People’s attitude towards marriage from different regions of the world

Marriage is not a new topic but the thinking of people from different regions of world change from time to time to the marriage. Our main purpose of this paper to analyze marriage and thinking of people from different regions about the marriage. The links between current behavior and future marriage plans are important because of social class and racial/ethnic diversity in pathways through young adulthood (Cherlin 2010; Silva 2013). The attitude of people towards marriage change from region to region or society to society. For example in Asian countries like India and Pakistan, the concept of marriage is different from the European countries.

The main argument of this paper is to analyze the behavior of people from the different region about marriage and which regions or country’s people have the same different attitude towards the marriage. Hundreds of research papers have been published about marriage or related marriage problems, side effects, etc. in this paper we will collect the information from different people and will analyze their thinking and attitude towards the marriage. Our research will also analyze the broadly about marriage and the types of marriage. We will research the attitude of arrange marriage, love marriage, or gay marriage. Marriage in India is much more about binding families and much less about personal choice and fulfillment but in other English country is do not thinks like Indian or Asian people (The Economist, 2017).

The theory of the family as originally developed was a theory of household formation rather than a theory of legal marriage. Couples have become increasingly likely to form households without entering into a marriage, adding a new dimension for considering decisions surrounding family formation (Betsey Stevenson, March 2007). The thinking about the marriage is changing in most countries and the new generation does not want to come up within a marriage relationship.

Our methodology for this research will be simple but most effective one. We will interview different people from different countries or regions. It is not possible for me to go to every region of the world so I will conduct this interview through video calling, etc. I will also attach some friend from a different country that will help me collect information.

Besides this question, answer form is also in my mind that I can use simple attitude towards marriage, attitude towards love marriage and attitude towards arrange marriage. I will collect thinking of people from main regions of the world like America, India, China, Russia, etc. I will try to collect a large number of the sample so we can better understand the thinking of people.

After analyzing all the data from the different region of the world, and will publish it in the form of the table. My main purpose of this study is to check the attitude of the people and which regions have the same or different concept and thinking about the marriage.

Our study will help people to understand the thinking of different regions people about marriage or different marriage types. Maybe many pieces of research have been conducted but this study will differ from others and people can experience the real attitude of different people from different countries.

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