To recommend strategies for mitigating the issues related to increasing trend of online presence and commerce activities in UK

From question 4 of primary quantitative data collection, the response of customers has led the researcher to develop strategies for mitigating the issues related to increasing trend of online presence in UK. Apart from the emergence of the social media which helped the retail business in Malaysia a new drastic change in products and customer services. Advertising in the social media is also one of the new trends nowadays. However, there are also some loopholes in the social media marketing. The loop holes are as follows: Solving customer queries is one of the most important aspects of not only retail business but also in any type of businesses. Advertising in the social media is so many trends in nowadays those companies could not focus too much in solving the customer queries. The negative reports of the customers on the various social media pages and groups in the respective to the clients create bad effects upon the reputation of the company. The central focus should lie upon the scenario of eliminating the negative reports and solving all the queries of the customers.

5.3 Recommendations

1. Making e-markets simpler and easier

Specific This strategy is considered to be specific as it will help to attract more customers towards e-commerce. Current trends of advertising that is incorporation of social media platforms have allowed firms to establish a sense of confidence amongst consumers regarding the brand. It can further be stated that effective use of social media platforms for advertising can positively influence behaviour of consumers.
Measurable This strategy can be measured only when organizations through proper use of technology can implement online shopping websites. Promotion of markets in the social media has been a long term trend of advertising since the beginning of the 21st century. Spending huge amount of money in the social media not only help them to expand their business but also helps them to grow their market share too. But there are also some disadvantages too.
Achievable This strategy can be achieved by making the websites of online shopping much simpler so that it can be used by anyone easily. For example Twitter, which is also a social networking site but advertisement does not work there so much.
Realistic This strategy is considered to be realistic as it can be easily implemented with proper plan of management and trust. Taking the help of Artificial intelligence in the retail business has been a new trend nowadays. In terms of advertising in marketing this trend helped the retail business industry to communicate with the customers in their official websites 24*7. As the communication in this world of technology has reached to an advanced extent, the independent manpower has become more realistic as well. 
Timeframe Within 1 year.

2. Protection from cyber crimes

Specific This strategy is considered to be specific as it will help to protect individuals from any crimes related to internet. Chat bots are the new AI extension in digital marketing which is used to communicate with enormous number of people not only in social networking but also in other websites as well. They are mainly used in engaging customers in terms of products consumption, customer services and various types of transactional engagements. Now the main aim of the chat bots is to read, receive information, ask any type of queries and sometimes helps to buy products.
Measurable This strategy can be measured only when anti-cybercrime law can be imposed through proper use of technology. Where as in Face book, the advertisement trends increase massively and the brands gets the real success.  Companies like coca cola; L’Oreal allows the customers to try out different tastes of the products. They advertise in the social networks and also create virtual reality for recreation like in holiday seasons and many more. It is the most volatile way to create a buzz around the company.
Achievable This strategy can be achieved by making the websites much more authenticated and protected. However, it has also been observed that a large percentage of companies are still unaware of the fact that which platform can be the best. It can be argued that recent updates as well as information of the organisation or about the product can easily be delivered to consumers within no time.  
Realistic This strategy is considered to be realistic as it can be implemented with proper plan of management of cyber crimes.
Timeframe Within 1 year.

5.4 Research limitations

Every study has certain advantages as well as disadvantages for a study. This study has certain shortcomings due to limited time, low budget and lack of resources. There researcher has failed to address to the issues relating to bad impact of using social media on a business in the absence of adequate resources. Limited time has made it difficult for the researcher to conduct an interview with the HR managers of ASDAs. Lack of financial resource has posed challenge on the researcher to get access to premium journals. This study would have been completed successfully with the availability of adequate time, resources and budget.

5.5 Future scope of the research

Respondents of the survey stated that they want to see some factors that may motivate them further to have trust in shopping over the internet. However, organizations doing business on e-commerce can work out in order to eliminate trust issues of customers. This study can prove helpful or those researcher who are intended to consult a researcher on the effect of social media on purchase behavior of the customers. The primary data might assist future researcher to get responses of the customers within a short period of time. Hence they will be able to use extra time for conducting their analysis in a better manner. Future researchers can also deduce new facts part from the facts that have been analyzed in this study. It can be said that the study might help future studies to achieve a good outcome.

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